When you’re suffering from the flu, recovery can seem like an impossible dream. It can often feel like everything you’re doing to remedy the situation is hopeless, and you’re stuck bedridden and frustrated. Getting back to health as quickly as possible is a necessity when you’re suffering, so you can return to your daily routine and work obligations as soon as you can.

Here are 5 remedies you can try to recover from the flu a lot quicker.

   1. Use Essential Oils

Certain oils and vapors can help to stimulate your breathing and clear congestion. Adding eucalyptus oil to a steamy bath, for example, can help to shift some of the weight in your sinuses and help to soothe your body. Regular steamy baths or showers can assist in flushing out the flu germs at a faster pace, too.

    2. IV Therapy

Vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin C, are essential if you’re hoping to recover from cold and flu, fast. IV therapy from Reset IV ensures that you get a direct source of all the vitamins you need, as well as ingredients which help to abate flu symptoms such as nausea and inflammation, helping you to get back on your feet as quickly as possible and feel your best, while also restoring your body’s fluids.

    3. Get Plenty of Sleep

This may not seem like an active remedy, but, in fact, sleep is one of the most important things you can do to recover from the flu. Your body heals itself and recuperates when you are sleeping, so the more sleep you get during your illness, the better. A healthy amount of sleep also ensures that the immune system is functioning properly, and a stronger immune system means a better defence against the flu virus.

Propping up your head with an extra pillow may help you feel more comfortable when trying to sleep with a cold or flu.

     4. Gargle with Water

A painfully sore throat is one of the many symptoms you have to contend with when battling the flu. Gargling with water - and particularly salt water - will help to loosen any mucus build-up and reduce swelling, which in turn can help you to feel a lot better. Removal of this build up in the throat also means you’ll be flushing out more of the bacteria, helping for a quicker recovery.

     5. Stay Hydrated

This is essential even when you’re in your best of health on a daily basis - but it’s even more crucial during a bout of flu, because of the excess fluid you will be losing due to fever sweating, mucus build-up and blowing your nose. You need to replace all the fluid you are losing, on top of the normal amount of fluid you should be consuming anyway.

If you don’t, you’re increasing the risk of dehydration, which in turn delays your recovery because of dehydration preventing your immune system from functioning properly against the flu virus.



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