Total Gym Models- What are Their Differences?


Stand you looking for the most suitable Total Gym model? There are a few different models to choose from, each with their own benefits.

Below we’ll look into different gym models, and the criteria we’ll use is based on:

• Resistance level

• Weight capacity

• Number of exercises

• Size

Total Gym FIT is a suitable option since it is hard to beat the machine’s quality and what you get for the price. Let’s now look further into the following gym models:




1. XLS

Do you want to upgrade? Why not opt for the Total Gym XLS? The model is popular, and to some extent, it can be regarded as the “most popular.” In most cases, the most popular model is as a result of money spent on the marketing process. Nonetheless, a comparison was carried out; we can say that XLS is good in terms of overall quality.

The glide board of the XLS is smooth, and it is durable. Also, the installation process is easy compared to other home gyms. Many people claim they’ve had this gym for long and it is still as good as new.

Some of the accessories that come with the XLS include:

• Leg pull

• Squat stand

• Exercise wall chart

• Wing attachment

• An owner’s manual

The XLS model has some holes, and you can add weight plates and a weight bar if you want to add more resistance while building muscles. The machine is heavier because of its sturdiness and quality. Nevertheless, you can move the machine; however, it won’t be that easy.

Additional pieces of information that matter includes:

Health and beauty category

• 6 resistance levels

• More than 80 exercises in the home gym

• The weight capacity is 400lb

• Price- $2,199

2. FIT

This is one of the latest home gyms, and it is a suitable model that has been designed for use at home. The resistance level is also high. There are also five more exercises you can engage in using this product as listed here. There are 85 available exercises, and the gym model is also versatile.

The FIT has 12 resistance levels, the same as other gym models; however, this one has some additional features. The weight limit is also higher, the construction is better, and the moving parts are more durable. There is also a two-year warranty on the moving parts. For the frame, you get a lifetime warranty.

This model has four attachments: ab crunch accessory, leg pull attachment, 2-piece wing attachment, and upgraded squat stand.

After purchasing this gym model, you’ll receive some workout DVDs, and you can get started regardless of your level of fitness. You can also take advantage of some nutritional information, and you can reach your goals fast. The price is the only issue.

• Resistance levels- 12

• Number of exercises- more than 85

• Weight limit- 450lb

• Price- $1,600 (when you purchase at Total Gym)

3. GTS

This is a commercial-grade Total Gym system. It has been designed for home use; however, it can be used in a physical therapy clinic or a club gym.

The GTS is in its own league, and you can engage in more than 200 exercises. With this system, you can jump and also engage in plyometric moves. There are numerous possibilities. The resistance level is good, and this model is good for a rehabilitation setting where there is control over the resistance. There are 22 different levels, and GTS has more features compared to other models such as the FIT.

Some of the attachments that come with the GTS gym model include: telescoping squat stand, adjustable LAT bars, a telescoping squat stand, and a strengthening set comprising of dip bars, weight bar, core accessory, and pull up bars of different sizes.

Resistance levels- 22

Attachments- exercise reference book and a DVD

Weight limit- 650 lb

Price- $3,795

Final Thoughts

The GTS model seems better than the rest since it allows you to engage in more exercises and has more attachments, that being said, it is a lot more expensive than the other two listed. The weight limit is also high. Also, it can be used at home or at a club gym. If you have a small living space, the FIT gym model is preferable since it is foldable and can even fit in a cupboard.


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