Low T? Here Are The Signs To Look Out For Low Testosterone


Testosterone is commonly thought of as the sex drive hormone in men. And, it surely is that, but also it does a lot more. When you have Low T, or low testosterone, it doesn’t just affect your sex life.

Testosterone is also responsible for bone density, fat distribution and red blood cell production. Without testosterone, many men suffer from ailments that are caused by the lack of production.

There are a lot of ways to boost testosterone, from diet to exercise and even hormone replacement therapy. But, you need to know the signs that you are low in the first place.

In this article, I will highlight several of the warning signs that your testosterone is low so you know that it needs to be taken care of.

1 - Reduced sex drive

This is likely the first signal that something is off when it comes to testosterone levels. If you previously had a healthy sex drive and enjoyed intimacy, but now have lost interest, then this is a sure signal.

This is a lot different than erectile dysfunction which is not caused by low testosterone. In that case, there is a will and desire but you’re physically not able to have sex. That’s a big difference.

This can happen slowly as men lose about 1% of their testosterone per year after hitting 30 years of age. But, one day you realize that you just aren’t interested in sex anymore and it means you have likely lost too much testosterone.

2 - Sleep problems

If your sleep patterns are thrown off and happen in conjunction with the low sex drive, then this could also be a sign.

And this doesn’t just mean trouble falling asleep or insomnia, but even something as serious as sleep apnea can be caused by low testosterone. This is a serious condition in which the airway is disrupted and causes you to stop breathing for a few seconds at a time while sleeping. This prevents you from being fully asleep as you wake up slightly to begin breathing again.

Then, there are the less serious issues of insomnia and interrupted sleep which can also cause a host of other problems.

3 - Emotional changes

Many men with low testosterone report feelings of depression and a general feeling of sadness. Since testosterone is a hormone, the changes of course also affect you emotionally.

Even problems with concentration and memory loss are common. On their own, these symptoms may point to dementia setting in or just simply signs of ageing in general. But when taken with the other symptoms, it can point to Low T.


If these symptoms all seem to be happening and grouped together, then it is time to go get tested. Your doctor can let you know if you have Low T and what should be done about it. And if you do have it, then you may have some other conditions as a result that will need to be treated independently.

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