The top 9 Dental schools in America


Dentistry has become one of the top elite courses in the medical world today as more and more people are starting to pay attention to their teeth. The World Dental association has also seen a dramatic increase in members as more and more people opt to study the course at the university.

So, today, we will be looking at the top 9 dental schools in America, the USA has produced some of the best dental schools in the world so we will be taking a look at them.

  1. Harvard University

Harvard University is the best university in the world, and this prestigious Ivy League school is also home to one of the top dental schools in the USA. The Harvard School of Dental Medicine (HSDM) although not located on the main campus, but located in Boston's Longwood Medical Area. HSDM students study alongside Harvard medical students during their study and get the necessary experience at the Harvard Dental Centre.

  1. The New York University

New York University is a very prestigious school, popular all across the globe and is one of the top dental schools in America and the world.

The university’s College of Dentistry graduates close to 400 Dental students, every year, which is quite a massive number. Students take courses in a range of biomedical, behavioural, and clinical areas that make the university famed for the great teaching that goes on there,

This is the largest dental school in the whole USA t, nearly 10% of all dentists in the United States were educated there, and they are damn proud of it.

  1. The University of Alabama

The Birmingham campus of the University of Alabama is home to one of the top dental schools in America and I love the university. It is a low capacity school as it graduates only about 70 DMD students annually, which is quite low compared to the others. Students can study in the diverse eight areas of dental specialization available in the school including clinical and community sciences, endodontic, general practice, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, paediatric dentistry, periodontology, and restorative sciences, the school is well popular.

  1. UCLA

This is another low capacity school, that graduates about 100 DDS students a year, the school takes extreme pride in the number of graduates who go on to postgraduate training in the school. They offer a range of Clinical experiences in their vast speciality and community clinics available at UCLA’s urban location, which guarantees that dentistry students have access to a wide range of hands-on experiences working with a diverse group of patients who are always coming to the university. UCLA is truly one of the best dental schools in America.

  1. University of California San Francisco

Please note that this university has no undergraduate programs, which has allowed the campus to specialize and excel in health fields as it lets it concentrate in effectively training its student population. This school is one of the best and school graduates about 100 DDS students annually which speaks volumes about how competitive it is. The UCSF also has amazing research opportunities and clinical experiences available to its students during their time of stud in the school. The clinical experience is the best because the student can get firsthand experience in the clinic stat see over 120,000 patients yearly. The school loves its position as one of the best universities and holds this title in so many places for example; The School wins the highest marks for research. The school is also #1 dental school in the country based on data sourced from the National Institutes of Health.

  1. University of Florida

This is another cool school, The University of Florida’s College of Dentistry happens to sit on the southern edge of the university. This is an apt place for the university to be in as numerous hospitals, clinics, and other health-focused programs dominate this section of the campus.

Its yearly graduation quota of students is around 100, with a dynamic curriculum that includes clinical rotations in the second year, followed by more advanced clinical experiences in the third and fourth years designed to produce thee best calibre of dental students.

The university has one of the largest dentistry facilities in the whole US, they have facilities focused solely on paediatric dentistry, periodontics, general dentistry, and orthodontics making it one of the best dental schools in America and beyond.

  1. University of Michigan

The University of Michigan is a mention that this list would not have been complete without it. The Shanghai Ranking Consultancy ranks the school as the #1 dental schools in the world and s you will soon discover, it deserves the title.

The school doubles as a university and being the provider of offers dental care and services throughout Michigan, so students have the opportunity to develop a wealthy of experience in its prestigious walls. The university has 15 dental programs, a massive 642 students, and 120 full-time faculty members and is no doubt the best dental school in America.

  1. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

UNC-Chapel Hill's Adams School of Dentistry is one of the best dental schools in America and has a unique structure. This is because instead of extreme professionalism, they teach the students of this school empathy in medicine hence the Students are taught to advocate for their patients, to provide the best clinical care possible for patients, and stay mentally agile to solve problems they might encounter.

  1. The University of Pennsylvania

This is an Ivy League university just like Harvard University; the University of Pennsylvania's School of Dental Medicine is a very great one that is revered all across America. It is one of the best dental schools in America; it was established in the year 1878, The Philadelphia location provides students with a wide range of opportunities for clinical practice and community outreach.

The amazing list of dental schools in America ends here, hope you enjoyed it.

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