What You Need for Your Baby’s Health and Development in 2022


If you are worried about your child’s health and development, you might want to know some of the key items that you can purchase that can help you to support their health and ensure that they grow up strong and independent. As such, here is some of the equipment that you need for your baby in 2022.

Weaning Spoons

As your baby starts to grow older, their health might benefit from solid foods, and baby-led weaning can allow them to quickly become independent when it comes to eating solid food, as well as ensuring that their jaw and muscle development can continue to progress. As such, you should consider investing in weaning spoons for babies from Bibado that can make this developmental process easier for them and ensure that they can learn to eat solid foods on their own terms.

Baby Medicine

However, it is unlikely that your baby will remain in perfect health until they become a toddler. As such, you should make sure that you start to build up a medicine cabinet especially for your child. These medicines should include anti-allergy medicines, antiseptic and nappy rash creams, and paracetamol that has been developed for infants. This can then ensure that your baby can power through the coughs and sniffles of babyhood and can allow you to stem their tears and make it easier for you to nurse them back to health.

Bath Equipment

You should also consider investing in bath equipment for your child, such as a baby bath and room thermometer. This bath equipment can ensure that you can run baths that are suitable for your baby and can allow you to keep them clean without fear of drowning. You should also get the right bath equipment, as this will allow you to keep up their personal hygiene and will ensure that you can wash away all of the bacteria and germs that they may pick up on their skin throughout the day.


You also need to get the perfect crib for your child in order to promote a healthy sleep routine and keep them safe from suffocation. Sleep is essential for your child’s health and development, as well as for their immune system, and so it is important that you choose a crib that is comfortable for them and which you can put fitted sheets into, or flat sheets if you are willing to tuck them in.

Baby Monitor

However, the most important piece of equipment that you can invest in to keep your baby healthy and safe is a baby monitor, as this can ensure that you can check on them even when you are not in the same room.

This can then prevent them from falling ill without you knowing or being in danger and can ensure that you will be able to hear them crying and meet all of their needs when they are upset or need something, such as food or a nappy change.


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