It is a little uncommon, and sometimes, ridiculous when you hear some people say they need herbs for weight gain. You begin to wonder why anyone will want to gain weight when most people on earth are seeking ways to lose the weight they already have. Think what you will, but there’s nothing wrong in wanting to add a little of figures to what you currently see on the scale, as long as you remain healthy and do not pack on unhealthy fat and cholesterol.

Herbs for Weight Gain: Quick Facts

Herbs for weight gain are not very common topics for discussion, people will rather look for herbs for weight loss. This has made the availability and the knowledge of these herbs become very limited in supply. However, there are herbs in Nigeria that you can use to improve your number on the weight scale and get that desired body mass.

In this article, you will get to know the herbs that will help you gain weight after you’ve consistently consumed them. You will also get to know the mechanism behind weight gain and how it is not necessarily a bad thing, as people will often make you think.

Understanding Healthy Weight Gain

Generally, in the world today, some people have begun to turn towards gaining healthy weight. People have now come to understand that looking skinny does not necessarily mean being healthy. They now understand that those layers of fat are as important as the muscles that lie beneath them. However, this new openness does not allude to the lie that you should be comfortable being unhealthily overweight or obese.

Being in an unhealthy weight category does not only mean that you are on the big side. As a matter of fact, you can be on the big side and be healthy, it all comes down to your Body Mass Index (BMI). There are slim people who most other people believe to be fit and healthy who belong in the unhealthy weight category. This is because their weight does not correspond to their height, that is, they have a lower body mass index than they should have.

Ordinarily this will be viewed as a good thing but it literally means they are underweight. People in this category are usually anorexic – a medical condition that needs immediate attention – and need help to get to their healthy weight range.

To gain weight in a healthy manner, make sure to keep track of your Body Mass Index and ensure that your meals do not contain unnecessary calories as they may jeopardise your quest to remain healthy. Eliminate bad calories and steadily consume as much protein as you need, carbs as your energy expenditure require, fats to give you the extra energy boost, and not forgetting your vitamins and minerals.

A little more than your daily average calories need will help you gain weight healthily. Also, if it is difficult for you to eat as much as you need to gain weight, some Nigerian herbs for weigh gain will improve your appetite, give you some calories, and support you in gaining weight.

Advantages of Adding Some Weight

There are some benefits to adding some weight, especially if you are below your ideal body mass index. These benefits span from physical to psychological, and emotional perks. Here are some of them.

  • Improved Confidence

It deals your confidence a huge boost when you can pick a cloth in a store and have it fit your frame easily and without having to cut it down. When you are in the right weight range, you have less issues with having clothes fit you.

When you can pull clothes that are in your right weight category off, it gives you a kind of confidence that you may lack. You don’t have to worry if the adjustment seam is visible, or if the people you’re addressing see you as someone who could get blown over by a gust of wind.

  • Better Overall Health

Your body now processes food better than they used to. Before, you used to have stomach upset every time you have as much food as you desire. However, since you have gained the right weight, your body seems to accept what you ingest more than it used to. Your metabolism has kicked up as you don’t always feel bloated after every meal.

  • Improved Physical Appearance

Let’s be honest, as a Nigerian lady, you desire that curve. And truth be told, you can’t have it without some fat to accompany it. The beauty of an African woman, they say, is in her curves. You see women with these curves and wonder how they have the annoying belly fat; some are living healthy.

Gain some weight, don’t be scared of the fat, you need it, and see your physical appearance improve.

  • More Sex Appeal

Who doesn’t want to be able to turn heads when they pass? Who wouldn’t want to be able to pass off as hot and at the same time, healthy? Having six packs doesn’t mean you have to be underweight, neither does being able to make men swoon over you.

Put on some weight and see African men appreciate you for your dangerous curves.

Herbs for Weight Gain in Nigeria

There are herbs you can take to help you gain some healthy weight. Although these herbs provide calories of their own, they are little compared to what your meals give you. However, these herbs will help improve your appetite and help you eat more than you used to. They will also aid in helping you get active rest as it is important in helping you gain weight.

  1. Peppermint

Peppermint is a fairly common herb, especially in natural toothpastes. It is effective in removing plaque from the enamel and leaving the mouth with freshness. However, have you wondered why after you brush your mouth with these toothpastes, you feel hungry? They help to boost your appetite.

Get some peppermint leaves, dry or fresh, and immerse them in some hot water. Let the extract get in the water and you can choose to add some full cream milk to it. drink it up. It will make you want to eat, and the milk will add some important calories to your body.

  1. Coriander

Coriander leaves are called cilantro, it is one of the most commonly used culinary herbs all over the world. The leaves are abundant in water, however, they also contain carbohydrates, protein, fats and a lot of vitamins and minerals.

The coriander leaves are easily destroyed by heat, therefore, it is advisable to eat them raw and let the essential oils they contain, similar to citrus’s fill you and do its wonders.

  1. Cannabis

One of the most popular herbs in the world, howbeit illegal in Nigeria. It is one of the best herbs to gain weight as it induces sleep and improves one’s appetite, depending on the strain one consumes.

Cannabis contains cannabinoid, which puts the mind in a state of hyperactivity or rest, depending on the THC content, and afterwards triggers a desire to eat. The combination of sleep and food is essential to weight gain, making cannabis an excellent weight gain herb.

However, it is easy to abuse this herb, that is why it is illegal in Nigeria. Although in some states of the United States, you can easily get medical-grade cannabis without a run-in with the law.

  1. Dandelion

Dandelion, though not common in Nigeria, is one of the best herbs for weight gain in the world. It has been used for its medicinal purpose as a diuretic for thousand s of years and with its rich phytochemicals and other nutrients, it is an excellent herb to help you gain weight.

Dandelions are rich in phytochemicals that help fight free radicals and consequently boost the immune system. It also helps to reduce the level of cortisol in the body, causing calmness. With its richness in vitamins A, C, and K, it is good to consume it if you want to gain weight.

  1. Ginger

Ginger is a common root that is available everywhere in the world. Ginger gives a mild feeling of spiciness that makes you want more of it when included in a meal. This helps you to eat more and get the extra calories you need.

With its ability to help burn fats, it keeps your consumption and weight gain healthy. You can include ginger in your food or boil it and drink the water as tea.

  1. Chamomile

Chamomile tea is a beverage that the classy ladies usually order for when they make a stop at some shops. Unlike most beverage plants, chamomile tea is made from its dried flowers, not leaves.

They make a good herb for weight gain due to their ability to calm the mind and aid in sleep, one of the requisites for weight gain.

  1. Licorice

Licorice root tea has been known to be effective in promoting the health of the upper digestive tract as well as improve respiration. It tastes sweet and helps to calm the stomach when it is upset.

Due to its effect on the digestive tract, it is a good herb to include in your list of herbs for weight gain as it can help return your appetite after you have experienced an inevitable stomach upset due to the larger portions you will consume.


Herbs for weight gain isn’t a common topic of discussion, however, there are people in dire need of weight gain foods and herbs to help them. Sometimes, they have tried but their appetite level just isn’t helping.

These herbs for weight gain will help you address the issue of appetite and also, help you gain weight by providing some calories and addressing insomnia, which may make it difficult for you to gain weight.

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