The Importance of Using a Smart-phone apps to Improve Your Oral health

Top 17 best dental apps for Android, iPhone, and dental students


In recent time, everybody is using smartphones both young and an older adult are spending much time by the day watching/looking/staring/browsing/chatting on their cell phones, why not spend some of your time learning how to brush properly? And of course with your smartphone apps.


Now, apps send reminders when it's time to get teeth cleaning, teach you proper brushing technique, and keep you brushing for the full recommended two-minute time frame by American dental association.

The Importance of Using a Smart-phone apps to Improve Your Oral health

Do you always forget to floss every day? There's an app for that. Kids that don't want to brush their teeth before bedtime? There's an app for that, too.

Dental Expert app

This app is just like a guide for patient's to understand the basic dental procedures, such as dental care tips on how to care for your own teeth and smile. This app includes tips on various dental topics, for example,



The dental Expert app is free.


Download dental expert app

My smile app


This app gives you an option to compare your tooth’s color shade on a 15 shade palate. Although the accuracy of your results depends on the quality and the lighting of the photo. Also, you can monitor the shade of your teeth over time and compare results.

Download my Smile app


Disney Magic Timer by Oral B

Age range: 6-8 years

This is another special app for the kids. The app makes them interact with the recommended tooth brushing time of 2 minutes. A virtual toothbrush reveals a picture of the lovely Disney characters.



Disney magic timer app reminds kids to switch to a different part of the mouth every thirty seconds, ensuring the two minutes time is achieved.


It also teaches your shows kids on how to brush properly by showing it and lets them collect stickers when they brush very well.


In addition, taking care of your teeth and your kid's teeth is very important, and these apps make oral health easier and more convenient than ever before.


Interactive apps like Disney magic timer by oral b, will pass on proper oral hygiene habits to your kids, and give your entire family a healthier smile.

Download the Disney Timer app
MacLeans Nurdle Time app
This app encourages children to brush along to a catchy brushing song for two minutes.
Download the Nurdle Time app
Brush DJ app
This app is designed to encourage kids to develop good oral habits and maintain effective good oral hygiene. It allows your child to plays a random music from the cloud or the device itself for two minutes time for brushing teeth.


Making brushing fun and exciting rather than boring. The app also has a set of reminders that allow your kids to achieve normal brushing twice daily, floss, and see your dentist or hygienist routine checkup. Brush DJ is free and is available to download.


Download the Brush DJ app

Grinners are Winners app
Age range: 6-8 years

Children are taught to brush for 1 minute on the inside of their teeth and 1 minute on the outside.

Download the Grinners are Winners app
My Bright Smiles by Colgate app
Age range: 5 years and under

An app to help children build good oral health habits for life.

Download the My Bright Smiles app

Teeth Whitener app


Teeth Whitener app is designed to allow you to see how you would look with a brighter smile. Using a photograph from your library, you can compare before and after pictures of yourself now, compared to how you would look like with a brighter smile.


Download teeth whitener app

Braces Help app
Braces Help app is designed as an informative app for patients wearing braces. It includes good resources on how to care for your braces and what to do if you have any issues with your braces later on. Braces Help app is free.
Download the braces help app
Toothsavers app
  This app is designed specifically for kids ages five and up. It's an educational game that teaches them about oral health and encourages them to develop healthy brushing habits.


The game follows a basic cursed kingdom storyline, and kids have to correctly brush virtual teeth to move forward in the game. Along the way they learn about mouth germs, food stuck between teeth and the correct way to brush. It unlocks new characters as they play.


The app also features a video which shows kids exactly how to brush correctly, focusing on each area of the teeth and mouth for the full recommended time. Plus, it'll notify you and your kids to brush twice a day if you allow push notifications.


Download toothsavers app

Dental phobia apps
Dental Phobia app provides an individual person with information regarding how to deal with dental fears and phobias. The app shows you strategies and options to cope with dental phobias, such as sedation dentistry.
Dental phobia app


The Virtual Dentist app
The Virtual Dentist app is designed for oral hygiene routine and is a bit of fun. The app provides you to take a picture of your teeth and edit it with the app,  Instead of reminding you of dentist appointments or timing your brushing.

You can put on braces, whiten teeth, reposition gums, and even drill out cavities. If you're eager to see how you look with a clear teeth alignment or veneers, Virtual Dentist app can show you.


Download virtual dentist app



Monster Mouth DDS app
Monster Mouth DDS is a fun app that allows you and your dentist to solve monster’s dental problems in different situations before their mouth slams shut.


The app is for both young and adult and is kid-friendly. For Example, problems with hidden cracks tooth or dental caries.

Monster mouth DDS app
Dictionary of Dental Terminology
This app makes you understand the medical terms used in dentistry Dictionary of Dental Terminology provides patients with a list of dental terms explained in a way that is simple and easy to understand.
Dental terminology app

Sorriso app


This app is great and is designed for every individual who wants to monitor their children oral health.


Sorriso app focuses more on the orthodontics aspects of oral health. It offers appointment reminders to both individuals parents, which automatically sync on your mobile device's calendar.


Featured in the app include, how to create a countdown timer, set reminders to wear your retainer or your clear alignment braces. You can even create a smile time-lapse video showing the changes to your teeth over the course of your orthodontic treatment.


Sorriso app features a share button where you can share information on Facebook with family and friends. The app can even record a video whereby an orthodontist, can even record a video on the Sorriso app giving braces and oral care instructions.


Download Sorriso app


QuickBrush app

Do you often brush for longer? The quick brush app is designed for the task to make brushing simple, quick while maintaining good oral health. The app features timers for different parts of mouth you don’t miss anything. It also includes brushing tips, floss teeth instructions, and more.


Download this helpful app

Brushy app

More often than not we always forget to brush certain area in our mouth. For example last molar teeth. The brushy app is designed for the task with a virtual map that shows you where to brush plus 2 minute brushing time for longer.


One of the most innovative dental apps Brushy is one of our personal favorites for both young and adult.


Download Brushy app


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