Looking For New Fitness Goals? These 7 Will Make You Go 'Whoa!'

Are you also fed up of doing the same things for fitness over and over again and looking for a challenge to break the monotony? Well, fret not! We have put together a list of interesting activities to push your limits and give you a sense of achievement every time you participate and compete with your counterparts from across the world. And it is a little more than running a marathon so brace yourself as you dive deep into these activities and kick start a new journey by picking the activities for this year as per your likings and interests. The key here is to keep the fitness momentum going and preventing it from dying a slow death due to mundane routines. After all, everybody loves challenges here and there.

New Fitness Goals

  • Super Randonneuring

If you are a cycling enthusiast and would like to check your endurance level, this activity is the right fit for you. In Super Randonneuring, the cyclists have to complete brevets of 200, 300,400 and 600 kms within the same season and it is a perfect way to check the fitness levels and stretch up to maximum limits to feel accomplished.

  • Spartan Death Race and Tough Mudder

Marathons can be a little boring but when there are a series of obstacles to overcome, it can trigger the desired adrenaline rush. The obstacle can be anything from mud race and electric shocks to jumping walls & crossing fire bound areas. The races are usually between 5 and 50 kms and open for both individual & team participation. The idea is to get past the obstacles in the minimum time possible and become winners.

New Fitness Goals

  • Acroyoga

If you have mastered the art of basic yoga and looking for some challenging stuff, combine acrobatics with yoga and keep increasing the difficulty level by holding onto a particular position for longer. This is a great method to meditate and raise concentration level by leaps and bounds. It is better practiced with a partner who can help in achieving the position and time the entire process.

  • Iron Man Triathlon – Swim, Cycle, Run

The ultimate test of endurance is combining a series of exercises under competition and the Iron Man Triathlon is just that. It begins with a swim of over 3 kms followed by a cycling activity of 200 kms and then running a marathon of over 50 kms all performed without a break and completed within a day’s time. The activity can be exhausting but gives utmost satisfaction on successful completion and the reward is being tagged as the Ironman if you finish each activity within set timings. This is for those strong-hearted people who have mastered the three exercises individually and want to push themselves by performing each in one go.


  • Aquabiking

If normal swimming does not interest you anymore and you are looking to combine the good things of gymming with swimming, this is just the right activity. This is a full-body exercise with added levels of difficulty to cut through the water and paddle harder in order to complete a leap. Increase the speed gradually as days pass to master it in set timings and without getting hurt. This is the best activity for people with joint issues.

Our friends at https://www.globosurfer.com/ have a lot of helpful tips and guides for every outdoor enthusiast.


New Fitness Goals

  • Heliskiing

If you are a snowboarder and want to experiment with a new activity, this is the right choice for you.  It is more of an adventurous exercise than fitness but can test your skiing skills to the fullest hence go for it only when you are comfortable with snow and move around even when it is not very dense. The right amount of pressure and propulsion is the key to excel in this and can be a fun exercise when done with friends.

New Fitness Goals

  • Surfing

If water is your calling than picking up a new skill like surfing is the go-to option to overcome the monotony and keep the adrenaline rush alive. Surfing is a game of instincts, balance and timely action in accordance with the sea waves and can lead to serious injuries if done unsupervised hence acquire the skill and practice more and more before facing the sea.

All these fitness activities are aimed to increase focus, build endurance and the motto to master each should be as simple as the sky is the limit. Since the idea is to experiment and check stamina hence more and more practice can make the journey easier and more fun. Moreover, some of the exercised are widely celebrated in different parts of the world and brings you a step closer to the like-minded people. Follow a 3-step process to get it going - read, learn and master. Read as much as possible about the activity by doing proper research, acquire the required skill and practice it repeatedly to master the exercise before competing. Success, then, is guaranteed.


Author Bio:

Mohan is a Junior Associate at Swag Swami, an online E-Commerce portal for fitness and gym motivation T-Shirts in India. He is also a cyclist who spends his free time conquering the climbs of South India on his bike. He practices Yoga and meditation regularly and teaches Yoga at the Cosmopolitan Center in India.


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