Varicose vein is mostly removed and managed with varicose vein removal cream, especially when surgery is not an option of treatment. However, in most cases, the varicose vein is removed by noninvasive surgical procedures these days.

Quick Facts About Varicose Veins

Varicose vein is a condition that renders the veins of the body unattractive because they appear mottled and squeezed together into a ball of worms. They occur both in men and women, but occur more in women. It is also usually a recurring condition, that is, even when treated, there is every possibility that the treated individual can have it again.

There are various treatment options for varicose vein. These treatments help to alleviate the symptoms that come with it and also make the appearance better. In some cases, the treatment can be a temporary fix, making the affected individual have a better life when the symptoms are addressed, and in other cases, the treatments are longer lasting.

Due to the possible recurrence of varicose vein, many affected individuals opt for the varicose vein removal cream in Nigeria, instead of the surgical treatment option. For this reason, this article will focus more on the effective varicose vein removal cream that is available in Nigeria. However, we will help you understand the causes of varicose veins, and the other treatments that are available.

What is Varicose Vein?

Varicose veins are the enlarged, twisted and mottled superficial veins that characterize a medical condition known as varicoses. The veins can appear in many parts of the body, but they are mostly found on the legs. The enlarged blood vessels are intertwined in such a way that suggests that they have formed a kind of flat ball under the skin, and possibly causing obstruction to the flow of blood in the veins.

Varicose vein is not a pleasant sight on anybody, and it can cause psychological issues, such as reduced confidence in appearance. Although there are different treatment options that help to reduce the symptoms of varicose veins, its possibility to recur makes a treatment option preferred over others.

Although it is mostly found on the legs, varicose veins can be found in the scrotum, and in this case, they are known as varicocele. Also, it is possible to find them around the anus, in a condition known as hemorrhoids.

It is common to mistake spider veins for varicose veins because they are similar in appearance. However, their difference is in the blood vessel they affect. While varicose veins are specific to veins, spider veins affect the capillaries.

What Causes Varicose vein?

There is no known cause of varicose vein. However, there are known risk factors that contribute to the possibility of its occurrence. The frequency of occurrence in women than men was thought to be a clue as to its reason for occurrence but that has led to a dead end. However, the factors you will see now are some of the reasons why varicose vein arise in some people, and to effectively address them, these factors have to be eliminated, if they can

  • Hereditary

The most prominent reason for the occurrence of varicose vein is due to family history. An individual with varicose vein must have other family members, living or dead, that have the same condition.

Also, if you know someone in your family with this condition, and you do not have it yet, there is every possibility you may still do.

  • Obesity

Obesity is another suspected factor for developing varicose vein. It is commonly observed that obese individuals have more pressure on their blood vessels, which can make the veins varicose. In other words, there is a possible correlation between weight and the normalcy of veins.

  • Pregnancy

Pregnant women usually add weight during the gestation period. This may contribute to the reason they usually develop varicose vein during pregnancy. It could also be due to the hormonal changes the body experiences.

  • Menopause

Women in menopause usually develop varicose vein, especially when it is in their family history. It is probably due to the drop in the primary sexual hormone levels in their bodies.

  • Aging

The older one gets, the more liable they are of having varicose veins.

  • Venous and Arteriovenous malformations

Malformation in blood vessels may lead to the mottling of veins, causing an abnormal blood flow in the veins, and consequently leading to the affected individual experiencing symptoms that are consistent with varicoses.

Treatment for Varicose Vein

The treatment of varicose vein can be categorized into active and conservative methods. These methods differ in that the former aims to remove the vein while the later aims to treat the symptoms. The conservative treatment method is advised when the prospect of surgery is impossible. Common treatments include:

  • Sclerotherapy

This is a non-surgical treatment of varicose vein that employs the use of medicine called sclerosant mixed with air, oxygen gas, or carbon dioxide, to create foam that is injected into the veins, so they can shrink.

It is a better treatment option for the short term as it comes with less complications and costs less.

  • Stripping

Stripping is a surgical procedure for treating varicose vein. It involves the partial or complete removal of the saphenous vein – the longest vein in the body that runs along the legs. Although there are records of varicose vein recurring after surgery, it usually takes about 5 years before it recurs, the longest in all the treatment options.

  • Endovenous Laser Treatment

This treatment is non-surgical and has lesser complication and trauma to the organelles than stripping. It can be achieved by using radiofrequency, steam, or laser.

These treatment options are the active treatment methods. However, the conservative treatment methods employ the use of compression stockings, elevating the legs to temporarily relieve the affected individual of the symptoms, and the application of topical gels – creams – to manage inflammation, itching, and pain.

Varicose Vein Removal Cream in Nigeria

  1. Varikosette

Varikosette is a foot cream used as a varicose vein removal cream in Nigeria. It is made with natural ingredients and effectively helps to improve blood flow in varicosed veins, reducing pain and helping to prevent complications.

It removes varicose vein only on consistent use, for at least, one month.

  1. Segminismart Varicose Vein Cream

Varicose Vein Removal Cream
Segminismart Varicose Vein Removal Cream

This variscose vein removal cream effectively helps to reduce the pain associated with varicose vein. It is also useful in treating spider veins.

It helps to improve blood flow in the legs, reducing the possibility of developing complications due to varicose veins and improves the quality of life of its users.

Other varicose vein removal creams commonly used in Nigeria include:

  1. Varicose Vein Ointment
  2. Vein Care Varicose Vein Cream
  3. Vascular comfortable Ointment


Contrary to the common thought that varicose vein is only a condition that makes the vein appear abnormal and affects only appearance, it is a serious condition that may give rise to complications only the affected individuals can explain.

However, there are treatment options that make this condition disappear for some time, some are more effective than others. One of such treatments is the use of varicose vein removal creams.

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