Inversion Therapy 101: A Short Guide

Inversion therapy may sound trendy to you, but it has been around for centuries. Inversion therapy is mainly used for stretching, , strength building and more. The therapy is recommended by many of the specialists because of the health benefits it has to offer. In case, you are curious to learn how to use an inversion table, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss everything you need to in order to use an inversion table.

How does inversion therapy work?

According to Mayo Clinic, Inversion therapy requires a person being suspended upside down with the help of an inversion table. The theory states that by inverting a person upside down, it will be able to reverse the effects of gravity on the body. Gravity is known to cause pain in joints muscles and compress the bones over time. It decompresses the spine and allows people to find at least temporary relief from symptoms like chronic back pain.

Equipment needed for inversion therapy

The requirements needed for the therapy aren't that expensive but it does depend on the brand and the build quality as well. The equipment includes:

  • Inversion tables: These are swivelling tables which allow a person to securely hang upside down but with their back resting on the bed. This position imitates your standing position, but upside down. You can easily buy such tables online.
  • Inversion chairs: Here you will have to sit on the chair and then strap yourselves in. After this, you will be turned upside down. Many people are of the opinion that this kind of sitting position is what more beneficial as it then your leg joints have to bear less pressure.
  • Gravity boots: These are sturdy ankle boots that allow you to hang upside down by the feet. The boots allow for more manoeuvrability and freedom than other kinds of inversion tools.

What are the benefits of inversion therapy?

  • It improves spinal health: Gravity is known to put pressure on the spine and muscles in the back, which compresses your spine over time. Physical manipulation of your spine by holding the body upside down is similar to other techniques like massage and more. This could ultimately relieve your back pain.
  • Reduce chronic back pain: People who use inversion therapy have found this method to be immensely helpful for them. It helped them to get rid of chronic back pain. This is also considered to be a non-invasive way to treat the pain. The therapy reduces pressure on the joints and allows them to recuperate and rest.

Does inversion therapy work? 

The therapy reduces the pressure of a person's spine, increases circulation and opens up the vertebrae. However, it may not be safe for people who have ailments like glaucoma and high blood pressure. But it's also been said that inversion therapy and other such traction therapies don't appear to harm healthy people.

Inversion therapy is a non-invasive procedure which can help in relieving back pain and give you more rest. If you suffer from any of these problems you can give inversion therapy a try.


Isreal Olabanji DST RN
Isreal Olabanji DST RN
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