We take in a lot of our surroundings using our eyes. From figuring out the weather for the day, to staying safe, and even making memories of the day’s events, our eyes have a role in all we do. Keeping them safe and protected can help them to last longer, and even reduce the likelihood of problems occurring later in life.

Wear your glasses

Your glasses not only help you to avoid eye strain, including headaches, from trying to combat incorrect vision, but they can also help to protect the eyes from dirt and debris. If you are fashion conscious, there are ways that you can obtain and wear glasses, while still looking as trendy as possible. One such way is to use high index lenses, which means the lens will be fairly thin. This could give you a lot more freedom regarding the style of frames that you choose, allowing you to match them with your overall style. In turn, wearing your glasses can also give you more protection overall, by being able to spot risks when out walking or driving, which may be blurry without these optical aids.

Shield from the sun

Eye Glasses

Many people are aware of the damage that the sun can cause to their skin, but don’t think about the damage that can be done to the eyes. Prolonged UV exposure doesn’t just affect what you see or cause sunspots. It can also cause other eye problems, like cataracts, which may require surgery to rectify. You can shield your eyes from the sun by avoiding looking directly at it, as well as wearing sunglasses or glasses that have designated UV protection. On top of this, you could also gain additional protection from wearing a brimmed hat during hot weather. This will help to reduce the amount of light passing through your eyes, and hopefully keep them healthier for longer.

Watch what you eat

There are other, less obvious ways to look after your eyes. A nutritional diet can help your body as a whole, however there are a number of vitamins and minerals that have benefits for eye health. Eating plenty of leafy green vegetables, fish rich in omega-3, and even protein sources can help to maintain and increase the health of your eyes. While supplements may also be able to aid with this, it could be cheaper and easier to simply get them from a food source. You may also be able to decrease your likelihood of gaining eye problems later in life the sooner you adopt a more nutritional diet.

Looking after your eyes can keep your sight clearer for longer. In addition to this, you should also endeavour to attend yearly eyesight checks, which will allow you to see how your eye health has changed, if at all, and update the prescription for your glasses. Teaching your children and family about good eye health can also be a good way of making sure those around you stay safe too.

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