8 Foods and Drinks for White Teeth


Have you ever wondered about the influence different foods have on your teeth? Although individuals are discouraged from consuming various ingredients such as berries, beets, and ketchup, there’s a long list of foods and beverages one is suggested to consume because of their role in enhancing teeth whiteness.

Plenty of fruits and veggies are considered beneficial for maintaining a bright smile, including strawberries, pineapple, apples, broccoli, raisins, etc. While most beverages are infamous for causing stains, milk, yogurt, and water have the opposite effect. Besides consuming the right foods, one can also give teeth-whitening kits a try. You can find a wide range of teeth whitening kits on Target.com, which are enamel-safe and paraben-free.

Have a look at the best foods and drinks for white teeth.


Strawberries are a popular food when it comes to the removal of tooth discoloration. Many people, however, think of them as a teeth-staining ingredient because of their red color. Anyhow, unlike the other types of berries, strawberries are abundant in malic acid, helpful in the elimination of surface stains. Malic acid is also touted for encouraging saliva secretion in individuals whose mouths are constantly dry.

This fruit is not only rich in malic acid but ellagitannins as well. These antioxidants are famous for their role in the reduction of bacteria responsible for inducing discoloration. The presence of vitamin C is another reason why strawberries are an excellent choice for improving oral health, given the reducing effect this vitamin has on gum inflammation.

There are no rules in terms of consuming strawberries for their teeth-whitening properties. You can consume them in any way you want or mash them up to make a paste and apply them directly to your teeth.


An exotic fruit known for its teeth-whitening role is unquestionably the pineapple. Teeth are covered with a layer called a pellicle, serving as some kind of protection. Anyhow, the pellicle is what absorbs the pigments of the foods people eat, thus forming stains. Due to its sticky nature, it provides the perfect ground for bacteria to stick to. See this URL for an explanation of the stages of the dental pellicle.


8 Foods and Drinks for White TeethIn case you’re wondering about the role of pineapple in teeth whitening, this fruit is directly involved in the dissolution of the pellicle. Pineapple is rich in bromelain, referring to an important proteolytic enzyme. These enzymes are boasted for their ability to break down salivary proteins, just like those found in the dental pellicle. Consequently, pineapple is capable of protecting the teeth from stains, as well as reducing inflammation.


Although broccoli isn’t the most favorite veggie, it does miracles for dental health and teeth whitening. When consuming this vegetable in its raw form, it creates the same effect as brushing your teeth because of its crunchy texture.

Moreover, the content of broccoli provides excellent enamel protection. For instance, fiber is well-known for combating inflammation, not just in the oral cavity but also in the other body organs. In contrast, the high iron levels serve as a shield from germs, acids, and stains. Hence, iron does everything in its power to stop acids and bacteria from degrading the enamel.


Another type of fruit prominent in the fight with tooth discoloration is the apple. While biting the crunchy texture of apples, your teeth become shinier, whereas your gums increase in strength. Just like strawberries, apples are plentiful in malic acid. Follow this link, https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-1495/malic-acid, for an overview of the malic acid.


8 Foods and Drinks for White TeethAs mentioned before, this acid stimulates the salivary glands to produce saliva, which is necessary for teeth cleaning. The more saliva is produced in the mouth, the lower the risk of staining. Therefore, many toothpaste brands include malic acids in their products.

Seeds and nuts

Seeds and nuts are prominent for their role of teeth exfoliate owing to their abrasive texture. When consuming walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, or cashews, tooth discoloration is substantially reduced. Those fond of seeds are advised to consume sesame seeds because of their ability to remove plaque. These seeds also have a great deal of calcium, which is widely popular for its bone-strengthening effect.


Although the majority of beverages are considered enemies for the look of teeth, milk is undeniably an exception. Given this dairy drink contains lactic acid, its teeth-whitening properties aren’t surprising. Lactic acid makes the enamel look whiter and improves saliva production.

Additionally, casein is among the most beneficial proteins in the prevention of staining. It stimulates calcium phosphates to do their best in cavity repair and plaque elimination. By binding with polyphenols, which are found in tea, casein has a great influence in impeding tannins from sticking to the surface of teeth. The same teeth-whitening benefits are attributed to yogurt and the rest of the dairy products.


Water is another popular beverage that assists the process of whitening. It promotes hydration and eliminates stains, which is why individuals should drink water prior to and following meals. It only takes a couple of sips of water to clean your teeth after consuming foods rich in pigments.

Furthermore, water has a major effect on acidity in the oral cavity. By reducing acidity levels, the chances of enamel damage become surprisingly lower. Nevertheless, keep in mind that sparkling water lacks the benefit of still water, as the former increases the risk of enamel erosion just like sodas.


Many individuals consider raisins to be enemies of enamel whiteness because of their dark color and sweet flavor. Contrary to popular belief, raisins have a versatile role in improving the smile of people. These dried fruits regulate acidity in the mouth whenever foods high in acids are consumed. Raisins prevent the process of stain development, plaque formation, and cavity formation. When chewing some, the glands in charge of producing saliva are stimulated to be more efficient.


Eating the right foods is a guarantee for white teeth.

As long as you love the above-mentioned ingredients, you’ll enjoy the process!


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