Why is My Skin Constantly Breaking Out?


No one relishes dealing with breakouts. Although such skin issues are generally associated with puberty, adult acne is an increasingly common – and all-around frustrating – problem that millions of people struggle with. While getting a handle on breakouts can prove challenging, it’s by no means impossible – particularly if you’re willing to put in the work. The first step to stopping breakouts in their tracks is discovering their root causes, and once they’ve been pinpointed, the real work can begin. Anyone who’s curious about why their skin is in a constant state of irritation should consider the following reasons.


You’re Not Moisturizing Enough

If your breakouts appear to be tied to dry skin, there’s a good chance you’re not moisturizing properly. Since most cleansers strip the skin of natural oils, it’s important to follow up every face wash with a moisturizing. However, as is the case with most things pertaining to skincare, moisturizing is far from a “one size fits all” affair. For example, moisturizers can actually trigger breakouts for certain skin types. That being the case, if you have exceptionally sensitive skin, try to avoid heavy oil-based moisturizers and opt for oil-free options. To achieve optimal results, it’s generally recommended that you wash and moisturize your face twice daily. Additionally, certain types of essential oil can be used to provide moisture to your skin.

You’re Moisturizing Too Much

It’s entirely possible to get too much of a good thing – and moisturizer is no exception. If you suspect your breakouts are linked to excessive moisture or oiliness, you may be applying too much moisturizer or moisturizing too often. As previously stated, washing and moisturizing twice a day can help you achieve healthier skin. However, while this may prove effective for many of us, it’s not going to work for everyone. For instance, if your skin is naturally, you may only need to apply moisturizer once a day – or not at all. In fact, a growing number of dermatologists are now acknowledging that moisturizer is not nearly as essential as once believed.

Breakouts can also be linked to using the wrong type of moisturizer for your skin. So, if you suspect that your choice moisturizer is playing a role in your breakouts, reach out to a dermatologist for better product recommendations.

You’re Over-Cleansing

Washing your face serves an important purpose. In addition to leaving your skin looking fresh and clean, cleansing aids exfoliation and helps remove dirt. However, it’s possible to wash one’s face too often, and doing so is liable to lead to dryness and irritation. Outside of emergencies, washing your face more than twice a day is ill-advised. Furthermore, depending on your skin type and use of cosmetics, you may only need to wash your face once a day.

Your choice of cleanser is another important factor to consider. Unsurprisingly, sensitive skin generally doesn’t respond well to facial cleansers that are overly harsh and/or laden with chemicals. So, if over-the-counter cleansers have triggered breakouts in the past, look for cleansers designed specifically for sensitive skin types.

You’re Using Chemical-Heavy Grooming Products

Your other grooming products may also be contributing to breakouts. Many over-the-counter soaps, shampoos and conditioners contain chemicals that act as skin irritants, making it very clear that these products were not designed with sensitive skin types in mind. In addition, many cosmetics contain similar irritants, so if you regularly wear makeup, it pays to be discerning. So, when purchasing such products in the future, keep an eye out for chemical-free and/or organic alternatives. As more and more people become aware of the bevy of chemicals found in everyday grooming products, said alternatives are becoming increasingly commonplace.


Why is My Skin Constantly Breaking Out?Few things are more frustrating than dealing with skin that refuses to calm down. Dealing with breakouts and assorted acne issues is bad enough during puberty – and continuing to experience them into adulthood can be downright aggravating. If you’ve spent most of your life grappling with irritation-prone skin, identifying the root cause(s) of the issue is essential to stamping it out once and for all. In some cases, the ultimate fix could be something as simple as altering your grooming habits. So, if you’re tired of finding yourself plagued by persistent breakouts, take care to consider the reasons discussed above.


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