Climax energy drink is made from a combination of regular energy ingredients such as caffeine and herbal extracts such as Guarana. It has a very handy and catchy package design which makes it attractive to drink.


  1. Climax energy drink is a product of the Nigeria Breweries PLC 
  2. It has a Size of 33cl
  3. It weighs 7.92 kilograms
  4. It is approved by NAFDAC



Caffeine is a natural stimulant generally found in tea and coffee.

It works by stimulating the brain and central nervous system, helping you stay alert and ward off the beginning of tiredness.

Caffeinated soft drinks hit the market in the late 1800s and energy drinks soon followed.


Taurine is a chemical type called an amino sulfonic acid. It happens naturally in the body. The best food sources of Taurine are meat, fish, and eggs. This constituent of Climax energy drink is well known in the health community for its ability to aid metabolism stimulation.

Taurine also has key functions in the heart and brain. It helps support nerve development. It might also benefit people with heart failure by lowering blood pressure and calming the nervous system. This might help prevent heart failure from becoming worse. 


Guarana is a Brazilian plant native to the Amazon basin.

It is also known as Paullinia cupana, a climbing plant prized for its fruit.

Developed guarana fruit is about the size of a coffee berry. It looks like the human eye with a red shell coating a black seed covered by a white aril.

 Today, 70% of Guarana produced is used by the beverage industry in soft and energy drinks, while the remaining 30% is turned into powder.


Ginseng is regularly referred to as the King of all herbs and is a promising agent that improves the general well-being of the body. It is used for stress management because of its calming effect. 

The main dynamic components of ginseng are triterpene glycosides known as ginsenosides. While the non-ginsenoside constituents of ginseng include polysaccharides, fatty acids, peptides, and polyacetylene alcohols, which also exert pharmacological effects. 

Climax Energy DrinkSchisandra:

Schisandra Chinensis also known as the five flavored fruit is a fruit-bearing vine. Its purple-red berries are described as having five tastes: sweet, salty, bitter, pungent, and sour. The seeds of the Schisandra berry contain lignans. These are substances that have beneficial effects on health.

Schisandra isn’t classically used as a food, but it has been used for medicinal purposes throughout Asia and Russia for generations.

It’s thought to have a positive impact on several meridians, or pathways, in the body, including the heart, lungs, and kidneys.

Carbonated water:

Carbonated Fee also known as soda water, sparkling water, fizzy water, water with gas, or club soda is water containing dissolved carbon dioxide gas that has been infused either artificially under pressure or occurs due to natural geological processes. Carbonation causes small bubbles to form, giving the water an aerated quality. Common forms of carbonated water include sparkling natural mineral water, soda water, and commercially-produced sparkling water.


 Vitamins are a group of substances that are required for normal cell function, growth, and development.

There are 13 essential vitamins. This means that these vitamins are required for the body to work properly. Some examples of vitamin functions consist of helping to promote growth and repair of tissues and cells, acting as antioxidants, as well as improving metabolism. 

Vitamins are either water-soluble or fat-soluble. Water-soluble vitamins which are B vitamins and vitamin C dissolve in water. Water-soluble vitamins are excreted through the kidneys if excess amounts are taken. Fat-soluble vitamins are vitamins A, D, E, and K. These vitamins dissolve in fat and are stored in the fat of the body. 

Climax Energy DrinkAdvantages of climax energy drink

  1. It is a healthy drink as there are little or no additives in it.
  2. It has a very good packaging
  3. It has a unique power to boost one’s energy because of its herbal qualities
  4. It stimulates the brain and gives the body a sense of alertness
  5. It has a refreshing and sparkling taste
  6. It is enriched with herbal extracts and vitamins
  7. It is a non-alcoholic drink
  8. It is affordable

Climax energy drink has a lot of benefits and advantages. However, do not take an excess of it as it may lead to several health complications. Pregnant women are advised to stay away from it too.

For more information about Climax energy drink, click on the video below. 

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