Who hasn’t suffered from constipation, stomach/bowel pains, or diarrhea at least once in their lifetime?

Quick Facts About Coloprep

Even though you are a health freak or hypochondriac, you might have been a victim of one of them. 

When any of that happens and it is severe or you want it to go away immediately, then solutions like laxatives, purgatives, or aperients come into mind.

Laxatives, purgatives, and aperients are drugs that soften feces and stimulate bowel motions.

People use these drugs to assist accelerate bowel motions or loosen feces to make it easier to pass. 

They are frequently used to treat constipation, which is characterized by infrequent, uncomfortable, or difficult stool motions.

They’ve also become a popular way to lose weight

Or are you prepping for a colonoscopy and you are looking for the best prep methods out there?

Then a laxative, purgative, or aperient is prescribed or recommended to you and you are wondering which to buy or use? Then don’t worry cause this article got you covered.

Laxatives are known to be one of the best methods to tackle constipation or clear out your stool for a colonoscopy.

That is why today we will focus on a laxative known as Coloprep Bowel Preparation Kit. 

In case you have known about Coloprep Bowel Preparation Kit already and have been wondering what it is, how to use it, its benefits, and its side effects, then read on to find out all these.

So we move.


What is coloprep and How does it work?

Coloprep Bowel Preparation Kit

Coloprep stool preparation kit is a bowel preparation solution that aids in constipation and cleanses the intestines before colonoscopy treatments, making the process less intrusive and lowering problems.

It is mostly used before a colonoscopy since it is a laxative medicine that comes in a variety of flavors that may be used to clear your colon of stool so that the doctor can identify any abnormal spots in your colon during a colonoscopy procedure.

Coloprep bowel preparation stimulates bowel movement by increasing water retention in the gut.

If your colon is not empty, your doctor is more likely to overlook anomalies, and you may have to repeat the surgery.


How do you take the coloprep preparation kit?

Bowel Preparation Kit Coloprep should be used exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Dilute the solution with cool or regular drinking water and thoroughly mix.

Before using the medication, carefully read the directions.

It is normally given in two doses. One before the day of the colonoscopy, in the evening. A second dose is given 10 to 12 hours after the first dose, and at least three and a half hours before the colonoscopy.

Typically, bowel prep medicine is a liquid that you must take beginning one day before your treatment.

The colon prep will be administered in two doses: the first between 3-6 pm the night before your operation and the second between 6-8 hours before your treatment. 

Then take the same dose if you’re using it to relieve constipation. If you wish, you may add lemon juice to the recipe.

Always make sure to inform your doctor about any other medications you are taking before taking this one.

Make sure to inform your doctor if you have any current medical issues, such as gastrointestinal blockage, bowel perforation, or stomach retention.


Benefits of using Coloprep Preparation Kit

Coloprep Bowel Preparation Kit

  1. Coloprep is a  bowel preparation package that aids in the removal of waste from the colon before certain medical procedures like colonoscopy.
  2. It contains polyethylene glycol (PEG) powder, a type of laxative known as a stool softener that you combine with water and drink before your treatment to assist clear up your system.
  3. Its primary component, PEG 3350, works by assisting fluids in your intestines to absorb water and push stools out more readily during a bowel movement.
  4. Coloprep can be used for a variety of objectives, including relieving constipation and preparing for a colonoscopy, in addition to clearing your GIT system for surgery or tests.
  5. It also helps in weight loss


Side effects of using coloprep preparation kit

Abdominal Pain

If you take Coloprep Preparation Kit as prescribed, you should be fine, and the only side effects you will observe are the natural ones, which are all short-termed, and will wear off when the medication loses its potency.

The common, but normal side effects of Coloprep include;

All these coloprep side effects are normal, but if you do not take this medication as per instructions or as prescribed, then major complications will occur, but if you follow the normal procedures, then you will be fine after the drug loses its effect.


Is it safe to use coloprep?

Yes, it is. This preparation package provides an easy approach to cleaning your colon before surgery or inspection.

It aids in the removal of hard stool from your rectum, making it easier for doctors to do examinations like colonoscopy efficiently and adequately.

The use of this medication is less intrusive than the use of some other laxatives. Other types of prep kits that are popular for being effective and safe function in much the same way as the Coloprep Bowel Preparation Kit.

The kit is entirely natural. There will be no negative side effects from utilizing Coloprep.

Unlike some other comparable products on the market, the active chemicals in Coloprep are absorbed into your body and do not pass through as waste, so there is no risk of feeling severe cramps or excessive stomach discomfort.

Doctors prescribe the product for patients who haven’t had a bowel movement in at least three days.

But keep in mind that the Coloprep Bowel preparation kit is not suitable for everyone.

Some people are not suitable for this drug, maybe due to allergies, medications they are taking, or an illness/condition they are suffering from. 

Consult your doctor before using the Coloprep bowel preparation kit if you have an ulcer in your stomach or bowels or are using blood thinners such as warfarin (Coumadin), NSAIDs (Advil/Motrin), or aspirin.

It is not advised to use this medication if you have a renal illness or are pregnant.

Also, bear in mind that coloprep is not meant for long-term use—if taken daily for more than two weeks, it might induce dehydration.

If you have any questions about how to use coloprep, consult your doctor or pharmacist before proceeding.

To be on the safe side, please always consult your doctor or physician before you take this medication so as to know it is fit for you and also avoid major complications.


When do you need to use Coloprep?

Coloprep Bowel Preparation Kit | Healthsoothe.com
Colonoscopy Preparation

This drug is recommended by doctors for patients who have not had a bowel movement or a stool in at least three days.

For persons who match all of the following requirements, the American College of Physicians advises a colonoscopy every ten years:

  • Persons between the ages 50 and 75
  • Persons who are at average risk of developing colorectal cancer
  • Persons who have a minimum life expectancy of 10 yrs

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) suggests a single colonoscopy for those who match all of the following criteria:

  • Persons who are between the ages of 50 and 79
  • Persons who are at average risk of developing colorectal cancer
  • Persons who have a 3% probability of having colorectal cancer in the next 15 years

If you have a higher risk of colorectal cancer, you may require more frequent operations. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), the following individuals may require screening every 1 to 5 years:

  • Persons who have previously had polyps removed during a colonoscopy
  • Persons with a history of colorectal cancer
  • Persons with a family history of colorectal cancer
  • Persons suffering from inflammatory bowel illness (IBD)

Where can you buy Coloprep preparation kit – How much does it cost?

Colon prep kits can be found in local pharmacies or online stores at prices ranging from $4 to $16 depending on the amount of packaging you want since it is available in different quantities. 

Coloprep is available online at Amazon. If you buy from Amazon, you can acquire a box containing 12 packets of Coloprep solutions for $12.49 (about half a penny for each packet!). It’s definitely worth stockpiling for future needs.

Alternatively, if you live or work near a medicine shop that sells over-the-counter medications such as aspirin or cough drops, they may also sell Coloprep! Coloprep is also available at any hospital pharmacy. 

You won’t be able to get it in a hospital without a prescription, but if you need it immediately and can’t wait for an appointment with your doctor, then these are viable possibilities!

One thing to keep in mind while buying Coloprep from a pharmacy/hospital is that some will try to charge you more than what they normally charge their patients.

If you’re paying for your treatment out of pocket, make sure to inquire about any potential discounts!

You can also get Coloprep on Amazon in bulk for roughly $6 per box. If you know you’ll need it frequently, this is a great alternative (i.e., after every colonoscopy).

Just keep in mind that each packet only includes enough solution for one bowel movement, so don’t buy too much unless you know exactly how many times you’ll need it!

What to expect from using the Coloprep medication

When taking Coloprep medicine, you should expect to feel some discomfort. Just remember that if you take the prescription as directed, everything should be alright, and any discomforts will fade as the pill loses its power its potency.

Just expect the following;

  1. After consuming the preparation, you will have severe diarrhea. Make plans to be near a restroom. This is typical since it indicates that the drug is clearing feces from your colon.
  2. Most people experience mild bloating and abdominal cramps. This is typical. Drinking the preparation drug more slowly and over a longer period of time will help relieve these symptoms.
  3. A well-prepared colon excretes yellow liquid. Please complete your preparation regardless of the color of your stool.
  4. If you become queasy or vomit, take a 30-minute pause, rinse your mouth, and then resume drinking your preparation.


Frequently Asked Questions about Coloprep

Is Coloprep a laxative?

It is, indeed. It is a laxative medicine that comes in a variety of flavors and can be used to empty your colon of stool so that the doctor can identify any abnormal spots in your colon during a colonoscopy examination.

Is Coloprep used to prepare for a colonoscopy?

Yes. It is a bowel preparation medicine that relieves constipation and cleanses the intestines before colonoscopy treatments, making the process less intrusive and lowering problems.

What is the purpose of a colonoscopy?

Colonoscopies are crucial because they can discover malignancies while they are still curable and polyps (small growths) before they become cancerous.

Anyone over the age of 50, or with a family history of colorectal cancer or polyps, should have the operation done.

Editorial Review Ratings
Coloprep is highly effective in cleansing the colon, allowing for a clearer view during a medical procedure which can lead to better diagnosis and treatment
Being an oral solution, Coloprep is easier to administer for some people compared to other methods that may involve enemas
It can also be used to relieve constipation, providing relief from discomfort
Compared to some bowel preparation methods, Coloprep works relatively quickly, typically taking a day or less to complete the cleansing process
Coloprep is a well-established medication with a proven track record of success in bowel preparation
There's a risk of dehydration due to increased water retention in the gut
Not suitable for individuals with bowel obstruction, perforation, or known allergies to its ingredients
Coloprep may not be suitable for people with certain medical conditions or those who have recently undergone abdominal surgery
The preparation requires taking the first dose the evening before and a second dose 10-12 hours later, which may be inconvenient for some users
Coloprep can cause cramping, bloating, nausea, and vomiting, making the preparation process uncomfortable for some people

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