Eggovin is a yellow alcoholic drink and it’s a very popular drink. It is prepared from newly laid eggs and contains fine old-matured wines.

Eggovin provides restorative and recuperative effects to those who suffer from weakness, loss of fatigue, or vitality.

Eggovin is the best stimulant and tonic for those who are impacted by temperature and heat in the tropics. One or two glasses each day will be found to be sufficient to keep the system in top shape.

Eggovin is not similar to advocate, which is also an egg-based product. However, it lacks the consistency of the invigorated wines. These wines are responsible for Eggovin’s taste and fluidity.

Eggovin gain its popularity probably because of the fact that it is been used for weight gain. However, it is also important to know if Eggovin has side effects after taking it.

In this article, we would look into that — side effects and we would know if Eggovin is good for weight gain.

Side Effects Of EggovinIs Eggovin good for weight gain?

The functions and applications of eggovin have been clearly stated above, but keep in mind that it contains alcohol. It contains about 17% of alcohol so it is likely to cause weight gain.

Alcohol can cause weight gain in four different ways; it stops your body from burning fats, it can make you feel hungry thereby making you want to always eat more, it can lead to poor food choices, and it is high in kilojoules.

Meanwhile, it is always important to note that alcohol-containing drinks are not advisable for pregnant women. Also, eggovin should not be given to babies or children for weight gain. Eggovin is not a weight gain product

One question that is common among some folks is, taking alcohol, will it cause weight gain? The truth is, somehow it does. But the answer to that question isn’t straightforward.

Research conducted shows that:

🔹 Because studies to date have revealed a positive, negative, or no association with alcohol use, it is unclear whether it is a risk factor for weight gain.

🔹 Men are more likely than women to have a good relationship with drinking alcohol and body weight.

🔹 The current research is insufficient to determine if beer consumption is linked to overall or abdominal obesity.

🔹 When it comes to beer, the favorable link is more likely to be for abdominal obesity (fat around the stomach) rather than general obesity in both men and women.

As a result, the amount of weight gained as a result of consuming alcohol is dependent on a number of factors.

What are the side effects of Eggovin? 

Side Effects Of EggovinEggovin contains newly laid eggs and fine old-matured wines. Wines can be beneficial to your health if taken in a moderate amount.

However, excessive intake of eggovin can cause trouble in walking, blackouts, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and other serious complications.

Long time excessive intake of wines can cause several serious health complications such as; mental problems, liver problems, dependence, heart problems, certain types of cancer, and pancreas problems.

Eggovin has been found to show side effects common with egg-based products. Eggs contain nutrients that play fundamental vital roles beyond basic nutrition, their promotion as functional foods should be considered.

Eggs and egg-derived foods, on the other hand, are responsible for a substantial number of foodborne diseases each year, most of which are caused by salmonella.

This is in addition to the health risks associated with egg-based products. The following are some of the side effects and concerns:

  1. Diabetes

An egg is one of the main ingredients used in making eggovin. However, they contain high fat and cholesterol. The intake of drinks that are high in fat can contribute to insulin resistance.

Egg and egg-based product consumption also increase the risk of gestational diabetes.

  1. Allergy

If you consume eggs or products containing eggs, you may develop an egg allergy, which is a physical reaction that occurs after eating eggs or products containing eggs.

Eating fried or scrambled eggs can cause an allergic reaction in some people, while egg-based products can also cause allergies in some people.

Egg proteins trigger an inflammatory response, which is what causes the allergic reaction. The protein is misinterpreted by the body as harmful, and an immune response is mounted as a result.

A harmful substance like egg protein that induces an immune response is described as an allergen.

  1. Cardiovascular concern

Eggovin, as an egg-based product, raises cardiovascular issues. Approximately 60 percent of the calories in an egg come from fat, the majority of which is saturated fat. Eggs are also high in cholesterol, with an average-sized egg-containing around 200 milligrams.

That’s more than a Big Mac’s worth of calories. Heart disease is caused by fat and cholesterol. Eggs have also been linked to an increase of 80 percent in coronary artery calcium scores in studies (a measure of heart disease risk).


If you would like to add more weight, it’s advisable to go for weight gain products. Let’s keep in mind that Eggovin is not a weight gain product. Using eggovin for weight gain comes with effects you should keep in mind.

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