How to Differentiate Real T259 from the Fake


The drug with the imprint T259 is known to be a narcotic analgesic, Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone Bitartrate 325 mg/ 10 mg. It is a schedule 2 controlled substance and is only available through prescription. However, there have been reports of fake drugs with the same imprint in the public, causing medical emergencies and death.

The pill T259 is a yellow capsule sold under different brand names, such as Norco, Stagesic, Zydone, Lortab, Vicodin, Xodol, Zyfrel, among others. In some brands, the pill is white but contains the same active ingredient, in the same concentration. The best way to differentiate a fake from the real pill is to carry out a fentanyl test.

In this article, we will talk about how to differentiate the real T259 pill from the fakes that are now common. You will be able to learn how to do this by using their physical description and attributes and subjecting suspicious pills to fentanyl test.

What is the T259 pill used for?

The real T259 pill is a capsule that is labelled and supplied by Camber Pharmaceuticals, Inc. it is categorized as a narcotic analgesic because of its high tendency to attach to opioid receptors and treat chronic pain. It is a controlled drug that requires that its users have a prescription from a licensed medical practitioner.

T259 pill contains a combination of acetaminophen (used to treat mild to moderate pain when used alone) and hydrocodone (a weak analgesic on its own) which when combined form a strong opioid analgesic. It is commonly used to treat back pain, cough, and general body pain. Therefore, individuals whose work demand a high level of physical strength, such as mining and laborers, may have need for this medication under prescription.

This pill is available under different brand names; the common ones are Norco and Vicodin.

Physical attributes of the T259 pill

The real T259 pill is yellow and has a capsule shape, that is, the pill looks oval but with somewhat straighter lengths than the regular oval shape. In the middle of the capsule, and indentation that starts narrowly and grows bigger towards the middle, before tapering down towards the end, is present at its back. The indentation is vertical and it is there to help in breaking the pill into two, for easier dosage measurement.

On the front of the pill, the imprint “T 259” with an obvious space between the letter and the number is present. Also, it is important to note that although the pill is yellow, it appears chalky and does not have a consistent color throughout. You may notice some brown colorations appearing as dots on them.

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Why you should Test for the realness of the T259 pill

With the increasing availability of fake Norco in California, there is need to test for the realness of the pain medication one buys on the street. While they may appear to be the real thing, they may not. In the Contra Costa county of California, there were reports in 2016 of two patients that ingested what appears to be Norco only to begin experiencing central nervous system depression, respiratory depression, nausea, and vomiting.

The onset of these side effects took only 30 minutes after ingestion and on analysis, it was found that the pills they have taken contains a combination of Fentanyl and promethazine as against the normal acetaminophen and hydrocodone combination in Norco.

Fentanyl is a strictly controlled substance and it is not available in pill form, at least legally. It is a synthetic opioid and is 100 times more potent than morphine, hence the strict control. Promethazine is a prescription drug to treat nausea and vomiting, meaning it is commonly used by individuals that experience motion sickness. However, it makes the effect of fentanyl more profound when they are used together. Ordinarily, fentanyl acts fast and exerts its effect on the central nervous system. Its combination with promethazine is deadly.

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How to Test for the realness of the T259 pill

Many users depend on buying their pills from trusted pharmacies and medicine stores. However, in an event it is impossible to get to these trusted places and you find the T259 pill on the street, how can you be sure you’re buying the real thing? Although it’s unadvisable to buy from such places, counterfeit pills can also find their way into some stores.

There are ways to ascertain the authenticity of medication you buy. Some of them include:

Observing the packaging

The packaging that houses the T259 pill is consistent. It comes in a deep yellow plastic that has a sealed covering at the top. The top of the container has some peculiar shaping; around the circumference of the top there are protrusions that hold the cover in place. To open the container, you’ll need to press the cover down and turn.

T259 packaging

If your T259 pill container does not open this way, it is probably fake.

Observing the product itself

One step further is to see the pills in the container. When you have opened the container, ensure that you place some of the T259 pills on your palm to check for consistency with what you used to buy. Any deviation from the regular oval shape of the pill and the end-taper indentation at the back of the pill shows that it is not authentic.

Testing for fentanyl

While this may seem over the top for some people, it may be the most reliable way to tell if the T259 pill you have is real or fake. To test for fentanyl:

  • Get a fentanyl test strip in any medicine store or pharmacy
  • Fill a shot glass or any small container half-way with water
  • Crush some of the tablet, in the container you have, to powder
  • Transfer the powder into the shot glass half-filled with water
  • Hold the blue end of the test strip and dip the other end in the water
  • Wait for ten seconds
  • Remove the strip from the water and lay it down; let it be for about 60 seconds
  • Use a bright light to see the red lines on the strip. One red line means there is fentanyl in the pill while two or more red lines mean there isn’t.


The pill, T259 is a narcotic analgesic used for treating back pain and cough. Its fake has been on the rise and has been attributed to some emergency cases in California, USA. Test your T259 pill for fentanyl to save yourself from possible respiratory and central nervous system depression.

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