How To Quit Smoking – Easy Ways to Give up Cigarettes

 How To Quit Smoking - Easy Ways to Give up CigarettesThat ‘smoking is injurious to health is something’ we all know. We have grown up hearing th

 How To Quit Smoking – Easy Ways to Give up Cigarettes

That ‘smoking is injurious to health is something’ we all know. We have grown up hearing this, or reading this on billboards or in ads on TV. So, if you want to go one step ahead, this will definitely serve you great. Because quitting smoking can help you regroup and focus again on your health and start enjoying the riches of life. It will benefit your overall health, including your lungs, heart and dental health. However, you know giving up cigarettes is not going to be easy, unless you have the resolve for that.   

How To Quit Smoking - Easy Ways to Give up Cigarettes
You should try these things to quit smoking –

1. Eliminate triggers

A smoker can’t mend their ways unless the triggers are eliminated. This may involve removing from the sight all things that can lure you into lighting up the stuff, including cigarettes, ashtrays, matchbox etc. The easiest way to escape the trigger is by changing the schedule a bit, altering your routine slightly here and there. You also need to stay away from the people who still smoke, else you might feel tempted to doing the same.    

2. Go easy on the give-up

You need to have a plan in place when you’re thinking to quit smoking. The best thing would be to go easy on the give-up. Which means, you needn’t stop smoking suddenly and rather, give it a proper time. Rather than quitting one fine day, you should start with cutting down the number or frequency. This will work great as you can get rid of the habit in a gradual way to curb cravings better. 

How To Quit Smoking - Easy Ways to Give up Cigarettes

3. See out urges without stress

The urge to smoke will keep coming to you even after you have quit for the good. Naturally, the first few initial days would be the toughest and once you manage to tide them over, you will stand a great chance of never getting back to the act ever again. Urges and cravings however can come anytime, even months after you last lit up a cigarette and you have to see it out with aplomb. 

4. An occasional lapse is fine

In the grand scheme of thing, an occasional lapse is fine as long as you get become slave to it. You may sometime feel a strong urge to light a cigarette and even if you succumb, this should not be the end to the recovery attempt. Even if there is lapse on your part, you should continue marching ahead with the same resolve you had shown for quitting. This would keep you in good stead for sure.  

5. Use distractionsto curb a craving

Even if have stopped smoking, there might be cravings along the way. You may be tempted to cave in but if you don’t want to lose the batter, it’s better to find some distractions. If you ever feel like smoking, try to play some game on the mobile, or drink some water, or watch some live sports. The craving is not going to last beyond three to five minutes and if you could manage to hold onto yourself, the victory is yours for the taking. 

6. Keep trying something different

We know quitting smoking is not that easy. If it were so, most people would not be indulging in cigarettes day-in and day-out. Only your dogged determination and persistence can help you quit. If you have the resolve, don’t brood over those occasional lapses and come up with something new to counter the problem. You can quit it, and you know it’s very much possible. And if you could not, you might need to visit best dentist in Manhattan to treat dental problems in future. 

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