As every industry changes with the different needs of consumers, so must the healthcare service. One significant way healthcare changed is during the pandemic, with mobile health clinics starting to pop up more often. This led to many healthcare providers being interested in learning how to start a mobile health clinic.

For a good reason, healthcare entrepreneurship is among the rising healthcare sectors providers seem particularly interested in. Mobile clinics utilize vehicles to provide efficient community health services. 

So, let's see the exact mobile clinic requirements you need to meet to start a mobile health clinic. 

Why Initiating a Mobile Health Clinic Is Beneficial

Mobile health clinics are customized medical-specialty vehicles. The mobile medical vehicles are equipped with special equipment and medical supplies. This allows healthcare professionals to provide specific medical services to people and areas with limited access to medical assistance. 

Mobile health clinics are an integral part of modern medical infrastructure and offer many benefits, including:

  • Reliable medical care - mobile health clinics provide reliable care to rural communities and communities miles away from the nearest hospital.
  • Help more people - when your clinic is on wheels, you will inevitably help more people. Instead of patients coming to you, you go to them. This allows you to reach them and provide the needed help faster. 
  • Cost-effective - a mobile health clinic is much cheaper than building a practice or a medical center. A mobile health clinic is more affordable for the provider while ensuring people receive the necessary medical support. 

How to Start a Mobile Health Clinic

Starting a mobile health clinic differs significantly from other business ventures. As you will provide essential health services to patients, everything must meet the highest healthcare standards and requirements. 

The smartest way to go about preparing your clinic is to have a mobile clinic checklist. First on that list should be the mobile medical coach. You also need to hire medical staff and get adequate medical equipment.

Mobile Clinic Setup

Steps to Launch a Mobile Health Facility

Research the target area

You must first know your target community's healthcare needs for a successful mobile clinic. Your health clinic must be equipped to provide the community with the needed health services.

Even though you have a mobile health clinic, meaning you go to your patients, most likely your calls will come from a specific population around your base. 

Understanding the specific needs of your potential patients lets you tailor your mobile clinic to meet them. Mobile health clinics are the only way to receive medical treatment for many patients. 

Mobile medical van cost

Your research should reveal the health services the target area lacks access to. You can tailor your medical vehicle to provide those specific services. Medical vehicles may be incredibly beneficial to communities and a profitable business venture for the providers.

Mobile medical vans cost upward of $140,000, with an average annual operating 1 cost of approximately $275,000. Depending on the healthcare services the medical vehicle provides, it can be:

  • Dentistry
  • Physical therapy
  • Optometry
  • Medical outreach and vaccination
  • Veterinary

It is crucial that you choose the right type of medical vehicle. Mobile medical vehicles are available in the following types:

  • Vans
  • Buses
  • Trailers 
  • Trucks

Healthcare providers

Building your medical staff should be done carefully. You must choose a team of healthcare providers who are fully trained and have years of experience in the field who understand, have the same, and help you execute your vision. Your team members must be approachable and trustworthy to the people you will treat. 

Look for the following traits during the hiring process for your medical team. 

Cultural sensitivity

Healthcare providers must be culturally sensitive and respectful to patients with 

  • Diverse backgrounds
  • Practices
  • Beliefs

Mobile medical clinic teams must provide inclusive and considerate healthcare. 

Empathy and compassion

You want to ensure your team members show genuine care for the well-being of the patients they will serve. The patients should feel comfortable and supported by your team. Your medical staff should show empathy, compassion, kindness, and understanding toward the patients.


You will likely provide more than one healthcare service, so you will have multidisciplinary teams. Every worker should be able to collaborate with other healthcare providers, volunteers, and community organizations. 


Mobile clinic team members often face various challenges and environments. Your team members must be highly adaptable and flexible. They must be ready to adjust to 

  • Limited resources
  • Different locations 
  • Unexpected circumstances

Medical equipment

Mobile medical vehicles must be adequately equipped for your health clinic's services. Mobile health clinics provide care to people who would otherwise not get the much-needed health service. 

In other words, mobile health clinics may fill the gaps left in the public healthcare system. The best course of action when looking for medical equipment is to consult with professionals who can point you in the right direction. 

Professionals specializing in mobile medical vehicles can custom-design your health clinic for your needs. Your mobile health clinic must have enough space to fit all the needed equipment. In addition to medical equipment, ensuring smooth financial transactions is crucial, and an EFTPOS machine like the Smartpay terminal can offer the latest in payment technology, enhancing the efficiency of your mobile clinic.

Marketing plan 

The last thing you need to take care of before your mobile clinic is out on the streets is to create a marketing plan. The people in the community you plan to serve should know you are coming.

You can design flyers and establish an online presence via accounts on various social media platforms. Also, do not forget to reach out to organizations in the area, including 

  • Community health centers
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Hospitals 
  • Childcare centers 

All of this will make your presence in the area known and may inspire trust among people who need health services.

Mobile Clinic Setup

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If you wonder how to start a mobile health clinic, these are the best steps to initiate one. Remember to research your target area, reach out to community organizations, hire competent staff, get appropriate vehicles, and execute a marketing plan.

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