How to Wear a Pimple Patch with Makeup


In terms of new products that have graced the beauty industry, most women are grateful for the pimple patch. Chances are you have this life-saving miracle in your vanity, and you’ve used it too. You often apply this over your pimple at night so you can wake up to a less-inflamed pimple. When you have this nasty breakout, you can also wear these translucent healing dots during the day with makeup.

Because of their premium materials, these patches are crafted to wear them while running errands in the day. Don’t make the mistake of limiting its use when you are in pajamas with a bare face. Day time use of pimple patches acts as a camouflage. Pimple Patch protects your skin, prevents further damage, and heals your zit simultaneously. Consider the following tips below to wear your pimple patches under makeup effectively.

Prep the Pimple Area

Make sure you start by washing your face and gently patting dry with a towel. The surface has to be completely dry to ensure your patch will stay in place. Make it a point to choose a pimple patch that is slightly bigger than your zit. Stick the patch directly onto the troublesome area, and apply your skincare. Once you’ve primed your face with your usual skincare treats, you can begin makeup.

Be Careful in Applying Skincare 

It is important to remember that before applying your favorite makeup brands, you must not overly soak the patch area with skincare creams. The products will affect the patch’s adhesive, so it is best to be conservative with the amount. Applying too much skincare cream on top of the patch will create a crease. If you are using a serum or creamy emulsion, make it a point to approach the patch area lightly. Too much means it will not stick and last all day. It is akin to a band-aid that becomes loose when exposed to moisture.

Proceed with Gentle Makeup Application

Be extra gentle when you apply makeup on the patch area. For best results, use thin and translucent patches that look barely there. With this almost invisible-like countenance, people will hardly notice your blemish. Gently gloss over with light touches, especially if you are using a makeup brush. Dab and don’t wipe to prevent pulling off your zit sticker.

Lay It Easy on the Product

You may be tempted to wear an extra thick foundation or apply mounds of concealer to hide your blemish and the patch. However, this will not cover up your situation. Instead, it will make it look more noticeable as the product will congregate around the area. A little goes a long way, so minimize your coverage even if you are tempted to go heavy-handed.

Pick a Spot to Highlight

To take the attention away from your annoying zit, choose to highlight one feature in your face. Make a smokey eye, don red lips, or emphasize your cheeks with a blush. Of course, this will depend on where your zit is located. The key is to choose just one, but not all, because you don’t want to look like an over-decorated Christmas tree. The key here is a distraction; use this strategy wisely.

Final Word

Wearing a pimple patch during the day as you are out and doing your responsibilities ensures your irritated skin is protected from environmental elements. The patch deters further inflammation and damage. It will also prevent you from picking at your zit, allowing the pimple mark to heal faster so you can enjoy clear, glowing skin.

Author Bio: 

Sylvia James is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.


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Sylvia James
Sylvia James
Sylvia James is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.

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