It can be a little scary sometimes leaving your pets home alone in the daytime, or even over the weekend. One thing that not a lot of people talk about is the relationship we have with our pets – the human and animal bond. It’s easy to make light of it – we talk about our pets as our babies, being a cat mom or dog dad – but we’re here to say: it’s okay to care!

If you’re someone who experiences that sense of fear and anxiety when you leave your pet in the morning or have to go out for running errands and even leaving your pet alone for the weekend as we can sometimes do with cats since they’re so independent, then we want to first say: we get it.

But more importantly, we found something that can really allay your fear and put yourself at ease as a pet owner. It’s called the GULIGULI Pet Companion Robot. GULIGULI is a wonder new brand in the pet care and entertainment space. They make pet products that allow you an unprecedented level of fun and connection with your pets. Their pet robot in particular really takes the human and animal bond into the next century.

Here, we’ll tell you a bit about how. Let’s take a look at the impressive suite of key features:

  • Overall Versatility: The GULIGULI Pet Robot is in actuality a complete remote entertainment system for your pet – as it functions as an all-in-one pet toy, remote pet monitor, and feeding system – (more on this last part later!).
  • Controls: You access the robot from the GULIGULI phone app so you can be anywhere – at work or even away on vacation and check in on and play with your cat or dog. The app is also secure, available on Apple and Google devices, and allows you to interact with your pet in a variety of ways.
  • Audio Channels: A two-way audio function via the app lets you speak with and listen for sounds from your pet as well. Picture it – you can talk to your pet from anywhere on planet Earth!.
  • Design: The robot is simply GORGEOUS LOOKING. We love the sleek, scientific white and black design. It’s something right out of Star Wars.
  • Build: The large, sturdy wheels in back combined with 360 degrees rotating wheel in front accomplishes a tripod like design that will easily get over any obstacles in your home – raised carpets, inclines, small items on the floor, etc.
  • Camera: The movable 1080P Full HD camera lets you view your pet from anywhere so you can be away from home and still able to connect with your little furry friends – it pans left, right, up and down – very superb functionality on this camera. It also features night vision so you can see your pets and around the room in the nighttime or in dark corners of your living space.
  • Toys and Extras: It shoots out a red dot laser from the front of the camera so you can entertain your kitten for hours of exercise. You can also mount a feather attachment to the top or anywhere on the device.
  • Feeding: It has a treat dispenser – you can release snacks to your pets at any time, through 12 cartridges, so you have plenty of food to reward your dog or cat for good behavior.

Guliguli Gives Peace Of Mind To Pet Owners With Their Pet Companion Robot

You Can Have It All! What we like best:

With GULIGULI what we like best is that you can be away from home and also still connected to your little furry guy. Are you worried – like we are – about your cat getting into somewhere she shouldn’t be? Well, with the high def camera you can be assured of not only having an eye on your kitten, but you can also employ the mobility of the unit to follow it around and really see what it’s getting into. With the large wheel designs you also don’t have to worry about the robot getting tripped up on anything you have on your floor and it can also go up and down inclines like a ramp leading into your living room. This is a huge advantage over other pet robots we looked at. Maybe you are concerned that your doggie is getting sad at home when you’re a way? This can be hard to tell because dogs look so happy when we come home! Well, if you’re like us, you like to be certain – so again you can alleviate your fears and anxiety by keeping tabs on your guy and even speaking to him throughout the day to let him know that he’s not along and to let him know how much you love him.

With the GUILIGUILI Pet Companion Robot, the power is your hands. The power to really connect with your little friends at home, and the power to take back your peace of mind as a pet owner.

Now that is a smart way for humans and animals to stay connected!

To learn more about GULIGULI and their Smart Pet Companion Robot you can visit their online store at Amazon.


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