How to Break the Use of Alcohol And Tobacco


    What About Alcohol and Tobacco?

ALCOHOL IS NOT A FOOD.It is a product of decomposition. It can be made from wheat, corn, oats, barley, rice, grapes and palm juice. The yeast used in fermenting wine changes the starch and sugar of the grains and fruits into alcohol. Every class and kind of wine, whether it be called wine, whiskey, brandy, gin, beer, or toddy, contains alcohol.

Alcohol is a powerful poison which in man’s body in destructive to both mental and physical processes. The central nervous system is the first to feel its effects. Long before the drinker begins to stagger and feel uncertain on his feet, his brain processes are slowed down. Memory and mental concentration are impaired. Activities involving speed and accuracy are carried on with reduced efïiciency. Even a small amount of alcohol lowers reaction time, that is, the ability of muscles and nerves to react quickly.

This is the chief reason why it is so dangerous for drivers of motor vehicles or airplane pilots to indulge even in a small amount of alcoholic liquor. Even one bottle of beer impairs the sense of distance, slows reactions, and lessens judgment. When large amounts are taken, drivers become reckless, because although alcohol reduces efficiency it gives the individual confidence and he feels that he is very alert mentally and physically, well able to accomplish this task.

When alcohol is drunk the skin becomes flushed because of an increased amount of blood flowing through it, for alcohol dilates the blood vessels near the”skin. This causes a feeling of warmth. Many “dhobies” standing in the cold water to wash clothes, drink liquor because they seem to think it keeps them warm.

Actually, liquor chills the body, for the blood is rushed
to the skin surface where it is cooled and the body loses heat and the internal temperature falls.

Alcohol impairs judgment and reduces mental restraint and self-control. Many criminals drink liquor before doing their wicked deeds. It dulls their sense of right and wrong. Many youths are Ied into sin while under the influence of alcohol.

Those who wish to have full control over their behavior should. surely abstain from the use of all intoxicating beverages.

Alcohol may do serious damage to the stomach, liver, blood vessels, kidneys and nervous system. It lowers the resistance of the body to disease, especially those diseases affecting the lungs such as pneumonia and tuberculosis.

The statistics of insurance companies show that those who drink alcohol do not in an average life as long as the abstainers.

Note the picture of the drunkard given by Solomon the wise man: “Who hath woe? who hath sorrow? who hath contentions? who hath babbling? who hath wounds without cause? who hath redness of eyes? They that tarry long at the wine.”Then he gives this admonition and warning, “Look not thou upon the wine when it is red when it giveth his color in the cup when it moveth itself aright. At  the last it biteth like a serpent, and stingeth like an adder.”

How to Break the Use of Alcohol?

The chief thing that is necessary is that there be first a firm resolve to overcome the evil habit. If a man is willing to seek help from the God in heaven, he may receive strength that will enable him to overcome the craving for alcohol.

It is now known that diet has much to do with creating a desire for intoxicating drinks. For this reason, one who is trying to overcome the liquor habit should abstain from the use of all kinds of meat and spiced foods. It is absolutely necessary, in order to overcome the appetite for wine or alcohol, that one cease using tobacco; for the use of tobacco increases the desire for alcohol. Eat an abundance of fresh fruit. And drink an abundance of pure water. Do not drink
tea or cofîee.

Take a hot bath daily; and after getting out of the hot water, at once dash cold water over the whole body, and dry the skin quickly. Spend as much time as possible out in the open air. Exercise daily to the point of perspiring freely. Do not keep any alcohol in the house and do not enter a liquor shop. I one is really desirous of stopping the use of alcohol, following the above-mentioned methods will surely enable him to do so.

How to Break the use of Tobacco?

No evil habit has so enslaved the peoples of all nations as that of using tobacco.Whether the weed is used as smoking tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco, or the drinking of nicotine water, its effects are only harmful. There is NOTHING good which can be said about the use of this poisonous weed by man. Why then is it so universally used? People like its pleasing narcotic effect, By benumbing the brain and nerves it gives temporary relief from worry, fatigue, hunger, and irritability. After one has used it long enough to realize its deceitfulness, he finds himself a slave to the habit with not enough will-power to even desire to break it.

 How does Tobacco a Poison to one’s health ?:

Nicotine, the main poison found in tobacco, is one of the most deadly poisons known to man. Half a drop of pure nicotine is a lethal dose and for it, there is no antidote. The first use of tobacco brings on these symptoms of poisoning: nausea, dizziness, and vomiting. As the body becomes accustomed to the poison, these symptoms disappear but the poisoning of the body continues.


      What are the Effects of Tobacco on our Health :

From a pharmacological viewpoint, nicotine is hurtful regardless of which method of intake is used, smoking (either pipe, cigar or cigarette) or chewing. Its effects are observable on the nerves, the blood vessels and the tissues of the lips and mouth, which come into direct contact with it.

Tobacco is habit-forming because of the effect that it has on the nerves. It first subdues tension and then stimulates the body. When people are under pressure they desire nothing more than something to quiet their frayed nerves. Such tranquiLity they seem to find in lighting up a cigarette. Only a small amount of nicotine comes with the first puff, but it is powerful enough to immediately subdue the tension. So the person goes merrily on smoking the rest of the cigarette, utterly unaware of the fact that soon after the cigarette is finished, the nicotine turns about and stimulates him, setting up a craving for another cigarette. Thus the smoker is caught in a vicious circle, and soon becomes a slave to the habit.

Nor does it end there. It has been established beyond doubt that the tars and nicotine that accompany the smoke have a very strong carcinogenic effect on the lining of the trachea and the lungs This accounts for the most frightening verdict of modern medical research: smokers face a higher risk of contracting lung cancer than do non-smokers. The ratio is 10 to 1. Provided by laboratory tests and established by
statistical research, this fact alone is enough to condemn once for all the use of tobacco in any form.

Chewing tobacco also has a very similar cancerous effect. As the wadis held between the cheek and the gums, the tar and nicotine in tobacco begin to act on the tissues, and this explains the enormous increase in cases of cancer of the jaw among tobacco chewers. Experiments have shown that cancer can be started on a rabbit’s ear by keeping tobacco tar on it for some time. Medical research has also revealed that tobacco has an alarming effect on the blood vessels. Nicotine is such a violent toxin that it can cause the blood vessels to contract immediately.

The nicotine absorbed from smoking one cigarette will cause the blood vessels of the body to contract so that the temperature of the feet will drop 1. 8° C. This dismal prospect should especially be noted by those who are older and whose blood-vessels are narrowed by arteriosclerosis, for such
contraction may close the artery altogether and cause a stroke, a heart attack or gangrene of the leg

It is hard to determine to what extent tobacco might affect the health of the growing fetus in a pregnant mother but to subject an infant from its very conception to such a violent poison as nicotine is something every woman should ponder well before taking that first Puff. A nursing mother who smokes gives off enough nicotine in her milk to equal, relatively speaking, the toxic dose for a man. In other words: if a man should take in the amount of nicotine for each pound of his body weight that a nursing baby gets through its smoking mother ‘s milk, he would get sick. But the baby does not get
sick, for it has been thoroughly addicted before birth. Hence the cigarette-addicted mother is unwittingly laying the foundation for a craving to smoke in her child who may, therefore, take to smoking at an early stage, much to the chagrin and regret of the mother herself.

How to Break Off Using Tobacco?

To break off this degrading habit is indeed a harassing problem, requiring all the will-power the victim can muster. To avoid unnecessary temptation, the one trying to overcome the habit must not have tobacco anywhere around, nor should he associate with those who smoke? He must make up his mind to be patient, for he will be called upon during this period of nervous readjustment, to bear a lot of trying circumstances, both from his own desires and from solicitous associates around him. Eating nourishing food, with plenty of fruits and vegetables, coupled with vigorous exercise, will go a long way in keeping the craving for tobacco under control.

Above all, he must resolve so firmly to quit smoking that he would rather die than fail in the attempt. Those who have been successful in breaking away from the clutches of tobacco should be doubly careful. In their social life, they should be on guard against entreaties of”friends” to try a cigarette”just this once for my sake.” If they should yield to such pressure, it will not be easy for them to try quitting the second time.

In view of the fiendish grip, tobacco has on an individual, how careful we should be to educate our young people, by precept and practice, to keep away from it. Teach them the importance of taking good care of themselves. Help them to appreciate good health and encourage them to associate with, those who value their health. The choice of friends is of utmost importance, for as their friends are so they will be. But if
success is to crown our efforts in keeping the younger generation away from tobacco, we, the parents, should set the right example.

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How to Break the Use of Alcohol And Tobacco
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