Quick Facts About Raw Garden Carts

Product NameRaw Garden Cart
Brand NameRaw Garden
Based inCalifornia, USA
Active IngredientsCannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, and CBC) and terpenes (Myrcene, limonene, caryophyllene, linalool, and pinene)
Founded in2016
Product TypeCannabis concentrate cartridges
Product RangeLive resin vape cartridges, refined live resin vape cartridges, THCSD vape cartridges, and cannabis-infused gummies
Oil ColorGolden Yellow
Extraction ProcessLive resin extraction
Extracted fromHigh-quality cannabis plant
Available Strains510 Currently
AvailabilityRaw Garden products are available in dispensaries throughout California and other states.
Benefits of Raw Garden Cart• Full-spectrum effects

• High potency

• Clean flavor

• Variety of strains

• Lab tested

• Crafted with care
Names in Other Languages• French: Cartouche de jardin cru

• Spanish: Carrito de jardín crudo

• German: Rohen Gartenwagen

• Italian: Carrello da giardino grezzo

• Portuguese: Carrinho de jardim cru

• Russian: Сырой садовый карт

• Chinese: 原始花园车

• Japanese: 生の庭のカート

• Korean: 생 정원 카트

• Arabic: عربة حديقة خام

• Hindi: कच्चा बाग गाड़ी
CostDepending on where you buy it, the cost for raw garden cart is around;

• 20 USD - 60 USD

• 16800.80 NGN - 50402.40 NGN

• 18.32 EUR - 54.96 EUR

• 16.06 GBP - 48.17 GBP

• 144.21 CNY - 432.64 CNY

Raw garden carts are one of the most popular cannabis vapes of recent. However, it is impossible to denying that there is an increasing case of fake vapes that copy Raw Garden carts for their own gain. These knockoff raw garden carts bear striking resemblance to the real ones but they are not the same, at least to the observant eye.

Raw garden carts are a single-source cannabinoids oils holder that help its users to achieve a high, and enjoy the psychoactive effects of THC through vaporization of the oils. The cartridges or vape pens are produced by Raw Gardens and they cannabinoids contain no added flavors, fillers, or other additives. The real Raw Gardens carts are known to be sleek and the cannabis oil has consistent taste and smell. However, the fake ones do not maintain that standard.

In this article, we will discuss the things to look out for to differentiate the real Raw Garden carts from the fake ones, especially since there are increasing cases of respiratory issues in some parts of the United States of America as a result of the use of fake vapes.

Why Does it Matter to use the Real Raw Gardens Carts?

The use of vape pens and carts have seen an increase in recent times, and with the rise in demand, a corresponding influx of fake vapes and carts. These fakes carts and vapes mostly imitate the physical designs of authentic products, such as Raw Garden’s, and sell them off to unsuspecting consumers who when they smoke the cannabis oil, may begin to develop respiratory issues, such as lung injury and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.

According to reports, the spike in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome in the United States of America is as a result of using cheaper products to dilute the THC without directly affecting its viscosity. In other words, it is as a result of some manufacturers’ greed. It is important to note that these cheap production options are not only used by illegal marketers of vapes and cartridges.  An important causative agent of ARDS is vitamin E oil, also called tocopheryl-acetate. It causes the injury to the lungs and makes gas exchange (oxygen and carbon dioxide) become laborious, hence the symptoms that follow. It is a complicated condition that has a high mortality rate and those who survive, do so with marked change of life quality.

Therefore, cannabis oil users must be sure of what they are buying, to avoid being victims of some people’s greed. Even if the real carts are available at a premium but will give you an assurance of safety, it is better to purchase those than buy cheaper options that lead you to spend more in the hospital or die.

How to Differentiate Real Raw Garden Carts from Fakes

It can be difficult to differentiate the real Raw Garden carts from the fake ones, since the illegal manufacturers and marketers are getting smarter. However, unlike with some THC carts manufacturers, Raw Garden can be verified as a legitimate and regulated company with a license to operate, and they do not have numerous websites claiming to be them.

Real Or Fake Raw Garden Carts

To successfully recognize the real Raw Garden carts, you need to pay attention to the box and the cartridge. The package and its content will expose the authenticity of the cart you’re about to purchase.

With the box:

  • You can expect to see a box that may be different from what you are used to when it comes to Raw Garden. The warning information about cancer, from the CA, the THC percentage of the product, and many more are always moved around in compliance with CA’s directives. Most times, it helps to distinguish between the original and fake products.
  • On the front of the box, ensure that you strain name of the product you’re purchasing. Also, see that there are the “TM” letters after the brand name and brand product. That is, you should have “RAW GARDEN TM” and underneath it, “REFINED LIVE RESIN TM”. It shows the authenticity of the product. If these letters are missing from any of the two lines, do not purchase it.
  • At the back of the box, you will find the batch number, MFG/PKG dates, and UID. Note these numbers and dates.
  • Open the Raw Garden website and locate the cart database.
  • Type your package’s strain name or batch number in the search box and open the link that you will get. The link usually opens a PDF file showing you information about your strain.
  • Under the information and picture about and for your strain, you will see a Batch ID and a Track and Trace Test Package or Source Package(s). Ensure that Test Trace Package or Source Package numbers are the same with the UID on the back of your box. Also, match the Batch ID on the PDF file to the one on your package, and see that they are the same. Do the same for the manufacture and packaging dates.
  • Also, check the CA warning text on the PDF and compare it with what you have on your package. It changes every 6 to 8 months. There may be space between the “WARNING” and what you’re being warned about or not. Ensure the text and format is the same.

The scrutiny on the package should be more than enough to ascertain the authenticity of the Raw Garden cart you’re about to purchase. However, if you want to be more than sure, you can check out the cartridge.

The Cartridge:

  • The first thing of note on the cartridge is the CA warning sticker. It is always a sticker on the real Raw Garden carts. If it is engraved, it’s a fake.
  • Check the color of the Raw Garden Oil. It is usually a light shade, something like a clear oil. To be more exact about it, compare its color to what you have on the database you have opened on the Raw Garden website.
  • Take note of headspace in your Raw Garden carts. There will be some empty space at the top of the cartridge where there is no oil. This is because the coil soaks some of the oil. With a fake Raw Garden cart, there is no headspace and it is full to the brim.
  • Take note of the smell. If you have used Raw Garden carts before, you will be able to tell an authentic from a fake. However, if you’ve not, the smell is usually earthy.


Raw Garden carts have been known to be genuine 100% cannabis oil with THC to enjoy for its consumers. However, fakes abound and with the increase in the cases of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome in the United States of America, associated with inhaling vitamin E oil, it is important to note features that differentiate the real Raw Garden carts from the phonies.

Editorial Review Ratings
High-quality cannabis oil
Variety of strains
Consistent quality
Third-party lab testing
Stylish and convenient packaging
Are more expensive than some other brands
Can be difficult to find in some areas
There are a lot of counterfeit Raw Garden products on the market

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