Uncertain times and job insecurity


How are my inquisitive buddies doing? I hope you all are safe and healthy and abiding by rules and regulations. This pandemic puts us in a grim situation, making us face the worst job insecurity phase. In many countries, unemployment was already a prevalent issue, and finding a job was a great deal of work. Today, the pandemic has only added to our sorrow. Even those whose jobs are secured are pulling up their socks and trying hard to advance their career development to survive long in the game.

It is still better when you are in a position to get work from home you can try to use generate fake name to prevent spamming jobs. There is a chance you will not be thrown out of the organization when it gets challenged by the authorities and has to follow the rules to not gather in the workplace. Others, whose job type is different, and work from home does not make sense, do face misery. 

What can one do about job insecurity when it is beyond his/ her control, like in the present situation?

If you are sensing that you might not have work anymore, try to follow this.

  • Be mentally strong

I know, when you have a responsibility to win bread for your family, and you face a job security crisis, it does affect you mentally as well as physically. There is a correlation between physical health and mental health. Be wise, and do not let any stress get to you. Try meditation or other mental exercises to keep yourself calm and focused.

  • Figure out what is still trending and know your worth

You need to sit down with yourself and think about what is still in demand or working. Take the help of your gadgets for some productive purpose to check some facts and data. It can be anything, any services, or a particular type of job that people are getting hired for. This will help you know your value and understand what employment you should plan to go to next.

  • Set a clear cut plan

Once you figure out what might work for you, set a clear cut goal, and prepare an action plan. See, trust yourself; however worse the situation is, there is always something that only you can do. It is your chance to stand out. Also, you have some job experience, and it will help you. 

  • Welcome every opportunity

Did you ever imagine that you would be out of a job in 2020? But it happened or might happen, right? Because we live in such uncertain times, you must be open to possibilities and accept what life may offer in the journey. I know sometimes, we do not find things aligned for us as we had planned, but rather than succumbing to that pressure, gracefully accept it and try harder to find out a different path. 

  • Be wise while spending money

Because you are financially not doing great, you might want to save money for unavoidable circumstances.

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