8 Awesome Chest Workout That’ll Work Your Shoulders and Arms Too


People who go to the gym like to maintain their body shape and stay consistent through their routine. Those who stop going to the gym midway and fail to maintain a healthy diet are unable to stay fit. Moreover, if people go to the gym for the sole purpose of losing weight and skip their workouts, their weight may increase especially if they don’t focus on healthy food.

What do we learn from this? Consistency is your best friend because it is a golden chance to achieve all your muscle building, weight loss, and fitness goals. Fitness freaks start their workout by either hiring a trainer or going to a gym that already has one. Their chest training mostly begins with the ultimate exercise - bench press. Not just that, they also start work on barbells and press-ups. Even though these exercises are the best ones for your workout routine, you need to up your game by using ones that build a spectacular chest.


In this article, you will find several chest exercises that involve Push Up Machine so your muscles can get the impact they need from different angles. Remember: if you can’t find something to suit your body, it doesn’t mean you give up. You should stand again, push harder and you will reach your goal. Let’s build you a stronger and bigger chest!

Engage Your Core Muscles

Don’t worry if your plans have failed before and you are finding it difficult to get back to your fitness journey. Your potential and sincerity to yourself and your body is really what counts. To make a difference, you have to work hard and your efforts will get you to your fitness goals. It’s about time you push away all the negative energy and feel lighter and more fresh with exercises that can transform your body.

These awesome workouts will not just build your chest but also your shoulders and arms. You will be training multiple times a week, and these exercises are not just all about your chest. When you need to engage your core muscles, your whole upper body needs to move so you can have that chest and strong muscles you always wanted. Your body needs to catch up the pace of your workout and with exercise, your full-body can be truly enhanced and you will feel much better!

Go Heavy or Go Home

You need to push yourself as much as you can and try doing the workouts in their particular order by following the sets, tempo, reps, and rest periods. To add significant strength and size to your chest, you have to be consistent.

  1. Bench Press

While lying on a bench (flat), a barbell should be in your hands and you should hold it at least shoulder-width apart. Support your core and start lowering the bar slowly towards your chest. Once you do that, press the barbell back up and repeat. After doing 5 sets, take a 60-sec break.


8 Awesome Chest Workout That’ll Work Your Shoulders and Arms Too

  2. Incline Bench Press

Don’t lie on a straight bench while doing a bench press this time. Lie straight on an incline bench with a barbell in your hands and shoulder-width apart. Support your core and then start lowering the bar slowly towards your chest. Once you do that, press the barbell back up and repeat. After doing 5 sets, take a 60-sec break as well.

  3. Incline Dumbbell Press

Hold a dumbbell in both hands and lie flat on a slant bench. Engage your core, press the weights straight up till your arms are in a straight posture. Then lower them back and repeat. Do 4 sets and take a rest of 20 secs in between.

  4. Incline Dumbbell Flye

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While lying on the bench in an inclined position, hold dumbbells in both your hands. Your palms should be straight up towards your face and your elbows slightly bent. Lower the dumbbells to the sides and then push your hands back up. Do sets of 4 and take 20-sec rest in between.

  5. Squat

Stand high with a bar on the back of your shoulders. With your chest straight up and bracing your core, start doing squats and go as deep as possible. Stand back up with the support of your heels and repeat. Do the sets of 5 with a 60 secs rest in between.


8 Awesome Chest Workout That’ll Work Your Shoulders and Arms Too

  6. Chin-up

Taking a firm grip by your underhand, hold a bar, and start bracing your core. Pull yourself up till the bar is lower than your chin. Then start lowering yourself until your arms come to the same position again. Do the sets of 5 with a 60-sec rest in between.

  7. Overhead Press

Hold the bar with both your hands shoulder-width apart. Then with your chest straight up and bracing your core, press your bar overhead till the arms are straight. Then lower it back and repeat. Do sets of 4 with 20-sec rest in between.


  8. Push up equipment

Muscles are responsive to resistance. The iron chest master resistance comes in two directions. One is horizontal by pressing in the push-up and second one is vertical by contracting inward using the resistance bands. The iron chest master is developed to protect joints and maximizing growth of chest, shoulders, triceps, upper back and abs.


Iron Chest Master Push Up Machine - The Perfect Chest Workout. Fully Assembled with Built-in Resistance Bands. Includes Workou | Walmart Canada

An effective one: Bent-over Row

Taking grip by your overhand, hold a barbell with your hands outside your legs. Then start bending your knees a bit, engage the core, pull the bar to the top, involving your elbows. Then lower it back and repeat. Do the sets of 4 with 20-sec rest in between.

These exercises should be your go-to exercises for your everyday workout routine. They will definitely help you in building your shoulder and arms strength. Follow these exercises and give yourself a fresh, robust start!


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