Deciding on which of the numerous courses can be regarded as the best science courses. Indecision as to what science course to study is a common dilemma for science students in Nigeria. Generally, it is advisable that candidates who wish to pursue a career that is rooted in the sciences to play to their strength.

The best Science courses are arguable as it is a norm for different people to hold different courses in high esteem as a result of their love for these courses. However, this list is made devoid of emotion on the part of the writer. It is made majorly to help new graduating secondary student to make informed decisions on the best science course that suits them.

In this article, you will be familiarized with the branches of science that exist in Nigerian universities, the science courses that are peculiar to these branches, and what you need to be able to study any of these science courses. You will also know the best science courses that are available for study in Nigeria.

Main Branches of Science

Science is a broad aspect of knowledge acquisition about the universe and its constituents through test of predictions, called hypothesis, that develops into proven supposition, hypothesis, then a theory, and then a law.

Quick Facts About The Best Science Courses To Study In Nigeria

There are many subjects that concerns the universe that are evaluated using scientific processes. These subjects are divided into three; Natural Science, Social Science, and Formal Science. These days, however, as long a subject of discourse can be research and can be replicated to get the same results by other scientist, it is considered science.

However, the major branches of science are either empirical, as in natural science and social science or formal, as in Mathematics and Statistics.

More commonly, science is classified as either Basic as in Physics, Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, Psychology, Sociology, Political science, geography, and some more, or Applied as in Engineering, Medicine, Agricultural Science, Law, Marketing, and so on.

Best Science Courses to Study in Nigeria

As we stated earlier, this list of best science courses to study in Nigeria is borne out of the need to help prospective tertiary students decide which science course will be best for them based on their strength and the peculiarity of Nigeria.

  1. Medicine and Surgery

Expectedly, this is the most popular of all science courses in Nigeria. It is so popular that a little child that knows nothing of how the human body works wants to be a doctor when they grow.

Medicine and surgery is undoubtedly one of the best science courses to study in Nigeria. Doctors have prestige and they are well-paid. It involves long years of study in order to be able to observe symptoms, make informed diagnosis, and put patients on treatment by prescription of drugs or whatever necessary medication.

It is important for prospective medicine and surgery students to note that the long years of study does not make the course an easy one to get admitted to read. It is one of the most competitive science courses in Nigeria. The brightest minds in the country opt for this course, and that makes it even more competitive.

Under Medicine and Surgery, there are various specializations that exists and which you can choose from. Some of them are Cardiology, Oncology, Obstetrics, Neurology, dentistry and many more.

Medicine and Surgery is categorized as Applied Science and Natural Science.

  1. Engineering

This is the part of science that is concerned with the construction of structures and machines. Engineering is itself a broad course. There are different departments in any university’s faculty of engineering. These department are under one faculty because they have similar ways of getting their mission accomplished.

Best Science Courses (Engineering)

While Mechanical Engineering is concerned with the construction, reconstruction, repair, and improvement of automobiles of every kind, Civil Engineering deals with the construction of horizontal structures (roads, railways, and bridges) and Structural Engineering deals with the construction of vertical (skyscrapers and tall buildings) structures. It is important to note that these engineering courses are interrelated as machines used for construction purposes are built by mechanical engineers.

Architectural engineering deals with the design of structures and machine parts and machines on paper. These drawings are then interpreted and used to build the structures we wow at.

There are other forms of engineering such as petroleum engineering, telecommunication engineering, aeronautic engineering (a branch of mechanical engineering), agricultural engineering, electrical & electronics engineering, and many more.

The success of many engineers in different fields is enough proof that engineering is one of the best science courses to study in Nigeria

  1. Computer Science

This is another popular course of study among tertiary students in Nigeria. It became common when households begin to own computer systems. Fascination about how computers came to be, how software was developed led most people into computer science.

Computer science is categorized as a formula science as it depends on writing codes and mathematical equations and formulas to make the computer device function.

Computer science is a very lucrative course, especially in these days of fast Information technology growth. This is one of the reasons why it is one of the best science courses in Nigeria.

  1. Pharmacy

Here is another one of the best science courses you can study as a Nigerian at home. It has been gaining prominence in recent times. Since the campaign against the abuse of over-the-counter drugs has begun, pharmacists have been shot into limelight and their role in the healthcare system apparent.

In Nigeria, people used to think those who studied pharmacy did so because they couldn’t meet the academic requirement for Medicine and Surgery. Now, it is clear that Medicine and Surgery has no superiority over Pharmacy as a course of study as individuals who study either courses spend almost the same number of years in school (only a year difference).

The regulation of drugstores has also made the pharmacy profession more lucrative, cementing the course as one of the best science courses in Nigeria.

  1. Psychology

A part of science that belongs to social sciences and deals with the human behaviour, human mind and its workings. Since it is impossible not to interact with human being on a daily basis, psychology is an important science course.

Since it is concerned about human behaviour, it deals largely with how the brain influences human behaviour and how human behaviour affects the human brain through scientific research through experiments, observation, drawing inferences, and coming to a conclusion.

With the imminent rise in the number of psychological cases worldwide, psychologists (people who studied psychology) are always in demand. It is therefore one of the best science courses in Nigeria.

  1. Agriculture

Nigeria was once flourishing on its agricultural prowess. However, today, the agricultural sector is only a shadow of itself. Although, it is making a comeback, it is far from getting back to where it used to be, especially with the rest of the world more advanced than Nigeria is.

Agriculture takes different forms; aquaculture, poultry production, crop production, and many more. Despite the importance of food in every society, it is interesting that majority of the prospective tertiary students used to avoid this course. However, things have begun to change as many now recognize the importance of agriculture.

Modern practices that increase yields and resistance to diseases and pests are now thought in tertiary institutions, and that makes Agriculture one of the best science courses in Nigeria. You also do not necessarily have to be involved in animal or crop production if you study agriculture. Your specialization could be in animal nutrition, plant nutrition, soil science and analysis, farm management, and many more.

The need for humans to always eat makes agriculture an evergreen course and undoubtedly, one of the best science courses in Nigeria.

  1. Microbiology

This is another common science course in Nigerian universities, it is also one of the best science courses out there. Just like Pharmacy, there was a time it was believed that candidates who study this course couldn’t meet up with the academic requirements for Medicine, that has been found to be untrue.

Microbiology is the study of microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi, nematodes, protozoa); their habitat, behaviour, feeding pattern, and how they affect other organisms, humans especially.

Employment opportunity abounds for microbiologists in almost every industrial sector ranging from healthcare system in laboratories to food industry in places like NAFDAC, Agriculture (in research institutes), education, and many more. As long as there are organization that interact with microorganisms are present, there will always be relevance for microbiologists.

  1. Nursing

The importance of nurses cannot be overestimated. They are the personnel that make the doctors and surgeons work easier. They form a major part of the healthcare system personnel and are revered for their role in being close to the patients and catering to their needs.

Nursing is a reputable course that was ignorantly thought to be gender-specific. Females flooded the nursing course in universities and subsequently the nursing profession in times past. However, males now undergo nursing trainings and excel.

Employment opportunities are always available to professional nurses both in the public and private sectors of the country. The need for healthcare professionals is always high as the population of the country dictates.

Nursing/Nursing Science goes beyond administration of medication to patients, it involves relating with them on terms they are familiar with, some sort of human management, if you will. This makes Nursing one of the best science courses there is in Nigerian tertiary institutions.

  1. Biochemistry

Biological Chemistry (Biochemistry in short) is the branch of science that deals with the study of the chemical processes that goes on in, and interferes with the lives of living organisms. It combines the scientific knowledge of chemistry and biology into one.

Biochemistry is further divided into three branches; enzymology, structural biology, and metabolism. It is majorly concerned with understanding whole organisms from their simplest forms – macromolecules that make up the cells – and graduate into explaining the chemical functions that these macromolecules go through to produce cells and cells become building blocks for tissues, organs, and finally a whole organism.

People who study biochemistry are called Biochemists. They are useful in a wide range of industries, primary in research centres and laboratories. However, their knowledge is also useful in the practical world as in Agriculture where they investigate live forms in the soil, how fertilizers affect them, and how they influence the productivity of the soil. They are also useful in Nutrition, Healthcare, Fitness, cosmetics, and so on. Their works also influence the public and government policies as is evident in the laws being passed across the world to curb coronavirus.

Its influence on our lives and society makes it one of the best science courses to study.

  1. Biotechnology

This is one science course that is considered cool by many prospective tertiary students in Nigeria. It is a fairly new course in Nigeria but it has been widely accepted by many as it opens the door to many opportunities, a proof of why it is included in this list of best science courses to  study.

Biotechnology is the study of how to use biological systems, or parts of living organisms, sometimes whole organisms to develop products that positively impacts human lives using technology. The most obvious example is the penicillin. Another example is the use of yeast as a rising agent in bread.

The potentials embedded in biotechnology is innumerable; as it positively impacts human lives, it can also do so negatively. The development of biological weapons, for instance, maybe be advantageous to the manufacturers but detrimental to the victims it will be used on.

It is obvious that biotechnology has wide applications and cannot be denied a spot on this list of best science courses in Nigeria. One can only hope that individuals who are empowered with the knowledge of biotechnology use them only for the betterment of humanity.

Academic Requirement to Study the Best Science Courses in Nigeria

To study any of the best science courses listed above, it is essential that you, as a prospect, have the academic qualification to study it. Different courses require different subject combinations. However, because these courses are science subjects, they need you to have the same subject combinations, except in a few of them.

For all engineering courses such as civil engineering, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, and the likes, you must possess at least credit level passes in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Further Mathematics/Technical Drawing for your West Africa Secondary School Examination.

UTME requirement is a combination of English Language, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.

However, for other courses in this list, you must posses at least credit level passes in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

UTME requirement is a combination of English Language, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.


There are numerous science courses that are enjoyable in Nigeria. The best of these science courses stimulates every cell in your brain and help you develop your thoughts and applicability of what you’ve learnt. However, it is important that you have the right background before you apply to study for any course.

You must also make sure you keep up with the academic requirement of each course even after you have been accepted into the tertiary institution. Some universities have a benchmark to grading their students’ performance for different courses. Students that perform below that benchmark are usually advised to withdraw.

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