How saunders lumbar traction can help chronically tight neck muscles


If you find that your neck is extremely tight from sitting at a desk all day, constantly peering over the steering wheel while driving doing repetitive motions with your head, or you did one sharp movement and your neck is suddenly very sore, you need to use a therapy method that is safe and effective to help your chronically tight neck muscles. Instead of going to your local chiropractor or massage therapist, there is a new method of therapy that is very effective for relieving chronically tight neck muscles.

By providing safe and effective stretching methods, you can use this therapy modality to align your spine, stretch your neck muscles, and put everything back in place so you can regain your full range of motion and improve your posture!

Online shopping is becoming easier and easier, with more selection and speedier deliveries. And medical supplies, such as Saunders lumbar traction, are increasingly shifting toward online rather than in-store. You can buy online and use this safe therapy modality to regain your full range of motion and do your daily activities without any pain or hindrance.

The benefits of using Saunders lumbar traction for your neck muscles!

Similar to cervical traction, lumbar traction is a type of stretching mechanism that helps to separate the spine. Just like cervical traction, but in a lower area at the bottom of your spine, lumbar traction uses a gentle stretching mechanism to separate spaces between each individual vertebrae in your spine, essentially aligning your spine that has been knocked out of whack due to the consistent repetitive use, poor posture, bad sitting positions, or accidents. By separating the vertebrate individually and slowly through traction, it can relieve any pressure you have on chronically tight neck muscles or on pinched nerves that are causing a lack of mobility and range of motion.

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Research has shown numerous positive aspects about lumbar traction for your back, spine, and neck muscles. The lower lumbar traction helps take the pressure off of your low back and neck muscles by increasing the space between your spine, making it the perfect supplement for a rehabilitation program for those who have back and neck issues. Studies have shown that people who added lumbar traction to specific physiotherapy exercises for their neck and back pain have slight advantages over those who simply use the exercise.

If you want to try to align your spine and stretch out your tight neck muscles, find someone well versed in lumbar and cervical traction to regain your full mobility and posture. After all, sitting incorrectly every day and walking incorrectly can lead to many other issues in your body. If you walk incorrectly due to lumbar back concerns, this can lead to hip concerns and foot issues. If you sit with bad posture due to your neck muscles being extremely tight and your spine being out of whack, this can cause issues with your back muscles, hips, and entire body. By fixing these problems early on with Saunders lumbar traction, you can avoid further health complications.


As you can see, there are numerous benefits to using Saunders lumbar traction to help align your spine, stretch your spine, stretch out your lower back, and relieve pressure on your chronically tight neck muscles. Use this safe therapy modality to regain your full range of motion and do your daily activities without any pain or hindrance.

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Isreal Olabanji DST RN
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