As a society, we are constantly striving to become the best version of ourselves. As part of this process to enhance our health and our outlook on life, more and more people are choosing to exercise. Engaging in exercise is not only important for your physical wellbeing, but it also has positive benefits for your mental state as well. In fact, exercising has been associated with lower levels of stress and it reduces your risk of having major illnesses. With an increased interest in working out from home instead of in a physical gym, it is worth exploring the top apps for home work outs.

Why workout at home?

Firstly, there are many advantages to working out at home or visiting an app online as you will spend less time travelling to the gym. This extra time can be spent on other projects or new hobbies instead of commuting to exercise in a public facility. On top of this, many people spend huge amounts of their hard-earned money on equipment for their home gym. As home work out apps do not require expensive equipment, working out in this way helps minimize costs associated with exercise. Furthermore, a lot of people who want to improve their fitness refrain from going to public gyms because of the huge volumes of people who go there. With home work outs, there is an element of privacy where you can complete your workout in peace without prying eyes.

Nike Training Club

One home work out app that has received incredible reviews is Nike Training Club which allows you to personalize and track your progress which can be a similar experience to having a personalized trainer. In 2020, the app’s premium content was made free and allows users to access multi-week training programs catered to their specific fitness goals, as well as more than 100 standalone workout videos. The app takes into consideration what types of workouts they would prefer as well as the frequency of your workouts. If you are new to exercising, this app is extremely easy to understand with virtual guidance from Nike master trainers in a structured four-to-eight-week program. The workouts aren’t extremely exhaustive either as they usually last 10-60 minutes according to your preference and capabilities. Whether you want to engage your core in a core workout or to work on your flexibility with yoga, this app has got you covered.

The Top Apps For Home Work-Outs

Peloton App

Furthermore, the Peloton App boasts a number of benefits including getting guidance from some of the top industry instructors. The great thing about this app is that it does not limit you to one type of workout as there are a range of workouts to choose from including spin and running but also yoga, barre, HIIT classes, strength training, stretching and more. There are also a whole host of class options including live and on-demand where you can exercise in real-time. This app also allows you to socialize with other likeminded people in an expansive workout community just as you would in a real-life gym class. It is also extremely easy to download this app onto your smartphone as it is available on Android or iOS.


Moreover, another impressive home work out app is Freeletics which is a bodyweight app geared towards those who want to work out but don’t have a lot of space to do it. The workouts last around 30 minutes and you can opt for a particular workout based on whatever area you want to target. All you are required to do is reveal to the Freeletics coach what your goals are, whether that is gaining muscle or losing fat. This app gives you the chance to reflect on your workouts and see if you have improved over a certain period of time. The video demos for each drill are also extremely visually pleasing, with excellent written technique tips and easy-to-follow visuals. Completing each session is also an easy process, and only requires players to just tap to move to the next drill. Intervals will also be timed for you in the app which should allow you to catch your breath before moving onto the next movement. This app also helps users with their nutrition as there is an option to get a personalized meal plan as part of your subscription.

Ultimately, if you are on the lookout for a great tool to help you reach your fitness goals, there are a myriad of home work out apps on the market. From Nike Training club to Freeletics, these home work out apps can be downloaded onto your smartphone with minimal hassle. Not only can they help you complete a great workout session, but they can also assist you in building motivation and strength which can be transferred to other aspects of your life. So, why not try out an app for home work outs?



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