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An organic skin-lightening soap prepared with potent natural components is called Asantee Soap. 

It is made in Thailand, is brilliant orange, and has a light smell.

The skin is thoroughly cleansed by this soap's excellent lather. 

If you keep it on your face for more than two minutes, it hurts, but otherwise, it feels normal. 

Additionally, it evens out skin tone.


Ingredients Used In The Production of Asantee Soap:

Papaya, honey, vitamin C Q10, AHA coconut oil, collagen, and fragrance.


Benefits of Asantee Soap:

  • Excellent lather
  • Cover is made lighter and brighter.
  • Deep cleans the skin pores while hydrating the skin

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Does Asantee Soap Bleach?

Yes, it improves the complexion of the skin.


Other’s Reviews About Asantee Soap:

  • I thus went to a nearby store and purchased the Asantee Papaya and Honey Soap. I used it on my face and body every day for two months, and here is my honest evaluation of the lightening soap.” - Esther
  • "Be careful. I have a rash on the top of my chest, and it hurts. Aside from that, it smells great and lathers well. Leave you with a clean feeling. Just be careful, because my skin started to burn and itch. Maybe there's something in it that makes me sick." - Blessing
  • "I like this product because it works quickly to get rid of the problem. Really, it does make your skin look brighter, but it's expensive. In the northeast, I used to buy it for only 60 Rupees." - Aashvi
  • "Asantee papaya herbal is very good for your skin. It makes skin shine. Asantee helps get rid of small marks and spots. In 7 days, it gives you fair skin." - Peter
  • "I'm very happy with this product. Its natural extracts help skin look and feel better. It makes you look beautiful without a facial. It works like magic. It really makes skin look better." - Sarika


My Experience with Asantee Soap

After seeing some good reviews and a lot of hype about how good the soap is on YouTube. Since I was looking for a new bath soap, I decided to give it a try and find out for myself.

So I went to a nearby grocery store and bought the Asantee papaya and honey soap. I used it every day on my face and body for two months, and this is my honest review of the lightening soap.

This soap makes a lot of foam and cleans the skin very well. It hurts if you leave it on your face for more than 2 minutes, but the rest of your body feels fine. It also makes the skin look lighter.

But honestly, the Asantee papaya soap doesn't deserve all the praise and hype for getting rid of dark spots, acne, pimples, blemishes, sunburns, freckles, stretch marks, and other skin problems.

I highly recommend Asantee papaya and honey soap to anyone who wants to look fairer or brighter, but not to get rid of skin problems. It really does work to make your skin lighter.


Asantee Soap Side Effects

There are no negative side effects.


Applying Asantee Soap:

  1. Lather the soap in your hand after moistening it with water. 
  2. Apply the bubbles to your face and then rinse. 
  3. After towel-drying, moisturise your skin.


What Quality Has Asantee Soap?

It is an excellent soap that will make sure your skin is well cleansed, made lighter, and brighter.


In Nigeria, The Cost Of Asantee Soap:

In the market and beauty supply stores, it cost N500.


What stores sell Asantee soap?

On jumia or konga, you may get the genuine soap from reputable internet retailers.


Isn't Asantee Soap A Bleaching Cream?

It is a bleaching cream, that much is true.


Is Asantee Soap Beneficial For Light Skin?

Yes, it is the best option for those with light complexion.


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Conclusion and Recommendations

Anyone who wishes to get fairer or brighter but not gets rid of their skin issues should use Asantee soap, in my opinion. 

In terms of skin whitening, it actually works. The skin is thoroughly cleansed by this soap's exquisite lather.

If you keep it on your face for more than two minutes, it hurts, but otherwise, it feels normal. Additionally, it evens out skin tone.


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