How Psychologists Can Help to Solve Relationship Problems


As social animals, all humans require stable relationships to meet their emotional needs. Many people find satisfaction in establishing a romantic relationship with someone else who can continuously offer comfort in times of distress and affection in times of joy. However, like all relationships need work, and while talking can often solve the issue. Sometimes it’s necessary to involve an unbiased third party that can help you and your partner through turbulent times. In this article, we discuss how psychologists can help you and when you should seriously consider looking up marriage counseling Brisbane.

Let’s start with common couple problems a psychologist can help you navigate:

Trust and intimacy issues

No relationship can succeed without trust; at the same time, it is also quite challenging to re-build after an indiscretion. When couples lose their faith in each other, it can affect other aspects of their relationship, especially their intimacy. By acting as an unbiased chaperone, psychologists give us the space they need to talk about painful experiences regarding trust and intimacy openly. Couples can then begin restoring their faith in one another and rekindling their romance in a safe and secure environment.

Sexual compatibility

Sexual incompatibility can be a considerable strain on a marriage. Many couples will feel suffer from one sexual problem or the other at a point in their relationship. Unfortunately, sex is a topic many people often shy away from, even though it’s an integral part of our well-being and health. Therapists are accustomed to talking about sex in a professional but empathetic manner that encourages them to open up and share their intimate details surrounding their sexuality.

Unresolved family dynamics

As highlighted earlier, humans are social animals, and when you marry someone, you not only get involved with them, you become associated with all their relationships. It’s not uncommon for people to find their in-laws difficult, but at times unresolved family dynamics can take a toll on your partner. Psychologists can help couples work through these dynamics without making it feel like a personal attack on your partner’s family, not only with your in-laws but also with your step-kids, ex, and perhaps even close friends.


Parenthood isn’t easy. While it can be intensely rewarding, it can also be rather infuriating. It’s an experience that movies and books don’t quite prepare you for until you’ve lived through it yourself. Every aspect of parenting can take its toll on a couple, from the challenges of trying to get pregnant, pregnancy itself, raising a helpless baby, and managing a hormonal teenager. It can all be immersive, but therapy provides a safe place for partners to properly communicate their challenges without coming off as selfish or insensitive.

Life crisis

Many people smile at the altar when they utter their vows, including the line, “for better or worse.” Well, the worse part can certainly be demanding. Financial issues, mid-life crisis, raising children, and retirement can be a confusing time for couples. Some people feel they’ve run out of stamina and find it difficult to cope under their shared lives’ intense pressure. However, psychologists offer a convenient way for couples to discuss these challenging topics. People have the opportunity to share their innermost feelings, which, if left to brood, can turn into resentment.

Behavioral changes

Learning to co-habit with someone else is never easy, and it might seem unfair when you finally figure it out, and your partner suddenly changes. It is not easy to get accustomed to a new job, a new city, children, and even a change in aspirations, but those changes also affect your partner when you’re married. Couples, especially those who marry at an early age, might feel themselves growing apart as each of them succeeds in life. Therapy can help you and your partner understand each other better, express your concerns, and update your expectations.

Addiction problems

Addiction to anything can be grueling to both parties in a relationship. Partners of addicts might often feel hurt or disappointed in their significant other for refusing to quit their addiction. In comparison, the addict might feel frustrated with their partner for being unsupportive as they struggle through such a phase. Such feelings often escalate when they begin to affect their family dynamics and financial situation. Psychologists regularly deal with couples struggling with addiction and provide a safe environment for each person to express their discontent while still offering support.

Emotional dissatisfaction

When people feel undervalued, perhaps because they think their domestic, financial, or emotional contributions are unappreciated, they can feel resentful. If they’re unaware of how to express their dissatisfaction without seeming like they’re complaining, it could lead to arguments where both parties feel hurt. By emphasizing proper communication, psychologists can provide a much-needed outlet.

When should my partner and I seek help?

If you and your partner are experiencing issues with any of the problems listed above, you should consider seeing a psychologist, no matter how trivial you might think it is. During therapy, both of you could even discover buried issues that could develop into larger problems in the future. Seeing a psychologist is also a good idea if you wish to communicate more openly with your partner.


While there is some unwarranted stigma around couples seeking help, you must prioritize your well-being and that of your relationship. You don’t even have to wait till your marriage is on the rock to reach out to a psychologist. Counseling can strengthen your marriage, help you feel happier, and decrease your chances of having a divorce.

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How Psychologists Can Help to Solve Relationship Problems
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