The Christmas countdown is officially on! For most people this is a time of true indulgence where all dieting and fitness rules are thrown out the window but for some who wish to keep on top their healthy habits this season can be particularly tricky. With so much temptation it can certainly be hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle over the festive period. There’s no need to panic, Wellbeing365 have come to the rescue! Offering these handy tips for those of you who have worked so hard this year and don’t want to give up your routine completely.

Home workouts to maintain a fitness routine

While visiting the gym may not be at the top of your agenda, particularly as your weekends become filled with events, parties, Christmas shopping and more, this doesn’t mean you can’t find time for a quick workout. By utilising the space and any equipment you have at home, you could complete a 10-minute at home workout before the day has even started! You can design these to suit both the space you have available to you and your fitness levels. A great workout could include an ab blast consisting of crunches, sit ups and a plank. For this you would only need the use of a yoga mat and some floor space.

Portion control and eating in moderation

Sticking to a strict diet during the festive season won’t be easy. For those who wish to get involved with holiday traditions but continue to maintain a relatively healthy diet, moderation is key. A few days of indulgence is not going to make a considerable difference to your weight loss, so keeping in mind how much you eat, as opposed to what you eat will be much simpler during this time. To maintain a somewhat healthy diet, whilst still enjoying the festivities with your family and friends, experiment with fresh produce and cook home meals together so you can be sure you know what ingredients they contain.

Incorporate activity with friends and family

The festive season should be a time to relax, so don’t put pressure on yourself to fit in a workout over this time. To stay active and to avoid become sedentary, why not incorporate a family walk into your family’s Christmas traditions? This is a great way to walk off a big meal, keep active, and to socialise all in one! Not only will you be spending time with your family, but you will be getting your steps in too. To make it fun, create a route which puts you on a tour of your local town’s/city’s Christmas decorations.

Enjoy and rest

For your mental wellbeing, the festive season is the ideal time to take a break, catch up on sleep and to de-stress. If you have been spending all year working on your physical health and neglecting your mental health, you may feel burnt out. Remember, to create a healthy lifestyle you must care for both your mind and your body. For those fortunate enough to have a break from work over Christmas, make the very most of this time.

Keep in mind…

Christmas is a time to enjoy, and it only comes around once a year. For those who celebrate this festive season, do not compromise your enjoyment and fun for fitness goals and weight loss. Enjoy yourself with friends and family, prioritise your mind and cherish this special time. Once you are ready to get back on track, January is the perfect time to set yourself some new goals for the new year.



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