9 Subscriptions box for Fitness Enthusiasts and Health Nuts


Though diet fads and workout crazes come and go, health is a lifelong commitment. And with all the unpredictability life throws at us, it’s nice to have a regular reminder to put health first.

Enter: the fitness subscription box.

Whether you’re looking to kick off a lifestyle change or shake up a fitness routine, there’s really no better way to get yourself moving than a monthly curation of fitness products to help you meet your goals. From diet to sports, to general health and fitness, here are the top 9 keto box to keep you healthy.

1. RawBox – Starting at $39.95/month

RawBoxEnter: the fitness subscription box.RawBox is the first subscription box that may be safely enjoyed by Raw Foodists, Vegans, Vegetarians, Celiacs, Paleoists, Athletes, Dieters, and more. Each box has only raw, plant-based snacks and lifestyle products from the healthiest brands on the planet.

2. Barbella Box – Starts at $49.99/mo.

Enter: the fitness subscription box.Barbella Box is a monthly package filled with premium CrossFit apparel, gear, accessories, snacks, supplements, workout tips, and more – exclusively for women!

3. HealthyMe Living – Starts at $29.99/mo.

Enter: the fitness subscription box.HealthyMe Living is curated by a certified health coach who is passionate about making healthier options more available. Enjoy a monthly delivery of snacks that are just as delicious but more nutritious than your junk food favorites. Each snack is a single portion, so you always have a healthy snack to grab as you’re heading out the door!

4. WODBOM – Starting at $35/month

Enter: the fitness subscription box.WODBOM is a monthly box designed to help you discover new workout gear, quality apparel, and full-size healthy snacks to help you crush your next WOD. Sick of getting cheap gear and sample size snacks too small to tell if you really like them? Each month WODBOM provides gear and apparel that you will actually use as well as full-size snacks.

5. Hiker Crate – Starting at $25.00/month

Hiker Crate features monthly hiking goods from new trail gear to healthy, delicious trail snacks like jerky, trail mix, dehydrated meals, and more to inspire your outdoor adventures. You’ll also receive exclusive access to Hiker Crate-only discounts from the best outdoor companies!

6. Isle Box – Starting at $44.99/month

Isle Box Isle Box knows finding the latest gear can be a challenge, so they’ve made it easy! Choose from a Monthly Pass or Seasonal Pass to receive brand name outdoor gear. New to hiking? No worries! Their Jump Starter Kit has everything you need for your first hike or camping trip.

7. Runner Crate – Starting at $18.97/month

Runner CrateWhen you sign up for Runner Crate, every month you’ll receive running challenges (in which you can earn themed bling for completing!), healthy snacks, and running gear you might have not known about. Each snack is curated with health and clean eating in mind. This is the perfect box for any runner who likes to try new things!

8. The Keto Box – Starting at $40/month

The Keto BoxWith The Keto Box you’ll receive all kinds of delicious, low-carb and Keto friendly snacks. We know that keto and low carb diets can be difficult. Products are hard to find, and when you find them they’re often super expensive! Fear not, The Keto Box believes in your health journey and wants to send you 5-8 keto-friendly goodies to help you stay on track.

Didn’t see the box for you?

Check out our entire fitness category for more sports, fitness, and health subscriptions!


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9 Subscriptions box for Fitness Enthusiasts and Health Nuts
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