How Can Online Speech Therapy Help Your Child?


For many children, speaking is challenging. This can be due to a number of the causes such as difficulties with phonemes and articulation, emotional factors such as anxiety or fear, developmental factors including learning disabilities and neuro-linguistic disorders, or even concerns that stem from emotional experiences.

For your child to face their speech challenges according to their unique needs and abilities, this is where online speech therapy comes in handy! Online speech therapy platforms are designed exclusively for children and teens who need professional counseling to help them improve their fluency and communication skills. Unlike a traditional speech therapy session, online speech therapy platforms offer supervised and monitored practice sessions tailored to your child’s needs.

Online speech therapy can help children build self-esteem and confidence.

Many children face speech balance, articulation, pitch, and resonance challenges. The learning difficulties that can derive from these challenges can cause tragic consequences in low self-esteem and decreased confidence. Online speech therapy is a great resource to help children improve their abilities by practicing speaking in front of an audience. It helps them gain enthusiasm and personal confidence as they see themselves improving with practice sessions tailored to their needs. This ultimately leads to a greater sense of well-being for the child and an improved ability to participate in social environments.

Online speech therapy is easily accessible.

Pediatric Speech-Language Pathology Assistants take on the roles of consultant and supervisor, ensuring that your child is practicing properly and helping them develop their skills. They are also available 24/7 if your child needs immediate guidance or help with the sessions. Because of this, it is easier for your child to improve their communication skills at their own pace on a schedule that works for them.

Online speech therapy is a great way for children to practice speaking in front of an audience.

In addition to the numerous benefits of online speech therapy, there are several important factors that parents should consider when choosing an online speech therapy platform. First, platforms should offer professional guidance and advice from speech-language pathologists who are always available via private messages or by phone to assist when needed. Parents should also look for platforms that offer a variety of practice sessions with different themes and customized instructions based on their child’s needs. In addition to the variety of themes, sessions should be as extensive as possible so your child can work on building communication skills on their timeline while giving them an incentive to continue their work.

Children who are struggling with speaking often develop speech delay.

The early development of communication skills is important for independent living. As children learn to speak, they become more capable of self-expression and social interactions. Children who struggle with developing speech will likely have a more difficult time having productive lives as they grow up. Their difficulties with speech may also cause them to avoid social situations that will help them develop their communication skills, leading to low self-esteem and anxiety issues. Online speech therapy is designed so that your child can practice and encourage their abilities to improve as frequently as needed instead of facing a therapist regularly in traditional settings or having too many incidences of speaking errors in front of an audience.

Online speech therapy can be an efficient and convenient method of treatment.

One of the great benefits of online therapy is that it is easy to use. There are no sessions that need to be scheduled or transportation costs involved, making it an efficient and convenient way to reach your child on their schedule and in their environment. Online speech therapy also allows you or your child’s doctor to provide input into the sessions, which can help provide additional guidance or information on your child’s care.

Is online speech therapy safe?

Yes! The platforms we offer are designed specifically for children and are supervised by speech-language pathologists who are licensed and certified. They will also help provide a risk assessment for therapy and provide access to background checks for all therapists on the platform. In addition, all of the therapists on our platform have specific software designed to ensure that no data is stored or recorded beyond the duration of each session.

Are online speech therapy sessions supervised?

Yes! Speech-language pathologists will monitor each session, guiding as necessary. This allows them to address any concerns or conflicts at the end of each session, which is sometimes useful for parents who may be worried that their child will be feeling left out.


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