10 Best Fitness Affiliated Programs in Nigeria


One of the happiest months of my life was last month. Halfway through the month, I had already made a little over $500 from the Best Fitness Affiliated Programs in Nigeria I had signed up for.

I honestly doubted it would be worthwhile because they were Nigerian weight loss affiliate programmes, and we all know how reckless we can be with our weight in this country.

Not to take anything away from the fact that we as Nigerians care about our health, but weight loss has always seemed to be a thing for special people, particularly those in the upper socio-economic strata (the wealthy).

These were the people I targeted through these affiliate programmes, and guess what? They were the ones who earned me that much in less than a month.

Believe me, I would have kept this information to myself, but because no one seems to be talking about it, I decided to compile a list of the Best Fitness Affiliated Programs in Nigeria, some of which I have profited from.

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1. Oyo Fitness Affiliate Program

10 Best Fitness Affiliated Programs in Nigeria
Oyo Fitness Affiliate Program

Oyo Fitness offers a 10% commission on any client you refer that buys services through their online booking system. That's one of the highest commissions out there and means you can make good money referring clients to Oyo.

For example, if you refer just 25 paying clients a month (which isn't hard) and they pay $100 each, that's $2,500 in commissions every month.

There is a lifetime residual income structure which means people who sign up with your affiliate link will pay you every time they stay at Oyo hotels (up to 20 years).

Oyo also has many other fitness offerings like yoga and martial arts classes.


2. Aaptiv Fitness Affiliate Program

10 Best Fitness Affiliated Programs in Nigeria
Aaptiv Affiliate Review

Aaptiv is an app that offers audio fitness classes and personal trainers, but it also offers a compensation plan.

Once you’ve finished your training as an Aaptiv coach, you can earn commissions off of sales.

Since becoming a coach involves going through a certification process, Aaptiv is selective with its coaches—you’ll need to complete several modules and exams before being accepted into their program.

Plus, commission rates are higher than most of the other affiliate programs on our list!


3. Argos Fitness Affiliate Program

10 Best Fitness Affiliated Programs in Nigeria
Argos Affiliate Program

Argos is one of Great Britain’s most famous and iconic brands. It started out as a small shop, which was established to sell bicycles and fitness equipment, way back in 1877. Nowadays, Argos has become so much more than just a shop.

Customers can also find all kinds of electronics at great prices on their website as well as jewellery, clothing and homeware products.

To help spread its popularity further than ever before, Argos has decided to offer an affiliate program through which other people and companies can earn money from helping them get exposure.

If you run your own website that includes fitness-related content or if you run a health-related blog then you might be able to make some extra money by joining their affiliate program!


4. Beachbody Fitness Affiliate Program

10 Best Fitness Affiliated Programs in Nigeria
Beachbody Affiliate Program

Beachbody is one of the best fitness affiliated programs. It offers fitness workout programs from P90X to Insanity and many more.

Beachbody has an affiliate program that pays a 30% commission for each sale, which is pretty good compared to other fitness affiliated programs.

Sign up as a Beachbody affiliate today to enjoy free instant access to all their latest workout videos, workout calendars, diet plans and nutrition guides! These resources can help you get fit even faster!


5. Lululemon Fitness Affiliate Program

10 Best Fitness Affiliated Programs in Nigeria
lululemon Affiliate Program

You can sign up to be a Lululemon Ambassador by visiting Lululemon's website. There are three different levels of ambassadors.

For beginners, it might be best to sign up for Lululemon's Welcome Ambassador option; you'll have access to tools and training, but there will be less pressure on you from Lululemon, so it will still feel like a comfortable introduction to working as an ambassador.

You'll get a 25% commission off of all sales that you make through your marketing efforts. This can add up quickly if a lot of people choose to become part of your program, which is why many ambassadors say that working for Lululemon helped them quit their day jobs or otherwise made fitness marketing very lucrative for them!


6. Nike Fitness Affiliate Program

10 Best Fitness Affiliated Programs in Nigeria
Nike affiliate program

If you want to get paid for encouraging others to get fit, then Nike’s program could be a good option. The company does not require any minimum sales volume.

However, you will need to sell at least 200 items per month. With a 10% commission rate, those items will need to cost around $2,000 (which works out at just under $10 each).

Participants can join through Nike’s online portal or by downloading an app and creating a profile there. To qualify for commissions on products sold through your profile, you must have signed up as an affiliate and be approved.


7. Under Armour Fitness Affiliate Program

10 Best Fitness Affiliated Programs in Nigeria
Under Armour Affiliate Program

If you’re looking for a program that provides a full line of athletic apparel and shoes, Under Armour has become one of the top fitness brands for workout clothing.

And with its affiliate program, it offers anyone an opportunity to earn revenue by marketing and selling its products.

The program offers many ways to make money through digital sales (including merchandise) and if you have your own website or social media presence, earning money from Under Armour is as easy as registering for free online.

There are no upfront costs to join and no hidden fees either; currently, all affiliate members get up to 25% commission on their sales.

Plus, affiliates can earn 2% on all purchases made by customers referred by them. It’s a great way to build a business without even leaving your house!


8. Fitbit Fitness Affiliate Program

10 Best Fitness Affiliated Programs in Nigeria
Fitbit Fitness Affiliate Program

Fitbit is an activity tracker that can be worn on your wrist or waistband. The Fitbit keeps track of how many steps you take each day, how many miles you’ve travelled, and other daily activities.

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn money by directing customers to sites that sell Fitbits, as well as other health and wellness products.

This company has over a thousand different products for sale—including smart scales and heart rate monitors—so there are plenty of ways to help them drive traffic to their site and increase sales.

You can use ads on social media or your own site to direct traffic to affiliate links with special tracking codes which tell Fitbit where their customer came from and allow for commission tracking at check out time!


9. MyProtein Affiliate Program

10 Best Fitness Affiliated Programs in Nigeria
Myprotein affiliate program

The MyProtein affiliate program is one of the most popular ways to earn a commission for any fitness-related content you share.

This comprehensive affiliate network offers more than 100 products, including sports nutrition supplements and accessories, apparel, and footwear.

If you're looking to add variety to your fitness routine or are just getting started with fitness yourself, MyProtein has everything you need to get fit and stay that way.

Simply refer people through your unique affiliate link when they visit their site and earn a commission on their purchase.

As a member of the MyProtein Affiliate Program, you'll enjoy 24/7 support and up-to-date training materials.


10. Garmin Fitness Affiliate Program

10 Best Fitness Affiliated Programs in Nigeria
Garmin Affiliate Program

When it comes to fitness devices, Garmin has cornered a significant portion of that market. That’s probably not too surprising considering its broad range of products and high-quality designs.

If you’re serious about getting fit and your current running watch or a heart-rate monitor isn’t doing it for you, signing up with Garmin as an affiliate is definitely something to consider.

The company offers a host of interesting products and services that can track every imaginable aspect of your health—from steps, distance travelled, blood pressure, oxygen saturation levels and more.

Many products are also water-resistant, so they can be used even if you find yourself out on a run in bad weather conditions.

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In Conclusion

There are lots of affiliate programs online that offer some of the best affiliate commissions. This year, do a little research and find some affiliate programs you could promote to your audience, friends and followers.

Find an affiliate program where you can get 25% or higher in commission. Explore different fitness affiliated programs which will help make get fit while making some money altogether.

Getting fit is very good for your health as well as boosting self-confidence, so don’t be left behind just because you are there for the affiliate benefits, Get involved!

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