We might not have enough General Surgery Residency Programs in Nigeria, But the few covered in this post are more than enough to get you your desired career pursuit.

It takes time, effort, hard work, and dedication to become a surgeon. So, the chosen field will determine how long the residency will be (in surgery). 

Regardless of the residency school, you choose to enroll in for surgery, the first two years of training will be comparable. 

General surgeons are typically thought of as the medical equivalent of family doctors. Their knowledge and practice are distinct from those of other surgical specialties, such as neurosurgery, where a trainee is concentrated on learning how to carry out operation procedures pertaining specifically to the neurological system (brain, spinal cord, etc.).

General Surgery Residency Programs

Below are the best General Surgery Residency Programs you can get as a Nigerian.

1. Emory University, School of Medicine

The 1Emory University School of Medicine is a division of the Robert W. Woodruff Health Sciences Center and the graduate medical school of Emory University. The institution started out as the Atlanta Medical College before becoming the Emory School of Medicine in 1915.

You can apply to a five-year general surgery residency program or do research in renowned academic institutions. The only hospital in Atlanta dedicated to conducting research is Emory. 

Seven different training facilities with a sizable patient population will be available to you there. It is one of the best General Surgery Residency Programs you can get as a Nigerian doctor.

Top 20 General Surgery Residency Programs In Nigeria 2024

2. The University of Florida, College of Medicine

The medical college at the University of Florida is called the College of Medicine. The Jacksonville and Gainesville, Florida locations of the J. Hillis Miller Health Science Center include this facility.

A five-year general surgery residency program that has been approved by the Accreditation Council for 2Graduate Medical Education is available to you. After two years of training in general surgery, you have the option to pursue a basic science degree and some research work. Each resident must contribute to the research project, present their findings, and have at least one paper published.

Top 20 General Surgery Residency Programs In Nigeria 2024

3. The University of Pennsylvania, Penn Medicine

The medical school of the University of Pennsylvania, a private research university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is the Perelman School of Medicine, also referred to as Penn Med.

It provides training students with operational experience through a rotation across the main areas of general surgery. The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania hosts 80% of the surgical training programs

The surgical specializations are also covered in great detail. Five to six years pass during residency. The surgical trainees take to engage in 2-3 years of research after the third clinical year.

Top 20 General Surgery Residency Programs In Nigeria 2024

4. The University of California (San Francisco)

In San Francisco, California, there is a public research institution called the University of California, San Francisco. It is wholly devoted to health research and is a member of the University of California system. In the fields of biology and medicine, it does research and teaches.

In the first year, there are typically 40 places available, 17 of which are for general surgery. Regarding clinical residents, they are permitted to care for patients in a wide range of hospitals and medical facilities. After the third clinical year, research activities may start and persist for two to three years.

Top 20 General Surgery Residency Programs In Nigeria 2024

5. Madigan Healthcare System

A vital part of the Madigan Healthcare System and one of the biggest military hospitals in the country, the Madigan Army Medical Center is situated on Joint Base Lewis-McChord just outside of Lakewood, Washington.

The Madigan Healthcare System was established in 1944 as a division of the United States Army Hospitals. A wide range of medical services, including general medical and surgical treatment, are offered by this network of Army medical institutions.

Top 20 General Surgery Residency Programs In Nigeria 2024

6. The University of Virginia Medical Center, Department of Surgery

The UVA Department of Surgery offers top-notch patient care, pursues innovative research, makes substantial advancements in surgical illness treatment, and educates the following generation of competent surgeons.

The residency programs offer extensive clinical training, a wide range of research possibilities, and a thorough curriculum in academic and clinical surgery. They provide courses in transplantation, general surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, and vascular surgery.

Top 20 General Surgery Residency Programs In Nigeria 2024

7. The University of Cincinnati Medical Center, College of Medicine.

The University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, with its central location, enjoys a prestigious reputation for producing eminent medical professionals and conducting cutting-edge research.

You can apply if your USMLE Step I score is at least 220 for the five-year program.

Top 20 General Surgery Residency Programs In Nigeria 2024

8. Duke University Hospital, Department of Surgery

Duke places an emphasis on research to prepare students for jobs in academic surgery. Residents in general surgery must do at least two years of research.

One of the top surgery programs in the world, according to the Duke Department of Surgery.

Top 20 General Surgery Residency Programs In Nigeria 2024

9. University of Texas Southwestern, Medical School

In Dallas, Texas, there is a public academic health research centre called the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

A general surgery residency program with 13 approved category positions is available to new attendants through the UT. 

This five-year residency program includes rotations in general surgery, surgical specialities, and trauma care. Trainees are permitted to do laboratory research after their third year.

Top 20 General Surgery Residency Programs In Nigeria 2024

10. Stanford Health Care-Sponsored, Stanford University

The finest standards of care and compassion are provided by Stanford Health Care. Cancer, heart illness, neurological diseases, and challenges with primary care, among other conditions, are all treated by SHC.

Stanford provides two categorical programs and seven categorical positions. Several fellowship possibilities, such as the surgical critical care fellowship, are also available.

Top 20 General Surgery Residency Programs In Nigeria 2024

11. Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science (Rochester)

Located in Rochester, Minnesota, the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science, originally the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, is a private graduate-only research university that educates doctors, scientists, and other allied health professionals.

The training at the Mayo Clinic is based on minimally invasive surgical methods. Since 1995, 50 residents have completed their speciality in the four categories of residencies that are launched each year.

Top 20 General Surgery Residency Programs In Nigeria 2024

12. Washington University / B-JH / SLCH Consortium

Eight categorical residents for general surgery are available each year from Washington University. They also received a number of openings. You get the chance to improve your clinical and research methods there. Residents can earn degrees like a master's in population health sciences or a master's in business administration during their PGY2 and PGY3 years.

Top 20 General Surgery Residency Programs In Nigeria 2024

13. The University of Washington, Department of Surgery

One of the largest, most well-funded, and productive research universities is the University of Washington. Our fellows and residents have access to a wide range of top-notch research.

Since 1947, it has educated hundreds of surgeons. Their objective is to develop surgeons who have the leadership qualities, technical proficiency, and ethical standards required for a prosperous surgical academic career. Attendees get the chance to conduct clinical and fundamental science research.

Top 20 General Surgery Residency Programs In Nigeria 2024

14. UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine/UCLA Medical Center

The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, often known as the University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine, is a recognized medical institution in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. In 2001, the institution received a new name in recognition of media billionaire David Geffen, who gave a $200 million unrestricted donation.

It provides general surgeons with a five-year residency program.

Top 20 General Surgery Residency Programs In Nigeria 2024

15. McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University

The McGaw Medical Center promotes a culture of diversity, equity, inclusivity, innovation, and excellence and delivers unique training experiences at institutions with a national reputation. We cordially encourage you to discover more about our dynamic academic setting.

It provides all general surgery residents with a distinctive kaizen approach—"the never-ending search for greater quality." In their second and fourth years of training, all residents participate in the Resident as Teacher program.

Top 20 General Surgery Residency Programs In Nigeria 2024

16. Brigham and Women’s Hospital

The main hospital in the Longwood Medical Area of Boston, Massachusetts, and the second-largest teaching hospital affiliated with Harvard Medical School is Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Nine category residents can choose from a five-year ACGME-accredited general surgery residency program offered by BWH each year. Given that by the end of their fifth year, students have performed 1,100 procedures on average, this is a fantastic chance for them. 95 percent of recent graduates prefer to work in academia as assistant professors.

Top 20 General Surgery Residency Programs In Nigeria 2024

17. Vanderbilt University, Medical Center

The highly regarded teaching hospital at VUMC and its ground-breaking work in electronic medical records are well known. More than 1.6 million patients are seen by its healthcare professionals each year, and its hospitals undertake more than 35,000 operations and see 65,000 patients in their emergency rooms.

Top 20 General Surgery Residency Programs In Nigeria 2024

18. University of Michigan, Hospitals and Health Centers

The University of Michigan's solely owned academic medical center is located in Ann Arbor and was formerly known as the University of Michigan Health System until 2017.

You will spend three years receiving junior clinical training here, two years pursuing academic growth and scientific research, and then two years receiving senior resident clinical training. By the end of your fifth year, you are leading your own team of clinical care providers as the chief of all services.

Top 20 General Surgery Residency Programs In Nigeria 2024

19. John Hopkins University

In Baltimore, Maryland, there is a private research university called The Johns Hopkins University. Johns Hopkins University was established in 1876, and it prides itself on being the oldest research university in the country. It consistently ranks among the top universities in the world.

Seven new residents are chosen each year for the general surgery residency program at John Hopkins University. After the five-year program is over, participants are qualified to apply for any number of subspecialties.

Top 20 General Surgery Residency Programs In Nigeria 2024

20. Massachusetts General Hospital

The first and principal teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital is situated in Boston's West End. With 999 beds available, it is the third-oldest general hospital in the country.

More than 1,000 cases are encountered by residents throughout the course of five clinical years. Another reason why this hospital is the best and surpasses all others is that it is a global leader in the field of medical simulation.

Top 20 General Surgery Residency Programs In Nigeria 2024
Top 20 General Surgery Residency Programs In Nigeria 2024

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Massachusetts General Hospital tops every other hospital on this list and is highly recommended for general surgery residency program.

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