5 Reasons Why Going to Rehab Today is Better than Going to Prison


If you or any of your loved ones are dealing with addiction or substance abuse, you should seriously consider undergoing a drug rehabilitation program now. This is the better and safest option instead of waiting for you or loved one to experience jail time.

Did you know that 1 in 5 imprisoned individuals do time for a drug-related offense? Being in conflict with the law is an inevitable future whenever substance abuse or addiction is left untreated.

Desperate families who have lost all hopes can easily think that both drug rehab and jail time are the same. It’s easy to think that none of the two is worse than the other as both simply entail the restriction of freedom but both are diametrically opposite. Drug rehabilitation allows for healing and therapy while jail time is all about behavioral correction and punishment. People dealing with addiction don’t deserve to be punished. They need to be understood. To help you fully understand how drug rehab treatment is easily the best and only option when it comes to substance abuse or addiction, do consider the following points:

1. A criminal record will make it harder for you to start anew.

A criminal record will stay with you for the rest of your life. You will have a hard time looking for a job or a place to live if you’re a recovering drug addict and you underwent jail time.

Employers will have a hard time trusting you and hiring you because your criminal record will always follow you. Hiring you will always be considered a risky decision.

Landowners will also have a reason to decline your lease application as they would have a hard time trusting you considering your criminal record.

Doing jail time is not an option at all if you want to fully begin anew and start with a clean slate. It’s best for you to undergo drug rehabilitation instead as you will have no criminal or damning medical record whatsoever. By undergoing drug rehab, you’d be free to fully start anew with full confidence and no fear.

2. Your liberty will be taken away from you.

Jail time will take your liberty away from you. You will have no control over your time, your schedule, your diet, and the activities you want to do. You won’t get to talk to your loved ones anytime as you would have to follow designated visiting hours. This should not be the case if you’re healing from substance abuse or addiction.

If you or your loved one will choose to undergo rehab now, you will still have your liberty. You’d still get to control your time, schedule, diet, and activities. Your drug rehab facility will allow you to call your loved ones anytime. You’d be given all the time in the world to reflect upon your actions. You will be free. Calm Rehab Bali is Bali's leading rehab facility and it does just that. In Calm Rehab Bali, you’d get to spend your days in a beautiful facility surrounded by nature. You’d have your own personal trainer and you can even request your own personal chef. You’d also get to do any kind of outdoor adventure like beach-hopping, trekking, and hiking.

5 Reasons Why Going to Rehab Today is Better than Going to Prison

3. You’d never quite know how long you’d stay in prison.

Jail time varies depending on the offense. You can be imprisoned for as short as six months or as long as ten years. The graver the offense, the longer your jail time. It’s impossible for you to instantly know just how long you’d stay imprisoned because you’d have to wait for a court ruling.

This will not be the case if you or your loved one will choose to undergo drug rehab now. Drug rehab facilities give people the option to choose as to how long they want to undergo therapy. Rehab can be done in just weeks or months.

4. Jail environment will not help your situation.

Nothing in being imprisoned will help you or your loved one in resolving substance abuse or addiction. Jails are not equipped with counselors and facilities that aid in helping a person recover from substance abuse or addiction. You will be treated in the same manner that all prisoners are treated. Your affliction will not receive any form of special treatment. Treatment will not be given to you if you won’t request it. Studies even revealed that only 11% of imprisoned individuals ask for help in treating their addiction. Being imprisoned only increases the sense of helplessness and hopelessness in individuals. This is why people forget that they can actually ask for help. It’s impossible to remember that there is hope when you’re inside a facility that wants to punish you.

In jail, you will also feel isolated and alienated as you won’t get to stay in touch with your loved ones anytime you want. You also won’t have anyone from the facility to hold your hand and guide you every step of the way. In drug rehab, you will have a counselor, a therapist, and a support group that will be with you every step of the way. It’s simply better to undergo drug rehab now than to have to face such bleak and almost circumstances.

5. Imprisonment will not help you heal the core of your problem.

As you will not receive any form of special treatment when in jail, no one will be able to listen to you and help you determine the root of your problem. No person wants to be addicted. No person grows up with a goal of becoming dependent on substances. There is simply something in you that has to be healed. This is something that you will fully understand and heal from if you or your loved one will undergo rehab. You deserve all the time and space to heal and start anew. Punishment should never be an option. You or your loved one should avoid the possibility of undergoing jail time by undergoing drug rehab as soon as possible.


Prison Policy Initiative


Helping Drug-Addicted Inmates Break the Cycle



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