Life is full of unpredictable changes. Some of them are pleasant, and some are not so much. However, no matter what the change is, it affects the people around us and us in more than one way. While most of us are fortunate enough to have friends and family around us to share our pain and happiness, there are many people out there who are suffering alone in silence.

It takes a lot of courage to admit to someone you are suffering, and you need help. Not everyone is strong enough to seek help, and that is perfectly okay. We all process our sufferings in different ways, and as long it is not taking a toll on mental health, you are doing great.

However, if your suffering has started to affect your mental health, then it’s time you seek the right help. In this blog, I am going to explain how you can put an end to your suffering by sharing your experience anonymously.

Here you go:

You are Not Alone – People can Relate to You

Whenever we are in some kind of a fix that is affecting us, we tend to believe that no one will be able to understand our suffering, and therefore we continue to suffer in silence. If you are suffering thinking the same, then you are wrong on so many levels. All you have to do is come out with your story, and you’ll be able to see that there are countless people who can relate to your story and help you cope with your trauma.

You Can Spark a Greater Discourse

If your suffering is due to some kind of traumatic experience of sexual abuse, harassment, etc. You can read anonymous stories about mental health at The Doe site.

Apart from that, if your abuser is still roaming freely, then it’s time that you put an end to your suffering and made them suffer for what they have done to you. You must know that your voice and your story matter because if you don’t raise your voice, it means that your abuser will continue praying on other innocent souls like you.

You can Share Your Experience Anonymously

It is understandable that coming out with your story openly is not an easy thing to do. You’ve to put a lot on the line just to share your experience. The good news is that if you are not ready to share it, then you can do it anonymously. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. No one will know who you are, and you won’t be suffering in silence anymore.

You Can be A Ray of Hope for Others Like You

Lastly, you must know that there are countless people who are suffering just like you. You can become a ray of light for all those people by sharing your story and showing them away so that they can share theirs and put an end to their suffering once in for all.




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