Are you expecting a baby very soon? Knowing what to get for your baby before child birth(baby shopping) can be little bit difficult especially if this is your first time(first time mom-to-be).

Well congratulations, we’ve got you covered. It’s easy to say you want to buy all the items you see at the baby items store, but the truth is, not everything you see at the baby items store is absolutely necessary. There are some must-haves and some nice to have basic things for your newborn. 

In this article, we will talk about some of the most important and essential things to buy when expecting a baby. So as to make sure you have everything ready for when your precious bundle arrives. Also, it important to note that babies grow quickly so don’t be tempted to overbuy. 

1. Baby beddings 

New born babies needs a place that would be comfortable for them to sleep. Your baby will need more peaceful sleep on his/her own. Helping your baby sleep longer will require getting these things to buy when expecting a baby. Sleep is going to be a precious thing for babies so help them get it. 

Unless you have a place for your baby on the family bed, you would need to get your baby: 

🔹 Cot or crib (you might want to get a crib that can convert into a toddler bed) 

🔹 Baby mosquito net

🔹 Baby mattress; a Firm, flat mattress that fits snugly in the crib 

🔹 Bed sheets

🔹 Soft blankets to cover the mattress (to protect the mattress from pee and also great for children who have allergies to things like dust mites) 

🔹 Lightweight blanket to wrap the baby

🔹 Baby monitor 

2. Baby clothes 

It’s easier to shop for baby clothes when you know the baby’s sex beforehand. Nevertheless, you can still buy unisex clothes if you haven’t confirmed whether you’re having a boy or a girl. 

Babies also grow fast, so be sure not to buy too much for any age. We recommend 100% cotton where possible to reduce any reaction to blends. New babies have sensitive skin

The types of baby clothes to buy that should be part of things to buy when expecting a baby include: 




🔹Baby singlets


🔹Baby bodysuits


🔹Lightweight baby mittens 

Things To Buy When Expecting A Baby3. Bathing essentials 

Another part of things to buy when expecting a baby is bathing essentials/accessories. Normally, baby bathing items usually come in sets, but you should check. For convenience while bathing your baby, you will need a baby tub. If you can’t get the tub-shaped baby bath, you can improvise with a large plastic water bath. You will also need: 

🔹 Potty

🔹 Laundry basket

🔹 Bucket

🔹 Soap dish

🔹 Bowl

🔹 Plastic stool for mom

🔹 Cotton bud case

🔹 Cup 

4. Baby hygiene and skincare products 

This is another crucial aspect of things to buy when expecting a baby. Baby’s skin is delicate and should not have any harsh products used. Choose shampoo, soap, and lotions carefully. 

A baby’s skin is much too tender for adult products, so you’ll have to shop for baby products from reputable baby care brands. You don’t want to hurt your baby skin by using fake items that are not safe for children. 

🔹Baby lotion

🔹Baby oil

🔹Baby powder

🔹Petroleum jelly

🔹Baby soap or shower gel

🔹Baby wipes


🔹Diaper rash ointment

🔹Soft bathing foam or sponge

🔹Soft bathing towels 

🔹Baby shampoo 

5. Baby feeding equipment essentials 

Be prepared to feed your newborn around the clock—which means, whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, you’re going to need the right gear. Here’s the newborn checklist of feeding supplies to stock up: 

🔹 Soft spout cup

🔹 Big hot water Flasks

🔹 Bib

🔹 Feeding bottles

🔹 Breast pumps (for mums)

🔹 Baby food warmer

🔹 Nursing pillow

🔹 Squeeze feeder with spoon

🔹 Sterilizer for utensils 

🔹 Pacifier

🔹 Electric bottle warmer 

6. Baby outing and travel gear 

You definitely will need to attend some outings or probably visit your mum or a close friend or when you are taking your baby to the hospital. These baby items will help you during this period. Some of these things include:

🔹 Rear-facing car seat

🔹 Baby outing bag (large enough to contain clothes, diapers, feeding bottles, etc.)

🔹 Small towels

🔹 Pram

🔹 Umbrella 

🔹 Wet wipes

Things To Buy When Expecting A BabyOther things your baby would need include the following: 

🔹 Baby rocker 

🔹 Baby thermometer

🔹 Baby stroller

🔹 Baby walker

🔹 Playpen

🔹 Changing pad or table

🔹 Pacifiers

🔹 Bulb syringe for suctioning mucus 

🔹 Rattles and other toys 

🔹 Thermostat

🔹 Flask

🔹 Car seats

🔹 Antibacterial soap. 


It’s very easy to get carried away while baby shopping, which could mean you end up buying the things you don’t need and forgetting the things to buy when expecting a baby. However, we’ve put together the list of things to buy when expecting a baby. Hopefully this would be of help. 

Did we miss out on anything or would you like to drop your thoughts? Kindly do so in the comments section below. 

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