The P90X Schedule– What is it about?


In your search for programs that will help you improve your physical fitness, you must have come across the P90X schedule, designed to help you improve strength, endurance, and lose those stubborn fat deposits you’ve been trying to get rid of, by guiding you through the exercises and diet as you watch from DVDs.

The P90X schedule is a fitness workout program that claims to help you improve your fitness in 90 days. It provides its users with exercise programs, in different intensities for different fitness levels, and diet program that helps them achieve their fitness goal in the stipulated time. It is not for the faint-hearted as you will be required to pass a fitness test that determines if you’re able to keep up with the exercises.

This article will focus on giving you details on the exercises you will encounter in the P90X schedule, highlighting the muscle groups they target, the intensity, and their duration. You will also get to know how the diet in the workout schedule or system will help you reach your fitness goal sooner.

What Does the P90X schedule Entail?

If you’re familiar with watching exercises on TV and following the instructor, you will easily understand what P90X is. It is a home workout program created to help people improve their physical fitness, usually in 90 days, by showing them the exercises that they have to do through DVDs. Users of the program are expected to perform exercises at least 6 days in a week for a total of 13 weeks, one DVD for each week, if you wish to use it that way.

It also helps top achieve better physical fitness by including a fitness guide that helps you with all the information you need about how the P90X system works, and a nutrition plan to hep you achieve your fitness goal faster.

The combination of exercises and nutrition helps you to get fitter, leaner, or add more muscle mass, depending on your goal. However, it is important to note that apart from the cost of purchasing the workout program, you will also incur some costs in purchasing some workout gears, such as resistance bands and yoga mats.

How Does P90X Workout Schedule Work?

As with every workout program, P90X employs exercises and nutrition to help its users accomplish their objective. However, it uses a system that many other workout programs do not use, muscle confusion. Among fitness enthusiasts, muscle confusion is a strategy that helps to continuously make the target muscle groups work with a little chance of getting accustomed to the exercises it does.

The human body is amazing and it is capable of normalizing the muscular movements it experiences during workouts, making the workouts less effective, and consequently causing plateau. However, with muscle confusion, muscle and strength growth continues as the body is unable to quickly adapt to the changing stimulus the muscles are getting.

With each exercise, a muscle group is hit from different angles throughout the week, and as an individual progress, the exercise difficulty increases, sometimes by repeating the same exercise more times than usual in one workout or throughout the week, or doing another exercise that targets the same muscle group.

At the end of every week, users stretch and rest the muscles they have worked for the week, aiding in their recovery and growth.

P90X Schedule Exercises

The exercises in the P90X schedule target different muscle groups and can last between 60 and 90 minutes of intense workout. The exercises work the chest, legs, back, core, and arms. They are available in classic, doubles, and lean categories. Each of these categories is tailored to help individuals with specific fitness goal.

The classic exercises schedule is targeted at people who are interested in improving their overall fitness and dropping the amount of fats they have under their skin. They mostly comprise single exercises to be completed in a number of sets. They are to be done once in a day and another muscle group will be targeted the following day.

The doubles exercises schedule is for individuals that want to increase muscle mass, and it is a way of stepping up the intensity of the overall workout. Doubles are done twice daily; the first session in the morning and the next session in the evening. Overall, it builds more muscles and burns more fat than the classic, but demands more strength to successfully complete it.

The leans schedule is aimed at helping users of the P90X schedule attain less body fat percentage quicker than with the other two categories. It employs more of cardiovascular and plyometric workouts to attain this goal, while also helping to add lean muscle mass.

Overall, the instructional guide, also contained in the introductory DVD, will guide new users on which category of exercises best suits them, with respect to their body type and fitness goal. Although many users follow the exercises as contained in the demonstration videos, they can be customized by users to suit their goals.

P90X Schedule Nutrition Plan

Cranking out exercises without the proper nutrition plan to complement it is a waste of time and effort. The P90X schedule recognizes the importance of nutrition in fitness, that is why there is a nutrition plan included in the program package.

P90X schedule nutrition plan

Depending on your fitness goal, the nutrition plan is designed to help you add muscle mass – Endurance Maximizer – as it contains small amount of fats, complex carbs, and moderate amount of protein. The Energy Booster balances the protein and carbohydrates in your meals, and allows a small amount of fats, to supply energy, in calories, throughout the day. The Fat Shredder is a high protein, low carbs, and low-fat diet that helps to eliminate fat and cholesterol, leaving muscle mass under your skin.


Attaining physical fitness is a daunting task, although some people find it easier to accomplish than others. The P90X schedule is a workout program aimed at helping people reach their fitness goals in 90 days. It combines plyometrics with resistance training and core strengthening to achieve this. The exercises are available in DVDs and can be purchased online.

To accomplish your fitness goal in the stipulated time, you must follow the exercise and nutrition plan. However, you will incur other costs in purchasing workout gears, apart from buying the P90X workout schedule.

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