I don't believe I've ever worn any underwear that has been able to keep me pleasantly cool in my humid area, apart from the pricy speciality brand Saxx.

So I thought, why not when Pair of Thieves contacted me and asked if I'd be willing to try out their range of "quick-dry fabric" boxer briefs? I'm always looking for materials that will withstand the heat, so when I started seeing the men's essentials brand at Target (and Pair of Thieves, where a pack costs $22.99), I decided it could be worth a try.

I received two two-packs of the company's Super Fit Boxer Briefs, which retail for $22.99 each (or roughly $11.50 per pair), so I could test out if they kept me dry and cool below.

What I like about Pair of Thieves

I've been using the boxer briefs for a few weeks now, using them on days that reached 85°F in central Florida (in the winter!

They have a lot of elasticity, allowing me to move in any direction while yet fitting closely to the body. They are composed of a mesh combination of polyester and elastane that resembles a basketball jersey.

Although the manufacturer claims that their textiles are "cool to the touch," I only found this to be true when I wasn't wearing them. 

The Pair of Thieves boxer briefs seem light enough and let in enough air to keep me dry the whole day.

The fit and feel are comparable to what I liked about the Saxx boxer briefs I ordered my usual men's size large but they are a touch looser and less structured due to the Saxx's patented "Ball-Park Pouch," which supports your package between mesh fabric panels.

The flat waistline doesn't fold or flex with movement, and the legs of The Pair of Thieves fit securely without constricting.

Is the design flattering and stylish?

My Brother likes the designs that the firm supplied me because of their sense of style.

He particularly loved the pair with the all-over mermaid motif and believes they look nice without being too childish.

The brand also offers their skivvies in sets of solid colours just for those, not into designs, and each two-pack pairs one patterned pair with one of a plain colour.

They don't look bad when they're off my body, and they don't bunch up as I walk in them. These have absolutely no crumpled or wrinkled appearance.

What is it about Pair of Thieves that some find so objectionable?

I want my boxer briefs to be supportive around my inner thighs and package and tight around the leg. These definitely reach the former point, but it's difficult to determine if they're providing support or whether they're a touch too loose.

I wear between a medium and large in men's underwear and chose the latter here, although I sort of wish I had chosen a medium for the sense of a tighter fit.

Maybe I purchased the incorrect size. Even while it's not a deal-breaker, it's something to consider before getting a pair.

How much is Pair of Thieves worth?

I'm quite pleased with how things feel and function overall. Pair of Thieves is a great option if you're looking for a pair of men's underwear that is breathable, comfy, and has entertaining patterns and motifs.

The mesh clothing performs well in the heat and is quite affordable ($22.99 for a two-pack of comfort compared to Saxx, which costs between $28 and $39 for a single pair).

You won't be sorry to pick up a pack of them the next time you're at Target if you're looking for straightforward, reasonably-priced boxer underwear.

Pros of Pair of thieves

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My Experience with Pair of Thieves Underwear

I buy the majority of my husband's clothes. I like to stay with a certain brand if he loves it, but lately, he has been moaning that the boxer briefs from Hanes and FOTL are pilling and straining at the waistline.

Therefore, I made the decision to get a 4 pack of them when I spotted them on sale for $15.99 so that he could test them out.

He adores them so much! claims they are cosy, well-tailored, and haven't stretched out after 4 or 5 washes. I use a high heat setting for drying, so it's fantastic that they can withstand washing. He enjoyed them so much that I purchased a second 4 pack, but the cost had increased to $19.99 on Amazon.

He now has a dozen pairs and won't wear the other brands unless he runs out of clean briefs. I looked at other websites, but this one seemed to have the greatest pricing, so I went back and got another 4 pack.

The only other thing I noticed is that these boxer underwear have shorter legs than his previous brands, but he isn't bothered by this. If you want boxer briefs with longer legs, seek elsewhere. All around A++.

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Customer reviews

Amazon customers

Customer 1: I use machinery and use chainsaws. I wanted more breathable underwear for those hot, humid summer days, as well as long underwear that covered my upper legs. The quality was surprisingly good considering the cost. Very satisfied with these. They provide superior assistance.

Customer 2: There isn't much adjusting needed during the day to maintain the package where it belongs. several air currents. They remain tight and supportive all day long and don't ride up. They're a tad too light-duty for my way of life.

I could find myself replacing items more often than others I've purchased. Though it will be worthwhile! I have never bought drawers that are as comfy as these ones.

Customer 3: These don't even nearly feel like cotton, and they have a distinct synthetic scent (nose a clean pair as you open the package). In comparison to materials made of 95% cotton, the fabric also stretches and is considerably more transparent.

In addition to my overall experience with having items of clothing that include both materials (of which I have several), I have many pairs of boxer briefs from a reputable brand that are made of 93% cotton and 7% spandex.

Those boxer briefs feel much different—and much better—than these, which are definitely MUCH more synthetic than they are branded, even with a little bit more spandex and a little less cotton. If this fabric had anything close to 50% cotton, I'd be shocked.

Beyond the deceptive fabric, the distinctive stitching (I bought the black/grey) is rather unflattering. I have a lean, muscular shape, and many brands incorporate such stitching to highlight and flatter the body, but they are awkwardly placed in regions that don't.


These underpants, which are made of cotton and modal fabric combination, are oh-so-soft. I must confess that before starting this review, I knew very nothing about modal.

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