The right bra size for a woman provides support for the breasts and does not cause discomfort; the same applies to the largest bra size. The purpose of wearing a bra is to help keep the breasts in a comfortable position as convenient for the wearer and sometimes, for making fashion statements. The importance of brassieres among women, these days, is difficult to understand as many are willing to go without them for as long as possible.

The bar sizes for women vary depending on the under bust size, cup size, and over bust size. Bra sizes range from small to extra-large; however, the largest bra size in the world is 102 ZZZ. To understand the sizing of bras, one must first know how to measure the bust and apply the measurement to selecting a bra that fits right.

In this article, we will talk about the bra sizes that exist and provide tips that will help you choose the right bra size for you. Also, since bra sizes are supposed to keep breasts in comfortable positions, breasts sizes also matter in determining the right bra size. Therefore, we will look at how the female breasts develop and how it influences choosing the right bra size.

The Female Breasts Development

The female human breasts experience changes at different stages of growth, mostly depending on hormonal changes and the effect they exert. Breasts development generally occurs at three distinct times in a woman’s life – beginning when they are utero, that is, before birth, and continues at puberty and during reproductive (child-bearing) years. Also, some changes are usually evident during the menopausal stage of growth.

Utero Breast Development Stage

This is the first stage of breast development and it occurs when the female child is a fetus and still in the uterus. It is characterized by the thickening of the chest, forming a mammary ridge or milk line. This development continues and when it is time for the girl child to be born, the nipples and the initial stages of the milk-duct system have formed.

Puberty Breast Development Stage

As the girl child approaches puberty, one of the visible signs is the further development of the breasts. This is triggered by the production of estrogen from the ovaries that have now begun to function. The presence of estrogen makes the connective tissues in the breasts accommodate fat, causing the breasts to enlarge, and the milk-duct system also resumes growth.

The rate of breast growth during puberty varies among girls and as these biological changes occur in their bodies, secretory glands form at the end of the milk ducts.

Reproductive-years Breast Development Stage

During the reproductive years of a woman, the breasts are believed to be fully mature when the woman has given birth to a child and produce milk to feed the child from those breasts. The reproductive years of a woman is controlled by the fluctuation of different hormones, chief among them being, estrogen and progesterone.

Progesterone is the hormone that influences the increase the breast size during pregnancy. During this period, the milk ducts experience even more growth, making the breasts and areola bigger. It can sometimes cause pain and soreness.

At this stage, the breast is considered fully developed.

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Bra Sizes and Breasts Sizes

Bra Sizes And Breast Sizes

Bra sizes are determined not only by how big the breasts are, but also by the size of the surrounding body areas of the breasts. The under bust and over bust areas have to be measured to get the right bra measurement. The right bra should fit beneath the breast easily and also, should not allow any part of the breast slip out of it.

Generally, the bigger the breasts, the bigger the bra cup size a woman may need, and the bigger the under bust and the over buts, the bigger the bra size. This means a woman may have a wide under bust and not need a bra with big cup sizes. Therefore, to get the right bra for you, you need one that perfectly fits your cup size and your bust size.

As a pointer, under bust sizes that range between 26 inches and 31 inches are considered to be in the small bra size selection; the bra sizes range from 32 to 36. Under bust size of 32 inches to 35 inches are in the medium bra size selection and bra sizes range from 38 to 40. The large bra selections range from sizes 42 to 44, and the under bust size ranges from 36 inches to 39 inches. Extra-large bras have under bust size between 40 inches to 43 inches and bra sizes of 46 to 48. The largest bra sizes you may find in the undergarment store are the double and triple extra-large. They have a under bust size of 44 inches to 45 inches and 46 inches to 47 inches, respectively, and bra sizes of 50 and 52, respectively.

The different bra sizes have corresponding cup sizes that are signified by letters; they range from B to D from bra size 32 to 36. However, sizes 38 to 44 have cup sizes B to DD, or E. Bigger bra sizes (46 to 52) have cup sizes from B to H.

The Largest Bra Size in the World

It is easy to think and assume that the largest bra size in the world is 52H, according to the common bra size charts you will find online and in many undergarment stores. However, the largest bra size belongs to a woman, Annie Hawkins-Turner, who wears a 102 ZZZ bra.

She holds the Guinness World Record for the largest natural breasts that measures at 109.22 centimeter around the bust and 177.8 cm under bust. This brings her bra size, in U.S. bra size measurement to 52 I.

Tips for Choosing the Right Bra for You

There are professionals that will help you measure your bust and choose the right bra that fits you perfectly. However, because the female human breasts continuously experience growth in different stages of their lives, it is advisable that women know how to determine their own bra size. Here are some tips to help you.

Pay attention to the band

The band of the bra is one of the most important parts of a bra. It provides support from the base, holding the breasts in the cup of the bra. They support the cup and function as an up-holder in strapless bras. Therefore, you should get the most comfortable band and ensure that it fits snugly and does not cause you any discomfort.

Visit a professional

Even if you have to do this once, pay a professional a visit to help you with measuring the right bra size and cup size for you. They have a formula they use to determine the right sizes after taking your measurements. Chances are, if you ask for the formula, or do a thorough research, you will get the formula.

Round up the difference

There is no woman whose breasts are the same size. One breast is usually smaller than the other, although it may not be obvious. If this seems to cause you any concern, the solution is to use the size of the larger breasts to decide which bra size to choose. Round up the size of the smaller breast to the larger one.


It is best for a woman to have a professional measure their bra size for them to ensure comfort throughout the day, when you have your bra on. However, if you’re unable to do so, ensure that the band of the bra you choose fits snugly and does not suffocate you. Also, choose the appropriate bra cup for your bust.

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