How Many Pairs of Underwear Should a Woman Own? It's nothing to be embarrassed by, regardless matter whether you travel the globe with only a few reliable pairs or a wardrobe full of beautiful underwear for every occasion.

You are you! While some ladies have underwear, others collect shoes. It's important that you feel secure, and at ease, and maintain your health.

That notwithstanding, a three-week supply of underwear serves as a solid general guideline. This quantity of underwear, which lasts for about a month, totals roughly 20 pairs.

However, even this sum may be too much for some ladies. Let's face it, ladies: there are a lot of things that might make you feel as if you could flip your underwear inside out, including sweaty exercise, changing your clothes, and even menstrual periods.

It's important to have enough on hand—and then some—instead of doing that. For instance, you can have a hectic workweek and just run out of time to do the laundry.

Additionally, you can find out throughout the weekend that your washing machine has stopped working. Or, if you live in an apartment complex, you may have to compete with your neighbours for the one-weekend slot you can find for doing laundry.

You could also be in no mood to undertake chores and forget that your supply of underwear is running low. You'll need to extend your days a little bit in any case. (Except if you don't mind going commando, of course.)

Five more are helpful in this situation, bringing the total to 25 pairs of underpants. Any less than 20 to 25 and you could be straining the limits of your present undies.

You might wear out your underwear more quickly when you push them to be cleaned regularly, which means you'll need to buy a new pair much sooner than you had anticipated. The elastic may lose its springiness, and the contour of the buttocks may 1droop.

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How Many Pairs of Underwear Should a Woman Own?

One 2020 survey found that some women maintain an average of 34 pairs of pants. This total is divided into 20 regular pairs and an extra 14 special pairs that provide them with the chance to feel sexy, and self-assured, and partake in more—ahem—fun bedroom activities.

Therefore, this number—plus or minus 20 to 34 pairs—works for the majority of women's lifestyles. This is the overall estimate you should strive for, however, there are certain outliers. Knowing when to replace one pair of underwear with a fresh pair is more crucial than knowing how many pairs of underwear you own.

When to Replace Your Underwear?

Some ladies like maintaining a sizable assortment of intimates to suit every occasion or item of clothing, such as seamless thongs for leggings.

Others choose to get a 2cotton nighty-whitey combination pack that is comfortable for daily use. Whatever works for you, the most important thing is to make sure your underwear is rotated and cared for before they start to rip and fray.

Knowing when to change your underwear is crucial. Changing your underwear might help you avoid 3UTIs and other vaginal-related problems.

On days when you really must stretch out your laundry, have a pair or two of underwear on hand that has minor holes or elastic banding that has worn out.

Every six to twelve months, treat yourself by replacing these worn-out pairs with new ones. Even if saying goodbye is painful, keep in mind that you can discover something else you like!

How Many Bras Should a Woman Own?

We're sorry to disappoint, but there isn't a figure that everyone can agree on. To ensure that you are supported and look and feel amazing no matter the occasion, our expert bra fitting experts advise that you possess 11 bras in various designs.

You never hear these types of comments from anyone. It's crucial to keep a good selection of bras on hand, even if this depends on your lifestyle, functionality, breast size, and fit.

Five types of underwear every woman needs (video):

How to care for your underwear

You want your underwear to maintain its beautiful looks and supportive contours for as long as possible, whether it's your favourite lace plunge or your go-to high-impact sports bra.

After all, you spent valuable time (looking for the ideal fit) and hard-earned money (they are not inexpensive) to get them.

However, the majority of us just put our most attractive underwear into the washer, hit start, and pray for the best. We should all start fresh, I suppose. Below are simple tips on how to care for your underwear.


Because we wash our pants more frequently than our bras, they tend to last longer. In light of this, if you enjoy matching sets, it's usually worthwhile to get two or three pieces of underwear to match every "expensive" bra.

First, organize your lingerie drawer well before storing underwear. Throw away everything that doesn't "spark delight" — scratchy lace impulsive purchase, for example. Then, assign a location for everything by using cheap drawer dividers.

Daily underwear presents a little problem. Frequently, the label instructs us to wash them at 40°C; nevertheless, hygienists advise that anything below 60°C won't eliminate germs. What then should a woman do?

There is just one thing you can do in this situation: add a capful of laundry detergent. Although Dettol is arguably the most well-known brand, many stores now sell their version. (Sanitizer is also fantastic for keeping things squeaky clean and bacteria-free while you're cleaning bed linen and towels.)


We do not advise machine washing since it is not the best option. The most gentle wash available, at the lowest temperature, and ideally without spinning, should be used if you must, however.

We advise you to secure the clasps and put your bra in a mesh lingerie bag to prevent any snagging (or a pillowcase at a push).

The bra wash bag may hold many items, but don't overfill it or the items won't be thoroughly cleaned. Add a few towels or other items to the washing machine to help balance the load before adding the delicate wash bag.

The number one bra drying guideline is "Never, ever tumble dry." The heat may have a disastrous impact on delicate clothing, causing the bra to lose its shape, the elastic to stretch, and even the wire to melt. Not to mention how much energy it consumes.

What should you do in its place, then? Always hang it up on a coat hanger or dry it on the line from the bridge in the front centre, between the cups. Keep your hands off the straps since hanging a damp bra can stretch them.

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Although I've never counted them, I have at least 50 pairs of underpants, and there's a chance the number is much higher.

I have a variety of looks—one for every situation and mood.

The majority of my pants are cotton, but I also have a good amount of nylon pants.

On occasion, if I'm in the mood for something unusual, I'll go shopping for new ones. I frequent the lingerie section of my neighbourhood retail shop, so I may try anything on if it strikes my interest.

I have numerous pairs of shoes in purple, however, I like pastel hues (my favourite colour). I have some looks that I wear with jeans and other looks that I wear with leggings.

To locate the right pair quickly, I try to keep my underwear drawer orderly. You can decide to imitate me, but you should first consider your lifestyle... It may require less or more.

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