How To Boost Your Health With Probiotics

A bloated stomach, flatulence, indigestion, cramping, and leaky gut; the signs of a gut problem. A diagnosis is necessary to rule out Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Colon cancer yet there are solutions to this discomfort. An imbalance in microbes is the main cause of gut problems. The regular consumption of probiotics is necessary; these are necessary microbes for the gut and they are beneficial in maintaining proper digestion and structure.

Probiotics enhance the bacterial balance of the gut by crowding out the bad bacteria. These microorganisms line the intestines and perform different functions. When consuming probiotics the idea is to provide equilibrium and function to support the gut. Gas, bloating and indigestion are a result of too much bad bacteria. The intake of probiotics enhances the body’s natural microbiome balance. Taking care of the gut microbiome balance is also necessary for enhancing the body’s health.


What are the best supplements for gut problems? Microbiome labs employ consistent scientific research to provide data-based solutions for the development of probiotic products. They have made breakthroughs in the manufacture of probiotic supplements, and their products aim at providing key solutions for patients with chronic gut problems. The microbiome labs have various probiotic products depending on the condition of the gut.
3 of their products are necessary for total gut restoration and the repair of a leaky gut.
MegaSpore Biotics: It is a spore based broad spectrum probiotic. It is necessary for increasing microbes in the gut and encouraging the growth of the necessary bacteria.
MegaPre: Increases microbial diversity and selectively feeds beneficial bacteria.
MegaMucosa: Formulated with crucial amino acids to rebuild a healthy mucosal barrier.


Proper functioning of the gut is also enhanced by the consumption of foods that are rich in fiber and supplements that contain live bacteria cultures; that are fermented with bacteria. Fermentation occurs when bacteria convert carbohydrates and sugar to an acid that preserves the food. It is not advisable to consume pasteurized food often as it does not contain this good bacteria, as the heat in pasteurization kills the bacteria.

The sources of probiotics are fermented fruits and vegetables, salsas, sauces, yogurt; probiotics which are found naturally in fermented foods.

Why May You Need To Supplement Your Diet

So what are the benefits of taking a probiotic? There are various benefits:

  • They are a mood booster as they help counter the damage that stress causes on the gut’s natural bacteria
  • They help ease ulcer problems and IBS symptoms in the gut. They also help in reducing lactose intolerance; problems such as cramping and flatulence. Some probiotics may also help in easing coeliac disease.
    Probiotics can help in relieving hay fever and eczema by enhancing tolerance to these allergies.
  • Supplements are also necessary for easing respiratory problems and colds as consumption of probiotics help in enhancing gut health which also impacts the body's health in general.
  • They are also beneficial to the gut in general by managing cholesterol and body hormones which are crucial for heart health.


Isreal Olabanji DST RN
Isreal Olabanji DST RN
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