How Does Body Sculpting Work? (Fight the fat cells)

The World Health Population (WHO) reported in 2016 that 13% of all adults in the world were obese. According to another report, the United States had an obesity percentage of 42.4 in 2020. In 2008, this was only 26%. So, it is clear that the obesity problem is getting worse. It has become so bad that these days, even a lot of the kids are carrying extra weight. This is alarming because we know that obesity can cause a lot of health issues.

Body sculpting, which is also known as body contouring, could be the right solution to fight the fat cells. It is a non-surgical weight loss treatment that will help you eliminate the excess pounds of body weight. The body sculpting method can also tighten the skin, reshape your body, and give you back a healthy, good look.

Diet and exercise are both good and effective. You may spend hours at the gym doing crunches, squats, treadmill, and eat only foods recommended by a qualified dietician. However, you may still lose the fight against obesity because you have stubborn body fat. Body sculpting will be particularly good here. You will never have to go under the knife as the process is completely non-invasive.

What Parts of the Body Can It Treat?

It works in most areas, such as

  • The back
  • Arms
  • Buttocks
  • Belly and love handles (flanks)
  • Thighs
  • Chin and neck

After the process, you will appear thinner and your body will look more defined because it will kill the fat cells, a process that is called apoptosis. You will also have smoother skin.

Body sculpting treatments have become very popular in recent times with many celebrities, including the Kardashians, going for it.

Types of Body Sculpting

It’s always a good idea to remove the excess fat without surgery. Body sculpting will be efficiently breaking down the fat cells and removing them naturally. It will also reshape your body. This can be done in various methods, through cooling, ultrasound, radiofrequency or heat.

Cold Treatments

Cryolipolysis or CoolSculpting works by freezing fat cells in the targeted area. Researchers and scientists have discovered that fat can be frozen at low temperatures. But this won't cause any damage to your skin, which is why there are no side effects. CoolSculpting is particularly effective for the areas where the fat won’t go away even after exercise and dieting.

The machine used will suck on your butt, thigh, belly, and other problem areas. It will then cool the area at the right temperature. The fat cells will get crystallized as a result and will eventually be destroyed. It can reduce fat by anything between 20 and 25 percent. However, it will take some time before you can see the result – sometimes, up to a month, or more. In some instances, some people are asked to take two CoolSculpting treatments, especially if the fat is resistant.

  • Pros and Cons – This body sculpting method is FDA-approved. It works almost everywhere on your body. You can even treat multiple areas. Some people have reported temporary swelling or redness. Usually, however, the symptoms are mild. Avoid this procedure if you cannot stand cold temperatures.

Heat Treatments

Heat can also be very effective. Laser pulses are used to heat and destroy fat cells. The temperature would be between 107.6 and 116 degrees F. At this level, the temperature won’t damage your internal organs or the skin, but the stubborn fat will be removed. Also called WarmSculpting or SculpSure, each session of these treatments takes around 25 minutes. However, it may take about 12 weeks before the fat is flushed out from your body naturally.

  • Pros and Cons – This is very good for small fatty areas and for those who are otherwise in very good health condition. It can also reshape your body. The result can be permanent if you maintain physical health and your weight. On the negative side, heat treatments don’t work on curved body areas. So, its application is limited. There can also be some minor pain.

Ultrasound Treatments

Ultrasound therapy breaks down the fat cells by using focused sonic waves. Ultrasound vibrations metabolize the fat, eliminating its unwanted pockets. There are two ways of doing this… through UltraShape or pulsed ultrasound, and Liposonix or high-intensity ultrasound. Both the methods and very effective and have been approved by the FDA. Each session will cost around $1,300. How many sessions you will need will depend on how your body is reacting to the mechanical vibration and how much excess body fat you have.

  • Pros and Cons – Both heat and cold treatments can cause bruising and redness in some people. There are no such issues with ultrasound treatment. It is probably the most comfortable option. However, this treatment can only be applied to the stomach area.

Radiofrequency Treatments

This takes a different approach. Lasers and radio-frequency energy is used to stimulate the growth of collagen and destroy the fat cells. You will lose fat with this form of body sculpting. There is one more advantage. The collagen level will go up, which will also tighten your skin. Radiofrequency will cut the appearance of cellulite too. You will have less fat and your skin will appear tighter in six months.

  • Pros and Cons – This method can tighten your skin and reduce fat simultaneously, which is a major advantage. Go for this treatment if you also want to tighten the sagging skin. There can be some minor itching, swelling, and redness for a few days after the session. They usually go away quickly.

How Do You Find a Good Provider?

Body sculpting is a new process. It has only been around for a few years so you will find very few professionals who have the necessary qualifications and expertise to do this well. This is why you should be careful about who you select for the treatment. Always check the credentials and experience of the professional. Discuss the area you’re treating, how much pain it will cause, and the precise procedure to dispose of the fat.

Body contouring or body sculpting will work if done properly. It doesn’t usually hurt. You will just have a little tingling sensation. The result can be permanent, provided you can maintain reduced body weight. So, it is essential that you eat healthy foods and exercise.


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Isreal Olabanji DST RN
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