Thousands of people with refractive errors choose prescription eyeglasses over contact lenses even today. Whether it’s getting eyeglasses for the first time or the fifth time, it should be always kept in mind that there are chances of overcorrection or under correction. Hence, if you too are getting prescription eyeglasses, always notice how your eyes are adjusting to new glasses.

This is important because wearing wrong prescription glasses can affect your eyes in several ways apart from making your vision worse. You can suffer from strained eyes, headaches, see double images or experience dizziness. Whether you are wearing the same prescription glasses for years or are about to get a new pair, look out for the 6 warning signs mentioned below. These signs will help you determine whether you are wearing the wrong prescription eyeglasses or not.

1. Blurred Vision

If you are experiencing sudden or occasional blurriness in your vision, in one or both the eyes, it might indicate a change in your vision. A comprehensive eye exam can help you know the exact cause. The reason for having a sudden blurry vision in many cases may be a change in the vision which can be easily addressed by a new prescription.

2. Squinting

Squinting is the natural way to improve clarity and focus of your vision. People who have a problem seeing clearly often squint constantly and don’t even realize it until their eyes and head begin to hurt. The action of squinting causes more damage in the long run. When you squint, you put excessive strain on your eyes which makes your vision problems even worse. In case you notice yourself squinting more when working on the computer or reading a book, for instance, you may need a new prescription for your eyeglasses.

3. Headaches

Generally, people fail to associate frequent headaches with a vision change. Your brain is able to recognize even the slightest change in your vision and once alerted to this change, it will work hard to try and correct the problem. This causes the brain to use too much energy and eventually wear itself out which results in headaches. People who are farsighted often suffer from headaches after looking at things closely for an extended period of time. People who are nearsighted often experience headaches in the front region of their head or exactly over the eyebrow. So if you are wearing glasses, a headache might mean that you need to get your prescription for eyeglasses checked.

4. Vertigo is another sign of wrong prescription glasses

Vertigo is more than simple dizziness. While dizziness can be cured by just lying or sitting down, vertigo is much more severe. It is defined as the feeling of being unbalanced while sitting or standing and is often lasting. Even though it is often associated with inner ear problems, it can also be caused by blurred vision and requires medical attention. If you already have the condition of vertigo, wearing wrong prescription eyeglasses will only worsen the symptoms.

Depth perception is the ability of the human eye to see in three dimensions and judge the distance of an object. It is crucial for our survival as without it we increase the risk of injuries. Vertigo caused by wrong prescription eyeglasses can also affect your depth perception. In case you are already diagnosed with vertigo and notice that your prescription glasses are worsening your symptoms, consult your eye doctor and consider correcting the prescription lenses.

Also, if you don’t have vertigo, but are suddenly experiencing the symptoms of this condition after wearing new prescription glasses, see your eye doctor immediately to get your prescription fixed.

5. Fatigued or Strained Eyes

One of the surest signs that your vision has changed is fatigued or strained eyes. Your eyes can be strained for a number of reasons ranging from inadequate sleep, digital eye strain or even due to some seasonal allergies. But, these factors generally last for a few days only. If you are constantly experiencing fatigued or strained eyes for quite some time now, it might mean that you need a new prescription for your eyeglasses.

6. Old Glasses

In case you are wearing your old glasses for quite some time now, you probably need a new prescription and a fresh pair of eyeglasses. This is because your vision typically changes or deteriorates over time. Hence, you need to regularly get your eyes checked from a certified optometrist. Eye exams help in early detection of even the smallest of changes in your vision. This allows your eye doctor to make necessary and timely improvements or changes to your prescription. By wearing an outdated prescription of eyeglasses, you are actually straining your eyes and increasing the risk of serious vision problems.
Do not ignore poor vision. There is a chance that your prescription eyeglasses may be faulty if you have been patient with any change in the corrective lenses as well as given the symptoms the prerequisite amount of time to settle down. In such a situation, immediately consult your eye doctor. Ensure that you wear correct prescription glasses to enjoy clear vision and healthy eyes.
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6 Warning Signs You May Be Wearing Wrong Prescription Glasses
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