Looking After Your Man: 8 Tips To Help You Keep Him Healthy, Wealthy, And Wise

Looking after your man can be a time-consuming and at times frustrating challenge. However, the rewards of a healthier, happier man in your life can make the trial worthwhile. Here are eight simple ideas to make the hard work of keeping him healthy just a little easier. These top tips cover his physical, mental, and sexual health and will help protect all three as he gets older.

Sexual Health Is Important To Both Of You

Taking a greater role in the health of your man can lead to come uncomfortable and challenging conversations, but both of you will have a healthier relationship if you can talk about sexual health. This is hugely important to men as individuals and you both as a couple. Erectile dysfunction can be treated easily once you discuss it and decide it needs to be addressed.

If he does not want to visit a doctor, try Oxford Online Pharmacy treatment for simple and discreet Sildenafil or Viagra prescriptions. Their online consultations can help both of you to find the right treatment, and you can get next-day delivery if you complete your order before 3 pm. All their packaging is plain and unlabelled, maintaining discretion.

Talk About Mental Health

Men are well-known for bottling things up and not sharing their burdens. As a couple, you are a team. You need one another’s help to make things work and get one another through stressful times. Try to begin a free and open conversation about his mental health. Make sure there are no judgements or recriminations as part of the discussion.

Listening can often be more helpful than trying to provide solutions to problems. Let him talk and share at his own pace. Be supportive, and set an example for how you would like him to talk with you about your mental health. Keep things calm and low volume, and remember to always be understanding and supportive as he shares his deepest concerns and feelings.

Better Food, Better Health

Diet is one of the best ways to look after your man, especially if you are in charge of food shopping or cooking, or both. Let food be thy medicine the old saying goes, and you can have a serious positive impact on your man’s health by changing what he eats. You do not have to put him on a calorie-conscious diet either, just make healthier choices where possible and change some of your cooking methods.

You can still enjoy all your old favourites, just with less fat content, if you change how you cook. Air fryers have become a popular cooking method for a variety of reasons. As well as using less energy and taking less time, they also cook with less fat. Switch oven chips for air-fried chips.

Let’s Get Physical

Working out and regular exercise can be fun, honestly. It can be lots of fun if you do it together. Cardio exercise is incredibly important for men, especially as they get older. Heart health is important, and you want to look after the heart of the one you love. If it has been a while since either of you did some serious exercise make sure you start slowly.

Walking does you far more good than you realise. Swapping a car journey for a walk is a step in the right direction. Regular early-evening walks can also be romantic and a great way to work up an appetite for a healthy dinner. Once walking becomes a regular occurrence try adding swimming, jogging or cycling into the mix for an even more effective workout.

Make Sure He Gets His Vitamins

It cannot be stressed enough how important taking a simple multivitamin can be for your health. For men and women, this is a crucial step towards better health. For men, a multivitamin that also contains cod liver oil or an omega-3 oil supplement is recommended for better heart health. Vitamin B12 is also a helpful supplement for men and women for a higher functioning immune system and raised energy levels.

For older men, there are several multivitamins and daily supplemental compounds that they can take to help combat the negative impact ageing can have on the body. Look for a product that combines vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that is aimed at men over 40 or 50 to make sure they are getting everything their body needs.

Water Your Precious Flower

Hydration is important to good health. It also helps improve the quality of the skin across the entire body. It is recommended that adult men drink about three and a half litres of water a day. For women, it is around two and a half litres. It can be hard to fit all this hydration into your day, but it is important for your health and his health. Find the time, and get matching water bottles.

Hydration also helps the metabolism, which can help you both lose weight. If you have your man on a diet or an exercise regime, you need to get him hydrated too. This can help keep his kidneys and bladder in good working order as well, and these organs can often trouble men in old age.

Get Him Rested

Sleeping at night and the odd nap during the day is incredibly important. It is as crucial as food to the body’s energy levels. It also eases stress. If your man is not getting enough sleep it can disrupt his waking life too. He can be more irritable or easily distracted. All the hours of lost sleep can add up, so help him make time for more rest.

For the ultimate relaxation for both of you, consider treating yourselves to a new mattress. They should be replaced roughly every seven years, but a cheaper mattress will not last that long. We spend a third of our lives asleep in bed, or at least we try to. Invest in his rest, and yours, and get a better quality mattress that suits your sleep style.

Yoga, Mindfulness, And Meditation

These can be a tough sell, but your man will feel like a new person if he can take on board these three Eastern treasures. Yoga is great for the body and if he has a physical job, doing some yoga now will protect him in his old age. Mindfulness and meditation go hand in hand with yoga. Start with a few poses, and he will soon find himself becoming one with everything.

Take some classes together if you are looking for a cute new couple's activity. If you can’t convince him to start practising his poses in the presence of other people, research yoga online and watch videos on how to do yoga poses and meditate together at home.

Use all eight of these top tips to get your man in the best shape of his life. These easy-to-follow ideas will help you both to boost his physical, mental, and sexual health, which is a win for both of you. Start slowly, taking baby steps towards better health. With a bit of luck, he will think it was his idea all along and start taking the reins of his own well-being.


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