5 Misconceptions Related To Cancer


One of the worst things in the world is to come to know that you have been diagnosed with cancer. It is one of the most terrible diseases and feared one too. However, that doesn’t mean that it is not curable. There have been so many cases where people have fought off cancer with determination and a little help with medical advancement. Therefore, we can say that science and medicine have come quite far in the successful treatment of cancer. More and more people are winning their fights with cancer and research and studies are being continued for advancement.

The biggest myths and misconceptions about cancer – it’s not what they say

It is true that cancer is one of the deadliest diseases and has had a name for taking the lives of the patients. It is something that even the best cancer doctor in Mumbai wouldn’t want to take a guarantee for. For years now, cancer has been a part of human lives. Mentioned below are some of the biggest myths surrounding cancer:

  1. Modern disease– a lot of people are of the notion that cancer is a disease that has developed recently due to change in habitat, climate, and eating habits. This is absolutely untrue. It is not a man-made disease that has just come into existence a few years back. Ever since the beginning of humanity, cancer has been a part of our lives. In fact, cancer has been found in the bones of dinosaur fossils as well. The truth is it has become more prominent now than it was before.
  2. Food – a common notion that seems to be developing of late is that there are certain ‘superfood’ that can fight off cancer. The list of these superfoods includes green tea, blueberries, garlic, etc. This is yet another false statement that has been made without a concrete base to prove it. Research has shown that to keep your body healthy and fight off cancer, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle; a healthy diet (might include consumption of green tea, blueberries, etc. Along with normal healthy food) and stay away from bad habits like smoking and drinking.
  3. Natural cure – A common misconception that has been doing rounds and has received a lot of unnecessary popularity is the saying that coffee enemas and cannabis are natural ways of treating cancer. However, how much truth is in this statement is yet to be figured out. There are a lot of scientific treatments of dealing with cancer but cannabis hasn’t officially been associated with it as of yet.
  4. Zero progress– over the years, a lot of people have become the victims of cancer and that is why people think that we have made no progress in the treatment of cancer. That is something that is completely untrue. Thanks to extensive research the death rates in the UK have gone down by 10% in the last decade.
  5. Pharmacy conspiracy – there is a baseless conspiracy theory that scientists, doctors, and pharmacies have actually discovered how to cure cancer but they are not willing to let it out into the market because treatment of cancer is expensive and it brings them a lot of money. This is totally false. While there are areas where doctors and pharmacies need be a lot more transparent with the customers, the truth of the matter is that there has been no such treatment of cancer that can completely eradicate it from human lives.

Homoeopathy has, for long, been a crucial part of cancer treatment. It is the best alternative treatment for cancer. It is aimed at treating the side effects of conventional cancer like nausea, sores, infections and hot flashes. It aims at improving the immunity of the patient, providing more energy and lessens the pain that the patient experiences while undergoing treatment.

The homoeopathy treatment believes that more diluted is the medicine, more it helps the body to fight off the disease by itself. Homoeopathy has always played a crucial role in the treatment of cancer its side effects. These are the five biggest myths and misconceptions that people have regarding cancer, even today. If you still have any doubts, you can visit the best cancer doctor located beside you.


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5 Misconceptions Related To Cancer
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