We all know to reverse the effects of Tooth Decay Is now possible and easy to implement. But how can we achieve teeth Remineralization process? Today, you've learned about your teeth natural ability to resist cavities in a few days.

IF you know you have been fighting with reoccurring cavities and decay, is time for you to check your food. Your diet plays a significant role in your teeth and overall health.

To achieve teeth Remineralization you need to take more calcium and vitamins. You can replace calcium by eating calcium-rich foods and vitamin D supplements may help protect against cavities. Ask your doctor or dentist about taking vitamin D supplements.

You should also take daily multi-vitamins to be sure you are getting other needed vitamins for healthy teeth. In small research, they find out that cheese is rich in calcium and prevent the effects of eating sugar. Similarly, vitamin D supplements may prevent cavities According to one study.

What is Tooth Remineralization?

This occurs naturally in the mouth if normal PH level of saliva breaks down starchy carbohydrates foods that you're eating, this process allows calcium and phosphates to flow between your entire teeth which keep it hard, healthy and whitening them.

Calcium works in conjunction with phosphorous to help build and repair bones. You need the right amount of each vitamin for proper growth and bone health especially for maintaining strong teeth structure.

1. Vitamins K2 and D Are Very Important For Your Teeth

If you consume more vitamins K2 & D. They will help your teeth recover quickly. Because Tooth decay is not an infection rather is a nutritional deficiency and improper oral hygiene. Vitamin K2 we help you absorb the right amount of calcium for healthy teeth and bones in your body.

Vitamins K2 And D Are Very Important For Your Teeth

These Vitamins activate a protein known as osteocalcin which is responsible for repairing your bone tissue and calcium. Also, it activates matrix GLA protein which gets rid of calcium from the wrong side in your soft tissue.

Vitamin K2 cannot work effectively if there is no Vitamin D. The purpose of vitamin D is to increase calcium intake from the gut and bring it to the vital bone tissues (including Teeth).

Which foods promote remineralization? 


  1. Grass-fed meat and poultry
  2. Fresh Fish
  3. Dark leafy greens such as spinach
  4. Apples
  5. Avocados
  6. Green tea
  7. soybeans
  8. eggs

What Is Demineralization?

This takes place when the outer surface of your teeth start to dissolve i.e. the enamel starts to wear away. When this occurs, you will notice whitish marks appearing on the lower part of your teeth.

Do you know the causes of this? One of the main culprits is the excess amounts of acid that circulate through your entire mouth. This is caused by a couple of things:

  1. The growth of bad bacteria that builds up plaque
  2. Exposure to acids found in foods and drink. 
  3. Poor oral health 

 Which Foods Promote Demineralization?:

Reduce Processed Foods

  1. Processed foods
  2. Sugary drinks
  3. Bread
  4. High Glycemic index foods such as cornflakes and rice cakes
  5. oatmeal and cereals
  6. saltine and ritz crackers

You should try to get rid of these things from your diet. As time goes on all these foods may damage your enamel on your teeth. The earlier the better, if you try to avoid all these foods I have previously mentioned the better for your teeth.

2. Teeth Remineralization toothpaste


If you know you have sensitive teeth and you want to remineralize your teeth you can try to make your own natural toothpaste.

I have used these teeth remineralization toothpaste and it works very well for me.  Everyone that has uses this remineralizing toothpaste as seen great improvement in their oral health too. It makes your teeth whiter and reduces sensitive teeth over a short period of time. Give it a try you will love it.

After I change my toothpaste, quick result, I can now smile in the cold weather, eat cold foods without my teeth hurting at all. I could not do these before. The toothpaste is also kids friendly you can use it on them too. Because it has no fluoride and it’s saved for those with thyroid problems.

 Ingredients you need for Remineralizing Toothpaste

  • You've needed 5 parts calcium powder (you can also use powdered eggshells!)
  • 1 part diatomaceous earth (optional, that contains trace minerals and silica. UPDATE: Don't use De with baking soda it is very abrasive. If you don't have DE use baking soda instead.)
  • 2 parts baking soda
  • 3 parts xylitol powder – this ingredient is not completely necessary, but just keeps it from tasting bitter
  • 3-5 parts coconut oil to achieve the desired texture
  • Optional ingredients: essential oils for flavor (mint, cinnamon, and orange are all good), myrrh, and trace minerals

Instruction on How to use Remineralization Toothpaste

  1. Mix all powdered ingredients (calcium, baking soda, xylitol) well in a bowl.
  2. Add coconut oil one part at a time until you get desired consistency.
  3. Add any optional ingredients, including essential oils for flavor (my favorite is peppermint orange)
  4. Store in a small container like the ½ pint glass jar. To use, either dip a clean toothbrush into it, or use Popsicle stick or spoon to put on the toothbrush.

3. Best Tooth Remineralization Powder and Gentle Whitening.

Oralwellness.com is the maker of shine tooth remineralization powder which is specifically formulated to remineralize our teeth and it is not abrasive (it can't damage your teeth), unlike other products. Similarly, at the same time, it whitens and brightens your teeth gradually.

Leaving you behind with healthy teeth.

 How Does This Remineralizing Tooth Powder Work?

These entire tooth strategies that Shine utilizes are taken from natural a source which is why it is so powerful. These are a good option if you don't want to go through all the stress of making your own teeth remineralization toothpaste. Let’s see what they are:

  • The minerals – it is similar to the ones produce naturally in our teeth.
  • The formula is designed to bring minerals exactly to where our teeth need to support
  • the particle size is exactly created to fit the little pockets in our teeth to have maximum results

What Ingredients Are Involved and Is It Safe for My Mouth

The product has 3 main ingredients’ that is very essential to teeth remineralization process. You can Google it to learn more. I have searched high and low to confirm the powder ingredient’s, they are 100% legitimate and customer satisfactory.



Microcrystalline hydroxyapatite (MCHA) means a small particle which is in crystal form. This is a good thing because our teeth are more or less living crystals, the crystalline form is perfect for what we intend to use it for. The tiny size is essential for it to activate the minerals so they can be used to rebuild tooth enamel.

hydroxyapatite is the naturally occurring mineral form of calcium apatite. Up to 70% of human bone by weight is made from this mineral so you can see why it is so important to teeth health.

 2: Non-GMO, Birch Based Xylitol


Xylitol is produced from birch trees found in North America and plays a critical role in delivering bioavailable minerals to the areas where tooth decay is present.

Xylitol supposedly amplifies remineralization by helping to ensure MCHA is delivered where it’s needed most.

The non-GMO is really an added bonus as people are becoming more aware of the hazards GMO products can cause.

3: Calcium Lactate


This mineral is added to the powder to help you regain all the calcium you have a loss. This used in conjunction with Xylitol will enhance the remineralization effect.

These entire ingredients are proofing to work with scientific backup, customers review and the natural ingredients. Have not used it yet, but if I do I will keep you guys updated. One thing I know for sure is the natural ingredient used to formulate the product won't harm your teeth if you give it a try.

The better for your teeth. It also comes with 365days guarantee.

I have done the majority of the work but if you want the full list of ingredients you can visit the:

Smile Remineralizing powder Home page.

The bottom line

Teeth can be remineralized naturally with the right minerals and substances. Tooth Remineralizing powder works and gentle whiten them; it contains all the essential ingredients to help restore the minerals that are lost in your mouth.

Every day our teeth loss more mineral than we can imagine because of what we expose our mouth too. These ranges from food and drinks, to saliva and bacteria, your teeth are put through a lot of wear and tear. Although your teeth are designed to withstand all these, too much demineralization can eventually wear them down.

Taking steps to demineralize your teeth by Brushing your teeth, using Fluoride toothpaste, Cutting your sugar intake, Sugarless gum, eating Moderate fruit, taking More calcium, Decrease dairy products, Consider probiotics, Address dry mouth, Reduce starchy foods, Drink more water, along with regular visits to your dentist, can help keep them healthy.

I hope you have found this post useful and if you have any questions on anything I have talked about please leave a comment below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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