12 Tips to Get Long Hair – A Definitive Guide

Our hair is the crowning glory of our looks, both literally and figuratively. Long, gorgeous, and healthy tresses are every girl’s dream, but most of us end up hating our dull and lifeless hair. Owing to our hectic, modern lifestyle, which includes everyday stress and pollution, long hair can be difficult to achieve.

Maintaining long and lustrous hair is not a one day task. It requires a proper and dedicated hair care regimen that is easy to follow. If you’re dreaming of long locks like Rapunzel’s, here are a few tips you must follow.

Tip 1: Get To Know Your Hair

It is extremely crucial for you to understand the cycle of your hair. There are three stages to your hair cycle: Anagen, catagen, and telogen.

Anagen – When a new strand is formed in the follicle.

Catagen – When the lower two-thirds of the hair is destroyed.

Telogen – When the hair enters the resting phase waiting to be pushed out by the fresh strand growing in the follicle.

The last phase ‘telogen’ is when the hair falls out. Around 10 to 15% of our hair is in its last phase. But due to various factors, sometimes a majority tends to jump to the telogen phase. This is when we face hair loss problems and hair thinning too.

Tip 2: Get To The Root

If you experience a lot of hair thinning and hair fall, consult a specialist immediately. Let the doctor get to the root and solve the problem. There can be various causes behind your problem. Taking professional help will help you identify your exact problem and control it at the earliest.

Tip 3: Oil Your Hair At Least Twice A Week

Proper nutrition is as essential for your hair as it is for any other part of your body. Oiling the roots provides nutrition and strength to help your hair grow long and strong. It also helps rejuvenate dead hair shafts.

  • After applying hot (warm) oil on the scalp, gently massage the scalp with your fingertips.
  • Apply oil to the strands of the hair. Let them soak in the goodness of the oil.
  • You may also wrap a hot towel around the head for 10 minutes to help in the better absorption of the oil into the hair.
  • Wash off after one to two hours with a mild shampoo.
  • You will note evident results post your first usage.

Oils enriched with herbs give your hair strength and stimulates blood circulation. Together it helps you grow thicker hair.

Tip 4: Give Yourself A Head Massage Regularly

Massaging is one of the simplest and most soothing hair care tips. It improves blood circulation and stimulates blood flow to the entire body. You can use coconut oil or almond oil to massage your scalp. Applying lavender oil also promotes hair growth.

We can never deny the importance of a good hot oil head massage, which is one of the best-known home remedies for long hair. A good ‘champi’ is the best thing for our hair. Get it done at the parlor, by a family member or friend, or do it yourself.

Tip 5: Skip The Daily Shampoo

Shampooing your hair twice or thrice a week allows the natural oils to penetrate your hair, thereby allowing it to hydrate and repair itself. The purpose of shampoo is to wash away dirt and product build-up. But, applying it daily can make your hair dry, frizzy, and brittle, and lead to breakage. Shampoos contain sulfates, and the excessive usage of sulfates can cause damage to your hair.

Tip 6: Be Gentle While Washing Your Hair

You must be gentle while shampooing. Just lather up at the scalp and simply let the suds slide down the strands. Your hair becomes soft while it is wet, and rubbing the shampoo harshly on soft hair can lead to breakage. Using the right shampoo is a must. Always pick the one that suits your hair needs, based on your hair type. It should be mild to avoid ripping off natural oils from the hair.

Tip 7: Use Conditioner Every Time You Shampoo

Conditioning is a key factor in maintaining good hair. It locks the moisture in the shaft, prevents dryness, and provides protection from dirt and pollution and, to a certain extent, from the sun as well. It also helps replace the lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft and seals the cuticles to prevent further damage.

We know finding the right shampoo and conditioner is a big task. Brands are also misleading at times. Many times, these shampoos and conditioners do more harm than good. Here’s what you can do to save yourself the horror. Replace your branded shampoo and conditioner with homemade shampoo and conditioner. Here is a quick recipe for starters.

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Homemade Shampoo

Before sharing the recipe, let me give you two reasons (from an otherwise huge list) as to why you should try this homemade shampoo.

  • You will know exactly what you are using on your hair and in what quantity
  • It is pocket-friendly
To make this shampoo, you would need:
  • 1 tbsp of Baking Soda
  • 1 cup of Water
  • Container
  • Mix both ingredients in equal measure into the container.
  • Keep repeating the process till the container is full.
To Use:
  • Squirt the liquid gently onto the scalp and hair.
  • Massage the scalp well to remove all dirt for a minute or two.

Follow it up with a thorough rinse.

Homemade Conditioner

This conditioner is unconventional and simple. You might not get a creamy texture like the ones available in the markets. But try it for just one reason – its effectiveness.

To make this conditioner, you would need:
  • 1 tbsp apple cedar vinegar
  • 1 cup Water
  • Container
  • Mix equal amounts of both ingredients into the container.
  • Keep doubling the amount till the container is full.
  • Use a squirt bottle for ease in both storage and usage.
To use:
  • Squirt a little conditioner onto your palms.
  • Using your hands, massage it well into your hair.
  • Make sure you apply it only from midway to the bottom of your hair. Do not apply it to your scalp.
  • Now keep massaging it well for a minute or two
  • Follow it up with a thorough rinse.

Tip 8: Deep Conditioning

Our hair, like the rest of the body, needs that extra attention to stay youthful and healthy. It requires pampering once in a while. And this is why deep conditioning is a must.

Here is an easy hair mask recipe. After a shower, slather on the mask and wrap a towel around your hair for 20 minutes before washing it off.

To make this hair mask, you would need:
  • Egg
  • Oil
  • Conditioner
  • Mix the oil, egg and any conditioner properly in a container or bowl
  • Apply it evenly and generously onto your hair
  • Leave it on for an hour
  • Wash off thoroughly with a mild shampoo and let your hair dry naturally.

Tip 9: Finish Off The Shower With A Cold Rinse

A super steamy shower can be rough on your hair and can leave it rough and dry. Rinsing with cold water, on the other hand, helps to seal the cuticles and strengthen your shafts, thus helping your hair grow longer and maintain its health.

Tip 10: Dry Your Hair Gently

Drying your hair roughly using a towel increases the chances of breakage. Choose a gentle towel or an old t-shirt, pat your hair dry using it, and then let it air dry for some time.

Tip 11: Avoid Brushing Wet Hair

Wet hair tends to stretch more and break easily as compared to dry hair. So avoid brushing while your hair is still wet. If you wish to detangle it, use your fingers, and gently work through the tangles.

Tip 12: Volumize

Using right products can add volume to your hair. Make sure you use products that are formulated especially for this purpose. Regular use, over time, will see a good change in your hair strength and quality.

Here is a list of products that you may try using for adding volume.

  1. Matrix Biolage Full-Lift Volumizing Shampoo
  2. L’oreal Professional Volume Extreme
  3. Toni and Guy Wella Enrich Volumizing Shampoo

While these products are really good to use, you can also try a homemade alternative. Homemade products are not only good to use but pocket-friendly too. So don’t just sit there in amusement, start noting.

Homemade Hair Volumizer

Just the way yeast adds volume to bread dough, the yeast present in beer adds volume to your hair. You sure must have heard of beer as a great conditioner, but it is equally good as a volumizer.

To make homemade volumizer, you would need:
  • 1 can of regular beer
  • 1/4th cup of water
  • Spray bottle container
  • Mix beer and water together
  • Now add 1 tbsp of lemon or lime juice to this mixture, to mask the smell of the beer
  • And your hair volumizer is ready to use!
To use:
  • Spray a generous amount of the mixture onto the roots of your hair
  • Style like you always do
  • The results will be just as amazing as any other volumizing leave-in conditioner available on the market!


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