Goron Tula is said to be a “wonder fruit.” Goron Tula (Hausa), also called Thespesia, Silky Kola, or Azanza Garckeana, is a kind of African chewing gum. 

The Hibiscus family is a genus comprising 13 blooming shrubs and trees. Because of the health advantages it provides, the fruit is becoming more popular. 

However, the focus of this page is not on the fruit’s origins, but rather on how to eat them. Now, how can you eat Goron Tula fruit in such a manner that you will be more satisfied and get better results?

Many people are often perplexed as to what to eat and what not to eat. Goron Tula fruit may be eaten in a variety of ways. 

People, on the other hand, are perplexed when they discover a dry one among the ones they ordered. Some people have even thrown away the dried ones, supposing that they are harmful. 

Unfortunately, the dry Goron Tula lacks the necessary liquid, and no one knows whether the nutrients are complete. 

But what’s intriguing is that there is a proper technique to eat Goron Tula since there are times when people eat it incorrectly.

The seeds plus a fleshy component (pulp) that is separated into parts make up a full Goron Tula fruit. When you open it up, it might contain up to 5 or 6 portions, depending on the size. 

Some only have four. Sadly, some people consume both meat and seed. Some people discard the meat and consume the seed. These are indicators of befuddlement.

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Now, let’s talk about how to eat Goron Tula

Your Goron Tula may arrive dry or a bit squishy. When it is soft, it means there is a lot of juice in it. It may be necessary to soak it in warm water for 2 minutes to make it easier to open. 

Attempt to open it from the side that isn’t covered (upper part). You’ll discover the seeds inside after you’ve done so. I will be explaining each part of the fruit.

The Seed

There hasn’t been much investigation into what the fruit’s seed may accomplish or contain. As a result, we don’t advocate eating Goron Tula seeds. 

More importantly, the seed is somewhat bitter, which is God’s method of striking a balance. When a fruit’s flesh is sweet, the seeds are usually bitter. 

The Goron Tula seed may be helpful for diabetics since it can reduce blood sugar levels. However, no research has been done on the subject.

The Flesh

As we say in Nigeria, this is the Koko (the most crucial portion). It is the portion of the Goron Tula that holds the juice that accomplishes the task you want it to do.

If this component isn’t soft, soak it in warm water for a few minutes longer and check it. It must have been picked early if it is still firm.

It still retains the majority of the nutrients, but it will be difficult to chew. It’s also possible that it won’t taste as sweet. The meat is tasty and may be eaten for a long period. 

One of the reasons we call it African chewing gum is because of this. Chew it until there’s no more juice left, then discard the chaff.


Are there any side effects to eating Goron Tula?

Forced Period

As previously said, Goron Tula includes anti-inflammatory characteristics that may cause the menstrual flow to arrive sooner than expected, thus women who are anticipating their period in days may have an early visitor if they take the fruit. 

In addition, eating more than 10 Goron Tula fruits in one day is considered an overdose and might result in an early menstrual cycle. To prevent responses and irritation, the fruit should be eaten or taken in moderation for whatever cause. 

One of the benefits of the fruit’s antioxidants is that they help to rid the system of any impediments. This is why it promotes fertility.


Goron Tula, like many other plant foods, contains tannic acid, which might render you vulnerable to cancer if consumed in large quantities. Tannic acid is a kind of water-soluble polyphenol found in many plant diets. As a result, consuming too much Goron Tula might put you at risk for cancer a negative response

Adverse reaction

Goron Tula includes a high amount of polyphenol, which is generally safe for most individuals but may be harmful to others. 

As a result, persons with medical conditions are often recommended to avoid fruits like Goron Tula. Similarly, persons who have food allergies should avoid polyphenol-rich foods like Goron Tula. 

However, based on the results of the investigation, it is clear that the fruit might continue to clean the uterus of everything it discovers, which could include the fetus. 

Once you become pregnant, you must stop using Goron Tula and seek advice on the best foods to eat to provide the necessary nutrients to the developing baby.

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Chewing Gorontula when it is ripe is the simplest way to use it; they are chewed like gum and produce a sweet taste. After removing the seed, you may enjoy the flesh of the fruit uncooked. 

The fruits might also be made into jelly by soaking them in a tiny quantity of water. It is easier to eat when it is soft, or it may be cooked and served as a relish or porridge. 

This is most likely why it’s called African Chewing Gum. Some people dry them out and then reassemble them later.

Goron Tula is one of the most potent and quick-acting female aphrodisiacs. It may be used to treat a variety of ailments, but it is most typically used to improve a woman’s vaginal health by following this procedure: properly wash the Goron Tula to remove any debris, place it in a pot with clean water, and bring to a boil for 30 minutes. 

Remove the outer cover and chew the inside section when it has been thoroughly cooked. You might opt to take two pieces every day to help you prepare for possibly enjoyable penetration. 

Make an effort to adopt a generally healthy lifestyle by exercising, staying hydrated, and eating more raw foods rather than fried or sugary meals.

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